Saturday, April 27, 2013

Swatchfest : Benefit NEW COMING SOON PRODUCTS! Hydra-Smooth Lip Color

Hi bubblies!
How's your day?
Hope your doing magnificent!

In case you are excited as much as me, I can get my hands to the newest upcoming Benefit Cosmetics newest products that are going to come out real soon! :D

I got to test out the dummy of the products at my office, which is BSpot, and I have the full 10 color swatches collection for you guys~~ :D

Hydra-Smooth Lip Color

picture source from Benefit Cosmetics official site :

So here you goo~~ :D
. randomly not in order retail code . lighting under artificial indoor room .

 1. Air Kiss
2. Talk Flirty
3. Dare Me
4. Nice' n Teasy
5. Wing Woman

6. Lip Service
7. Tuttie-Cutie
8. Fling Thing
9. Juicy Details
10. Frisky Business

First Impression : 
  • The lipstick cut shape itself was very unique and none like any other regular lipsticks. 
  • They are all very hydrating & moisturizing. 
  • Glides on effortlessly on the lips.  
  • Most of the finishes are semi glossy, they are not too opaque.. but you can build the intensity of the color on the lips. 
  • The staying power is about average I must say, leaving a mark on your cup of tea ^^ 
  • Even though they are creamy and buttery, the color didn't move too easily to the rim of the lips.. which I like! :D

FOTD using one of the shade :)

from the shade No.3 Dare Me on my lips.


That's it everyone.
I hope this post useful for you!
Stay update with more of Benefit products! :D

I have this privilege because I am working as Benefit Beauty Artist.
More lot's of FUN from our BeneTeam Indonesia gonna posted it soon on my blog.

Stay Tune! ^^


Here is to keep in touch with us ^^ :

Come visit us at our first store!
POP-UP Boutique at Plaza Indonesia level 3
on 1 May 2013 at 3pm
and the first 100 Benebabes who bring the invitation
will get They're Real Mini ( The Beyond Belief Mascara! )

see you all there! :D


Stay Gorgeous!
Stay SMILE ^_____^ 
Lots of  ❤, 
Feli :)


  1. i want i want i want!!! whoaa Fel, racun benefit makin kenceng nih... *umpetin-dompet*

    1. ahahaha *ambil atmnya* :P ayoo main2 dulu aja ke konter, laa. ntar sambil ngelenong produk2 Benefit. asek kaaan? hihi :P

  2. Cantik ce , pekat gitu warnansya :D

  3. Your lips look sexy dear....:P kliatan penuh...

  4. ini udah ada di indonesia blm ya skrg? harganya brp? :D


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