Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sigma Haul!

 After such a long waiting and dreaming.. 
The moment comes..


I can get my hands on this babies!!


First of all, it's been really a debating with myself 
Whether I really do need it or just want it? 
Should I get it or just let it?
 You know.. a thought that, "Working with what you've got and improve your skill instead rather than loaded with all the expensive stuff."  
Yep, it's my dilemma.

After a lot of thinking and considerations.. 
Heck, I should get it. This anxiety itself really bothers me. 
*My curiosity beats all*  

And finally.. 2 days ago, I encourage myself to made an order through online shop on facebook called Makeup Brush ( link to her site : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002195212801 )

Since I never like preorder items, and thank God she still had ready stock items to the collection that I want the most ( which is 12pcs essential kit with the container and normal size brush --> no no for travel size, all my previous brush is in travel size --_--" ), And here it is what she still got at the time ( I've been narrow it down into 2 ) :
- Make Me Cool from Make Me Up Collection ( 12 essential brush with container, classic professional collection with natural and synthetic bristles, in color blue )
- Mr. Bunny from Vegan Collection ( 12 essential brush with container, new high tech Sigmax HD fibers which makes it all synthetic bristles, in color classic black )

Ow, which one should I choose?

Pro from classic collection ( natural + synthetic bristles ) :
  • I always love the application from blush brush, powder brush, blending brush, and eyeshadow brush from natural bristles. Also, I'm curious with the classic stippling brush which were made by mixture of natural and synthetic bristles, since I never have one. 
  •  I would feel that natural bristles will split out differently than the synthetic one. Take example the blush brush, I would feel good if it made from natural bristles which has a wider range of spreading than the dense synthetic bristles from vegan collection.
  • And I feel like we can sort of form a characteristic from natural bristles into shape we like and usually do.
Pro from fiber bristles :
  • The bristles will be more dense, good for the purpose of pencil brush, contour brush, small angled brush, eye shading brush, and eyeliner brush.
  • The bristles will not absorb product, also making it easier to clean.
  • All brushes can be use to pack liquid & cream, as well as powder.
  • And oh ya, another plus point, vegan-friendly, CRUELTY FREE. I'm not saying natural bristles will always hurt an animal, but definitely synthetic will making it far from those thing that could happen to an animal.

Hmmm.. Don't you feel the same? Am I thinking too much? 
Yea. as I'm writing this, I get a headache. >.<"

 Bottom line is, my perfect type of brush will be mixture of those 2 collection in one kit.
Well, what can I say? Too much if I wanting those two.

Here is a thought : 
- Sigmax collection which has the same type of bristles with the Mr Bunny collection had so many positive reviews in terms of quality and performance
- Mr. Bunny is a newer collection than classic professional collection. And I bet they making some improvement and test before they launch their newest line.
- In terms of availability, I will choose the black one which look more timeless and professional for me to use. ( although Mrs. Bunny so hard to resist with the cutest baby blue and pink colour. arrgggh )

Look at that!
*nose bleed*

 OK. I've made my mind.
No more silly me talking to my own head anymore.
 Mr. Bunny essential kit is what I choose :)
 The blue container will get easily dirty on me, anyway.

and.. tadaaa!

( more info from the official site : http://www.sigmabeauty.com/Mr_Bunny_Essential_Kit_p/bbla.htm )

It came today, and I love it even more!
Truly a high quality product.
Even more beautiful in real than in a picture.
The softness totally blew me away.
Such an investment for having it.

I got E25 free travel size blending brush because of purchasing this set

it's from natural white bristles! yay!

and I also purchase the F05 - Small Contour Brush to answer and fulfill my need of the natural bristles ( also the type that I don't have in this kit )

( more info from the official site : http://www.sigmabeauty.com/Small_Contour_F05_p/f05.htm)

The comparison size of all :

F05 - 5 Face Brushes - 7 Eye Brushes - E25

The price that she gave to me :
Mr. Bunny essential kit = IDR. 1120000rupiahs ( around $112 US Dollar )
F05 Small Countour Brush = IDR. 150000rupiahs ( around $15 US Dollar )
shipping IDR. 6000rupiahs ( around $0.60 US Dollar )

My thoughts :
Having this set is such a privilege. Crack down the price, I don't think Sigma brushes considered as pricy. Well of course it cost me around $130, but the brush cup holder costs about $20. So, $110 for 14  GOOD QUALITY brushes. 1 brush is around $7 or $8 !! 
And, if you love makeup or just starting to learn makeup, all of this brushes are gonna be useful. You'll gonna need it. That's why it's called essential collection :)

And to be honest, the downside? Yea. I still think that blush brush and stippling brush gotta be made like the classic collection. I will be more thrilled to have the blush brush made of natural bristles, stippling brush made of mixture natural and synthetic bristles. I find this all synthetic stippling brush is too mushy and limp. :(
About the powder brush? wow, I change my mind. This is well made stuff. The bristles does it's purpose well even though it is more dense than the natural bristles one. Soooooo fluffy and crazily soft, maybe the softest from them all.


 After all.. If I already spend my money on it, I wanna make the best of it.
I love makeup and I hope I can always improve my skill.
I know, I'm still learning..

Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews. 

Funky Kabuki

meet my new friend! :)

I called it..

\m/ >.< \m/

She is pretty epic to me! haha.
And I don't even know why I bought it all of a sudden.. ( my guilty pleasure aaa )

Actually, my plan today is getting my hair treatment at salon next Sogo MKG ( Mal Kelapa Gading ) and after that, I wanna join RPM class at Celebrity Fitness La Piazza
After my hair done, and knew I still got time before the class, I went to Sogo just to look around and kill some time.. I went to the makeup brush section ( mostly they also sell a bunch of Japanese beauty items here ), and found this!

OMG, this is the cute thing that caught my eye and just literally made my day!
The bristles are surprisingly very VERY SOFT ( made of synthetic bristles which is usually very stiff and rough for most of unknown brand ) and.. inexpensive! ( I bought for IDR. 56000rupiahs or around $ 5.60 US Dollar ) :D Such a good deal!  

I never had a Kabuki brush before, so this is definitely my first baby.
I'm using this to dust the excess powder after applying it with my powder puff.

I've been loving this, although it has a strong plastic smell but I can bare it. 
This brush is too epic to be true. 


Do you have another "unique" kabuki brush?

Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :) 

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sorry, Wong Fu :(

Aaaaahhh too bad I'm gonna skip when Wong Fu Production came to Jakarta today!! 

It's been really busy for me lately, until I found out last week that the ticket were already.. 
SOLD OUT! *ouch.
( that's what my friend said to me ) arrgghh such a bump.

To cheer myself up, I've been hearing this all day..

This music video is PRODUCED, DIRECTED and EDITED by Wong Fu Production.
*** Song by David Choi - By My Side ***
I'm so not gonna miss you when you came here, David Choi!

Also check another great songs from his newest album "Forever and Ever"

Keep update Wong Fu's awesome work here :

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sariayu Martha Tilaar Eastern Inspiration & Market Plaza Day

Beauty Class
Eastern Inspiration
for Your Beauty
  • Show Launching Sariayu Trend Warna 2012 ETNIKA NUSA TENGGARA
SABTU, 25 FEBRUARI 2012 | 07.00 - 12.30

Find How To Improve Your Skill and Knowledge in Beauty Business

So, I'm attending this seminar with the ticket price of IDR. 50000rupahs ( around $ 5.00 US Dollar ) which I think it's quite cheap for me, especially you will get a beauty kit valued for IDR 98000rupiahs ( $9.80 US Dollar ) + T-shirt and snack. Whoa! ( my eye is on the free gift actually. Muahaha ) 


The Beauty kit :
- Sample size of Sariayu skincare : pembersih, penyegar, pelembap dan alas bedak
- Their newest palette in the theme of "Etnika Nusa Tenggara"

Unfortunately, the sample size of the Sariayu skincare just not suit me. It's for a dry skin ( I'm super oily btw ), and the alas bedak ( liquid foundation ) is way too dark for me ( sawo matang, I think it's a warm beige ).
BUT! The palette is surprisingly good or.. awesome I may say! As I never purchase any local cosmetic ( *booooo me! haha. ), you can see from my swatches here :

It's good.. I mean, it's awesome!! Wow, I have to pay more attention to our local cosmetic brand from now. *Okay, it's a promise!* The eyeshadow color is very VERY pigmented ( my swatches is without any primer and only one swipe ), the texture is buttery not chalky and less fall out, and as you can see the colour selection is pretty amazing. It's a compact kit and all in one palette. Came with a tiny blush brush, eyeshadow brush, lip brush, tiny powder puff, and huge mirror.

- Yes, there's a swatches in the far left of my hand, it's a pressed powder which really really blend to my skintone
- First row ( vertical ) is the colour of blush and bronzer ( pretty shimmery )
- First row ( horizontal ) is the 4 lips colour : brownish, pinky, peachy corally and rose pink ( also shimmery )
- Bottom row is the gorgeous colour of "Etnika Nusa Tenggara" ( all shimmery )


Another FUN part! Fashion, Makeup and Hair Show at the end of the seminar :

more info about the event and picture taken by professional go to : http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=230182257068040

After the seminar, I also purchase another product from Sariayu ( it's 20% off from the regular price! $___$ <-- yes, it's my face when I saw discount item ).

hmmph, sorry the palette in this picture is upside down -___-"

- Their previous collection of eye shadow set in "Merak Kasmaran"

I got this for IDR. 28000rupiahs ( around $2.80 US Dollar ), discount 20% from the first price IDR. 35000rupiahs ( around $3.50 US Dollar ).

Do I need to say more? It's a gorgeous colour, right?
Came with an eyeshadow brush and little mirror.

- Their newest collection of duo lipstick and lipgloss in the colour Kelimutu K-02

I got this for IDR. 42400rupiahs ( around $4.24 US Dollar ), discount 20% from the first price IDR. 53000rupiahs ( around $ 5.30 US Dollar ). again! a steal! :P

Picture swatches above is the lipstick, lipgloss and combine from those two.
Again, I really really like this. It's a bubblegum pink with a scent of bubblegum as well! ( yummm! ). The texture is creamy and goes well with the lipgloss.


After 'Sariayu Eastern Inspiration', I went straight to FX, attending the next event. 
( wuih, I'm so busy, right? everything about cosmetic and beauty really excite me lately! :P ) 
Here is the info about the event :

Lets meet up at Women Wired Weekend Event where Market Plaza Day held at FX Sudirman Mall! Febuary 25-26th.
Beautinese will be at F3 Booth 4, Near Pedro store and Escalator. 
come and join the vibe together wiring all women needs from empowering, gathering, to shopping!

Again.. I shop a little.. just a little bit I promise, mom.. >,<!

Here is what I got :

- ELF Studio Bronzer in a shade cool

I got this for IDR. 68000rupiahs ( around $6.80 US Dollar ) from IndoMakeup by creamymilk.
link to her online shop : http://indomakeup.com

All I know it's from Elf Studio Line, which the original price from the website is $3.
They have 3 different shade for this particular product : warm, cool and golden.
'Warm' and 'Golden' is pretty shimmery. 'Cool' is matte, so I gotta go with this one.
The colour is pay off, but the texture is a little bit chalky for me.
Also it does smell like.. ermmm the packaging smell like plastic so bad :(
Came with a huge and steady mirror, which is good.

- Sleek Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette

 I got this for IDR. 170000rupiahs ( around $17.00 US Dollar ) from Beautinese.
link to her online shop : http://beautinese.com

here is the swatches :

without any primer and only for one swipe

There's 2 colours that just match to my skintone, that's why you barely sees it.
The colour all so so so gorgeous. DIVINE! The texture is buttery ( remind me of NYX 10 eyeshadow palette ), very very pigmented. ( look at the black one! wow! )
I recommend this palette! :D
Came with a dual eyeshadow sponge and huge mirror.


Yep, that's it for my haul / story event of my day.
If you have any question please feel free to ask.

Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.

Haul : Etude Baby Doll Puff

What can you say about this??


I imagine it like a child of Beauty Blender Sponge and Sonia Kashuk Blender Sponge..

YEA! Sponge Family!

without the Bob! [ -___-"]


The phenomenon Beauty Blender
What is Beauty Blender?
Beauty Blender is the pink sponge with an egg shape ( The mom of the Sponge Family, I will describe :P ). 
The Beautyblender was created by Celebrity makeup artists, Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz. They first met on the sets of Paramount Studios and were constantly asked by their celebrity clients, how they could achieve the professional finish achieved on set, at home. After years of research they invented the Beautyblender, a bright pink egg shaped sponge that has a suede texture. The rounded shape of the sponge helps to give a nice smooth , even finish without and hard or visible edges. The shape also allows easy application to the under eye area and sides of the nose. The Beautyblender is Latex free, non-irritating, non-arrergenic and odourless.

Why use a beautyblender in the first place?
Rea Ann Siva states 'Historically, cosmetic companies have only been in the business of developing and selling cosmetics. They turn a blind eye to the art of proper application and because of this, finger application has naturally become the standard.'
So why should you not use your fingers to blend foundation? Veronica Lorenz explains 'That your fingers leave streaks, and most importantly, it's harder to achieve balanced blending. Foundation will stick more to the fingers than the face, and using an easy to clean sponge like Beautyblender will be more hygienic to the skin.'

So overall, the Beautyblender applied my make up both seamlessly and flawlessly. It was incredibly easy to use, distributed my foundation easily, and gave my skin a soft focus, airbrushed effect finish. It's an incredible all in one tool, that can be used for not only foundation, but also concealer, cream blush and powders. 
( more info about the Beauty Blender made by other beauty blogger : http://www.tackyblueeyeshadow.com/2010/05/review-beautyblender-cosmetic-sponge.html )

So, what about the blue sponge beside Beauty Blender?
It's the blender sponge made by other company, Sonia Kashuk as the imitation of the phenomenon Beauty Blender with much more affordable price. It's believe to achieve the same result as the Beauty Blender. ( so many reviews said that Beauty Blender is still the winner though )
Price comparison :
Beauty Blender - $18+
Sonia Kashuk Blender Sponge - $10

So, I've read so many reviews about Beauty Blender but I will put it aside for having it. It's way too expensive for me. The price when it got here to Indonesia could reach until $20+ for A SPONGE! bleh.

About two days ago, I was quite surprised to know that Etude House also made the same thing, which they called it Baby Doll Puff. It's suuuper cute! ( Korean stuff is unbeatable when it come to cute thing! :P )
And when I saw it in Indonesian multiply market, in ready stock item, with way more cheaper price than Sonia Kashuk.. I immediately made an order! What the heck. I should get it! haha. It's only for IDR. 65000rupiahs ( around $ 6.50 US Dollar ). such a steal! :P

When I saw it for the first time, heck it's darn too cute!!

Maybe I'm not gonna use it for a while.. because I barely using foundation in my daily life. I'm still gonna keep it as my beauty collection, it sit nicely in my dresser now. hehe.

It's the size of my thumb and felt very velvety as the texture.

Overall, I'm still happy for having it.
( maybe it's because the cute effect of the hot pink and the well made packaging. hais )

Maybe I'll make a full review after I'm using it, as a promise for my upcoming posts! hehe

Is there any of you who have this?
What do you think?
Do you like it?

Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tips : Makeup for Oily Skin

Maybe some of you have an oily face? I mean.. suuuper duuuper oily and shiny during the day?? C'mon, raise your hands in the aiirr! 
*Me* aaaaah.

Giiiirl, i could ice skate in your face! -___-"

Well, sometimes it can be frustrating, right?
Worst thing, if you wear makeup it can caused breakout >.<!

Here, I wanna share some of my favourite products in order to reduce the appearance of my excessive oil in case I wanna wear makeup that day. :D
Keep in mind, these products is what I use and work well on me and it might cause different on you. :)

 1. Never skip primer!
What is foundation primer?
Primers work much like a moisturizer under your foundation. They ease the application of foundation and are meant to create a barrier between the foundation and skin. 

Do I need it?
Yes. In fact, primers nowadays already go one step further than moisturizer. They'll even out skin tone, help your make up stay on longer and absorb oil with salicylic acid. Also, for specific primers it could smooths out fine lines and wrinkles by lightly filling them in and creating a flat, even canvas. It also diminishes the appearance of larger pores by coating them and filling in the uneven skin.
For oily skin, foundation primer aids in absorbing the excess oils that our skin produces, which reduces the shine that occurs in oily skin.

Recommend product : 
L'oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer

  I got this for IDR.149000rupiahs ( around $14.90 US Dollar ) at Watsons Mal Kelapa Gading.

Here is what it says at the back of the package :
Transform your bare skin texture : The 1st smoothing primer that makes your lines and pores invisible for a visible and touchable smoothness.
Sensational Velvet Texture
A unique blend of silicon oils and soft light powders create a sensational smoothing velvet formula to refine the skin.
- Smooth wrinkles and fine lines
- Perfectly hides pores
- Skin imperfections are corrected
The rosy shade brings out the translucency on the bare skin tone.  

My thoughts :
What I like about this primer is giving the velvety texture into skin, also making it smooth and apply foundation or BB cream evenly. It really does hide my pores. Doesn't have strong smell, and just needed a small amount of product to cover ( mostly center area ) of my face. 
What I don't like is the the packaging. It came with a jar, that makes it unhygienic. And it contain silicon. For some of you who had a sensitive skin to silicon, this might not good for you.
Overall, with a 15ml of product that you get.. it worth every penny! Definitely i would recommend this for you! :D

Addition :
For those of you who have an oily eyelid. You might need eyeshadow primer as well. The function is pretty much the same as foundation primer, only it goes on into your eyelid. prevent your eyeshadow into creasing.
This is product like Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance is famous for. But as good as the quality, the higher the price it might be.
Recommend product :
NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
Other optional : Etude Eyeshadow Primer, Elf Eyeshadow Primer

I got this for IDR. 75000 rupiahs ( around $7.50 US Dollar ) at Indonesian multiply market .

My thoughts :
What I like about this eyeshadow primer is it make the color of eyeshadow that I'm using more vibrant, just need a swipe of eyeshadow to make the color really really pop out. I remembered.. One day, when I still got my eye makeup ( too lazy to remove it :P ) I went to the gym, getting really really sweat, took a shower.. and when I see myself in the mirror, I was kinda shock! my eyeshadow is still looking good. And that's how great I describe this thing is.

Here, you can see from the picture that first row of eyeshadow without using an eyeshadow base. and the second row ( bottom row ) is using NYX HD Eyeshadow Base. It really stick the colour pigmentation into skin.
Eyeshadow from NYX 10 Colour Eyeshadow Palette The Runway Collection ESP10C 05 Super Model --> Review & Swatches!

 2. Apply a right makeup
As well as choosing a primary base, choose oil-free formula that anti-dry also the key when choosing a good foundation. For those of you who have oily skin can choose products that contain oil absorbent materials and conditioning. Owner of the combination and sensitive skin types, can use oil-free products that contain SPF 20. 

Recommend product :
Revlon Colorstay Makeup with SoftFlex SPF 6 for Combination or Oily Skin
I'm in shade 200 Natural Beige as preference

I got this for IDR. 110000rupiahs ( around $11.00 US Dollar ) at STAR Department Store MKG ( Mal Kelapa Gading ).  1 Fl Oz / 30 ml of product.
My thoughts :
What I love about this foundation that it giving a nice coverage ( medium to heavy coverage ) and MATTE finish into skin, which helps to keep the shine (from my oily T-zone) at bay for a lot longer. Affordable price and easily reach at any drugstore or department store. Nice range of shades ( 20 shades I believe, from 'ivory' to 'mocha' ). Unfortunately, the color selection here in Indonesia is very limited ( only four or five shades available ). Another downside of this product is the packaging. It came with a bottle, that can be unhygienic and very messy if you're not careful pouring the liquid product to the amount size that you want.

Colour Chart Guidance for Revlon Colorstay vs MAC Studio Fix Fluid :
The shades from the lightest until the darkest :
Ivory >> NW15/ NC15 lightest of the bunch
Buff >> NC20 best match for fair NCs
Sand Beige >> NC20-25 with somewhat neutral undertones
Nude >> NC25 with peachy undertones, definitely not for pinks or true golden
Natural Beige >> NW20 tends to run pink
Medium Beige >> NC27 between Sand Beige and Golden Beige
Fresh Beige >> NW25 with pinky undertones
Golden Beige >> NC30 with truest yellow/olive undertones
Warm Golden >> NW30/NC30 with somewhat neutral undertones
True Beige >> NW30 with pinky undertones (for Fresh Beige in summer)
Natural Tan >> NC40/NC42 more neutral than golden caramel
Early Tan >> NW35 with somewhat peach undertones
Rich Tan >> NW35 with pinkish undertones
Golden Caramel >> NC40/NC42 more golden than natural tan
Toast >> NW43/NC45 with neutral undertones
Rich Ginger >> NW45 very peachy-pink
Caramel >> NC45 seems to run true to color
Cappuccino >> NC50 slightly more peach than Caramel
Mahogany >> NW50/NC55 the darkest of NWs but not extremely peachy
Mocha >> NW55 seems to be very cool toned, almost grey undertone

source from --> here! 
NOTE : The available shades in Indonesia only the first five shades ( five lightest shades from the range ).

3. Finish with a setting spray
This kind of spray give a touching finish which is supposed to absorb excess sebum and control surface shine, leaving your makeup looking matte all day. It should have a patent-pending "Temperature Control Technology," which lowers the temperature of your makeup to hold it in place, so you're makeup won't melt down because of the excessive oil in your face. Good example of this kind of product is De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay, which is way too expensive for me.

Recommend product :
Dr. Oil Solution Anti-Shine Mist by Etude

 I got this for IDR. 72000rupiahs ( around $7.20 US Dollar ) at Indonesian Multiply market.
Here is what it says at the back of the package :
Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Shine Free Mist moistens your complexion and subdues oily shines even better than oil blotting paper. Enriched with anti-shine ingredient, it removes excessive SEBUM while retaining moisture within your skin, giving you an improved foundation coverage and longevity.

Shake Well before use.
Spray directly onto face with eyes closed at a distance of 20-30 cm. Gently tap your face with your fingertip to enhance absorption.

My thoughts :
Well, I think I like this product. It's not giving a dramatic changes, but it does reduces a little bit of shine and give a fresh effect after I spray it on my face. Besides, it's really inexpensive. 
For price comparison :
De Sclick Urban Decay Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray 118ml - $29
Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Anti-Shine Mist 60ml - $7.20
I mean.. you can do the calculating, right? :P


So here you go, I hope you all like my review, and please let me know if there any other product or tips that you like because I'd love hearing from you guys! it could be my references too! 

Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.