Wednesday, May 16, 2012

David Choi Forever and Ever Asia Pasific Tour Live in Jakarta

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So, I was lucky enough to see a performance from one of my favorite Youtube singer yesterday.

Mr. Choi! <3

This concert was held because he's releasing his third album called "Forever and Ever".
The venue was at Hard Rock Cafe, Jakarta.
I was so glad, one of my best girl, Pathie could accompany me to see him perform.

 Arriving 4 hours earlier, but still got number 79 and 80 :/

 The line. 
And Pathie is the one who is camera-conscious. That's my girl! *lol

The stage before David's performance.

 Basically, we got pampered by his voice and the sound of his guitar. :)

 David took a picture of us!

And uploaded it on Instagram :/

With 12 songs that he played that evening, I feel mesmerized in how beautiful lyrics and melodies he could make. And that's my friend, IS a TALENT! :D

.Meet and Greet <3.

By the end of the day, I've got into Meet and Greet.
He is so kind enough to sign my CD and took a picture with me.

Wonderful day it is!
Thanks, David.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Overview Lancôme Cosmetic and Skincare + Haul :) - Part 2

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So, continuing my previous post about the Lancôme event last Friday ( to see Part 1 --> click here ) this post is gonna be in depth review about the Lancôme products, whether it's makeup or skincare, that got to be introduce during the event that I attended.

In that event, I got to buy some of their products that caught my eyes. Seriously, I was drawn into their skin care line, while my mom fell in love with the cosmetic line. :D

Our haul that day :
. Lancôme Super Serums .
. Lancôme Génifique Yeux .
. Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation .

and because we purchase more than the limited amount, we got gifts and free samples as well :D

Overview Lancôme Cosmetic and Skincare

. Lancôme Super Serums .
Price tag : IDR. 2200000rupiahs (around $220 US Dollar) /50ml.

Basically, this Lancôme Super Serums was a package of two of their best seller serums, which is Visionnaire (detail official site) and Génifique (detail official site)

Visionnaire is an Advanced Skin Corrector. It should refine or combating wrinkles, reduce pores and even out skin tone.
They created a molecule – LR2412. A molecule that offers your skin the efficacy of a prescription ingredient*. That’s said to be able to self-propel through the layers of epidermis to set off a series of micro-transformations to the tissues, it reprograms the skin to "auto-correction" mode.
In other words, it promised to help skin self-repair and heal. Wrinkles erased, dark spots and redness reduced, pores tightened: a very beautiful skin, even before make-up.
To be used day and night, all year long, even on the delicate eye contour.

It does come with a pump type bottle. The serum itself is a white baby milk color (with a hint of pale pink) that turn into a translucent liquid to the skin. It quickly absorb into the skin and feel fresh afterwards. No overpowering scents, but it has slightly floral scents into it.

While Génifique is a Youth Activating Concentrate, and it supposed to make your skin look younger, more plumped, refined and re-illuminated, as if infused with life! "O,oa
Major scientific discovery: Skin's youth is characterised by the presence of certain proteins on the skin surface which are the result of gene expression.
In other words, it's a protein infused serum. To be used daily, morning and evening, before your regular skincare routine.

This is like other typical serum bottle, you pump the product into the height of the glass straw and another pump to dispense into the back of your hand. The consistency of the serum is clearer and more liquidy than Visionnaire. It also quickly absorb into the skin. No overpowering scents, but it has slightly chemical scents into it. >,<" But other good thing, it doesn't leave any sensation of tightness or residue on your skin, which sometimes prestige skincare usually does.

. Lancôme Génifique Yeux .
Price tag : IDR. 650000rupiahs (around $65 US Dollar) /15ml.

While Génifique is a serum for your complexion and whole face, Génifique Yeux is a Youth Activating Eye Concentrate. It's a gel texture that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and under eye bags. The eye contour will appear brighter and radiant. 
Hmm.. from what it said, it is a lifesaver for any dark circle under eye area problem, which I desperately NEED! *err.

For this product, it came in a mini jar. *boohoo for a hygienic reason! :((( So, make sure your finger is clean before you end up dipping your finger into the product. The texture of this concentrate is gel texture, it quickly absorb into the skin and so far it doesn't irritate my eyes. The scent is similar with other Génifique, since it came from the same line.

. Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation .
Price tag : IDR. 485000rupiahs (around $48.50 US Dollar) /30ml.

I only got a small review about this, since this is my mom's purchase from the event. I did wear this foundation through the day of the event --> click here! to see the result on my face ( fyi: I'm 2 or 3 shades lighter than this shade ). But I do have a lot of good things when I first wore this foundation. 
  • LOVE the coverage <3
  •  LOVE the oil control ( whole day without blotting or touch up-ing :D and I do have an extreme oily face O.O" ) --> well, my condition at that time was I'm at the air conditioner room the whole day.
  •  and it feels lightweight on my skin like I don't feel wearing heavy makeup on my face. *thumbs up*

Those comments are also APPROVED by my mom who exactly wore this foundation :D

It's a pump type bottle, so it is always a good thing! :D

. Unto the Samples .

Trésor in Love Sample Package :
  • Juicy Tubes Ultra Shiny Hydrating Lip Gloss in Fraise 17 (15ml)
  • Miracle Eau de Parfume (5ml)
  • Mini L'Absolue in Rouge 365
  •  Virtuôse Mascara (2ml)

Lancôme Loves Colors Sample Package :  
  • Génifique Yeux (5ml) Youth Activating Eye Concentrate
  • UV Expert GN-ShieldTM BB Base (10ml)  High Potency Active Protection SPF 50 PA+++
  • Virtuôse Precious Cells (2ml) High Definition Curves & Length Mascara

Lancôme Goody Bag :
  •  Génifique Yeux (5ml) Youth Activating Eye Concentrate 
  •  UV Expert GN-ShieldTM BB Base (5ml)  High Potency Active Protection SPF 50 PA+++
  •  Hypnôse Senses Eau de Parfume (1.5ml)
  • Lancôme Maqui Blanc Miracle in O-02 Natural Brightening Creator SPF 35/PA+++


From now, I really can't tell it is worth the money or not.
Reviewing a skincare is a long good process for me :)
Keep update, I'll definitely make an upcoming post! :D


For now, that's it my post.
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.  

UPDATE ( link to my future post ) :


Monday, May 14, 2012

Lancôme Makeup and Beauty Class - Part 1

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So, I was attending a Makeup and Beauty class by Lancôme, who was brought by Manulife about 2 days ago on Friday, 11 April 2012. Actually, the main event that day was to introduce one of the newest Manulife program that was specified to financial insurance in household or family welfare. And since ( they believe ) all the "financial minister" in every family was the housewife, so they targeted the event this time with a Makeup and Beauty class! :D

And since my mom is one of the agent in Manulife, so she decided to invite me as well to the event. The event was held in Chatterbox Sogo, Central Park at 12pm. We all start with having lunch and continue with the explanation of the insurance program. 

And then, after that.. we all got into the Makeup and Beauty class collaborated with Lancôme. Actually, when we all got seated in our own makeup table, I got distracted-excited-hyperactive ( -_-") into the vanity in front of me with lots of Lancôme cosmetics and skincare products!!

But, not only that.. I was lucky enough when they ask me to be the model to presented the Makeup and Beauty class that day with the Professional Makeup Artist from Lancôme, Kannu.

 *nose bleed*

The Makeup and Beauty Class that day was to introduce Lancôme's newest collection in cosmetics and skincare line.

Kannu is a really really nice person. Funny thing, both me and him that day was having a flu! And both just sucking snot continuously during the class. I remembered when we begin a little chat during the makeup class.. he said to me,"Kamu flu ya? Kita sama sama flu, gapapa brarti ya." LOLOL!!! I just burst out to laugh.

After he finish my makeup, we both got to walk around so the guests can see the close up detail on my face. This time, Kannu try to reach other guests who were having trouble with the makeup application and help them one by one.

This is the close up makeup look by Kannu :
( better picture taken at restroom Sogo. lol )

Skincare :
Makeup Remover : Bi-Facil (detail official site)
Milk Cleanser : Galatéis Douceur
Toner : Tonique Douceur (detail official site)
Moisturizer : Hydra Zen (detail official site)
Eye cream : Génifique Eye (detail official site)
Sunblock/BB Base : UV Expert GN-Shield

Makeup :
Brows : Crayon Sourcils 012 Brun (detail official site)
Foundation : Teint Miracle O-03 (detail official site)
Concealer : créme concealer
Loose Powder : Blanc Expert Mineral w/ White Sapphire Complex P-005 (detail official site)
Eyeshadow : Ombre Absolue Palette (detail official site)
Eyeliner : Artliner 001 Noir (detail official site)
Pencil Liner : Crayon Khôl 001 Noir (detail official site)
Mascara : Virtuôse 01 Noir Sensuel (detail official site)
Blush : La Rose Deco 002 (detail official site)
Lipstick : L'Absolu Rouge 367 (detail official site)
Lipgloss : L'Absolu Créme De Brillance (detail official site)

picture taken at indoor artificial light (my room)

And if you interested in his work, feel free to contact him at :)

(click the picture to zoom) 

PS: kenapa disitu Kannu kaya Hua Ce Lai ya? lol.


For the next post ( Part 2 ), I'll be reviewing some cosmetics and skincare products from Lancôme that stand out (at least for me) the most through the event.

And some HUGE Haul from Lancôme!

. more view and thoughts about the products .


For now, that's it my post.
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review : The Skin Food Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence

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I've got another review to put in the table.
This time is for your hair!
The Skin Food Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence

What it says :
Containing 18 silk-based ingredients as well as moisture-keeping and nutrition-rich argan oil Argan oil Silk Hair Essence gives your dry and damaged hair a silky and lustrous shine.

※ Free of 3 additives for healthy hair : No parabens, alcohol, artificial dyes

[Argan Oil Story] Argan Oil, Known as 'Oil of God', is produced from the kernels of the argan free, which is now endangered and under protection of UNESCO. It is highly rich in essential fotty acid. Vitamin E, squalene and excellent in keeping moisture that it is valued for hair care.

* To Use
- Spred a modest amount through the hair or parts of it and style it as you want.
- Give a more gentle and careful massage to damaged hair. For more effective hair damage prevention, dry your hair after applying essence when your hair is still wet after shampooing.

100 ml


So, I've got this baby actually for quite a while now. In fact, I almost gone through the bottle ( the picture below was taken when it was still new and in a clean condition, for a good picture review :P)

I love all the Skin Food packaging. <3
They still keep the essence of traditional food recipe :P

And it's pump bottle type to dispense the product.

My thought about this baby?
My Goodness, I love it!

But, to start this review, I need to explain a little bit about the condition of my hair and how it change my hair (for a better).
I'm a type of person who always blow dry my hair every time I washed them. I just never like to air dry them, because it gets me dizzy, getting bothered by the wetness, it won't volumize my hair either, and I would look like a mess even though I did shower and just washed my hair. Pretty ironic, right? lol. 
And off course not forget to mention, my hair gone so much chemical things before. I've gone crazily coloring my hair in college << I've done RED and BLONDE! oh noo.. I'm not gonna post my humiliating pictures here. >,<" LOL.
To add the craziness, I once permanently curled my hair in high school, THREE TIMES chemically smooth them, and off course my best friend at that time were hair straightener and curling iron. Phew!

It scared me at the point when I lost so much hair.. also my hair felt frizzy, dry and damage. And I think about me being bold. *horror* NOOOO! *scream*
I even scared to cut the length of my hair, normally. haha.. 

So, I determine my mind just to make it healthy from this now on.

I have a naturally black hair. What I mean is black, it really is no shed of brown. at all.. almost like a jet black I should say. That's how dark my natural hair is.

So, proceed to this product review (cut the rambling part. >,<) And why I like it so much? Because it gives back my natural hair alive. DO REMIND, I always put the product in wet hair, after shower and before hair dry them. BECAUSE it's an oil based. 
When you put something oil into your hair, please don't apply it when you get your hair done. It should be used in wet hair condition and only at the tip of your dried and damage hair. In my experience, otherwise, it will only make my hair look greasy and "lepek" looking.
The advantage from this product compare to.. let's say, "other drugstore hair care serum" that I've tried, is when I've done blow dry my hair, there is no such stickiness leave into my hair anymore. It just bounce and feel soft like a normal hair supposed to be.

Usually, before I found this argan oil, I love LOVE my GRAPESEED GLOSSING SERUM by The Body Shop.

How much I loved it? 
It's been my 3rd purchased of the product. >,<

The Body Shop one smell amazing on the hair, it doesn't feel sticky also.
But hands down to the argan oil, for bringing down the smoothness on my driest and most damaged hair. ( with the condition : I always blow dry my hair after putting the product! Otherwise, argan oil could make your hair greasy looking too! << OIL BASED )

The consistency between those two products also have a slight difference. While argan oil feel more runny and oilier, grapeseed serum is thicker. << Both from an oil based serum.
BOTH smell amazing! although grapeseed has a more strong lemony-citrusy smell than the argan oil. 

While for the price :
The Body Shop : bought in the original counter for IDR. 149000 rupiahs (around $14.90 US Dollar)
The Skin Food Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence : bought online at Indonesian multiply market for IDR. 100000 rupiahs (around $10 US Dollar)

It's cheaper, right? :D

You know my mind already. I'll definitely repurchase the argan oil from now on :) 

UPDATE : Picture from my latest post --> IDR. 100K Makeup Challenge TAG! on August 8, 2012 >> already gone through a bottle using Argan Oil and loving the result from it :)


That's it my review.
Let me know what you think!
If there's any question just leave in the comment.
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Charity at Taman Fioretti

So, continuing from my previous post about the charity event ( to see --> click here! ) that was held at 29th April, 2012.. this is the update from me and my friends arrival to the orphanage that day :)

Me and my friends were soo very excited about the day. I even couldn't sleep at night! haha.. *I know it's an excuse for my bad sleeping habit -__-* But yea, I definitely can see the spirit in all of my friends' eyes. It's priceless.. at least for me :)

Here we go..
So, we all got to meet in our favorite place! which is McD Kelapa Gading *fufufu* at 8:00am.. The total of us is 22 people! OMG. that's HUGE and it really touched your heart (right?) to know their enthusiasm about this event and how they all willing to spend time and effort in making this event successful. :D

By the way, after we all fully loaded with breakfast at "Uncle Ronald", we finally start the journey to go to Taman Fioretti as our main destination. And about one and a half hour long trip, we finally.. finally! got into our destination with anxious, excitement, and I'm sleepy off course. :P

As we arrive, we immediately putting down the collective donations into the orphanage.

And we gather all each other, pray for everything went well.. With the hope that what we're about to do could bring a little sunshine in the day. :)

The ARMY that day :
Melissa, Robin, Otha, Robert, Christ, Swapo, Kenny, Hans, Christine, Selvi, Wilson, Inez, Mel, Agnes, Michelle, Siyas, Pathie, Me, Dennis, William, Opel, Ronald


chapter 1 :
The angels.

When we first came in, all the children were sit and already waiting for our arrival.

They were all so cute and innocent. Hmm.. not gonna lie, breaks my heart a little bit with their condition :') But at the same time, make me realize something.. Remember when we all just a kid? We were still young and innocent, we don't compare our life to the others. We all live a happy life.. As LIVING LIFE supposed to be! They welcome us with a big warm hug and a smile on their faces. They were the angels. :)

We sing, we dance. We give each other happiness.
To break the ice after we first met, we start by saying a pray with the kids. After that, me and my friends decided to sing and dance.

 *LOL the boys*

After we start to warm up, we gotta play up the song and make a gesture based on lyrics of the song. And.. we immediately make a connection with them. :D


chapter 2 :
We Play.. The Games!

After we make a quite bond with the kids, it's time to.. PLAY GAMES! *woohoo*
This time, we were all divided into smaller groups. The little kids or toddlers were separated and got into a coloring competition. Robin and Selvi as the supervisor for the competition. :P

 *LOL Robin*

Another group were part of the ARMY and older kids from the orphanage. We were divided into 6 groups, each group consist of 2 ARMY and 5 kids. 
As the host were lovable Pathie and Siyas as they explain how the games works.

*LOL they just grab me to model one of the games*

Me and Dennis as a partner in crime were in group 4 :D

Another group : Christine and Wilson v ^_^ v

The Rules. Basically, we all divided into 6 groups. As well as there were 6 posts that we need to get through. Example: I'm group 4, so we start the games in post number 4. Then we must rotate to the next post in each of 5minutes until we reached all of the posts. In each post, we must collect as many points as we could so we can be the winner! :D

Challenge 1 : Post number 4.
In this post, the leader of the games is Pathie (she's on of the lovable host :P). The name of the games is "Teka Teki Logika". By mean of that, she will read a problem that we need to solve. Here goes the question : 

"There are 2 islands which were separated by an ocean in the middle. Also, there were a man, a tiger, a donkey, and a yam. How you're gonna cross them over? if the ship only can be loaded by 2 things, and you don't want each of the thing be eaten?"

Haha.. I'm not gonna write the solution here in this post! But, Dennis and other kids surprisingly got the answer! Long before the times up! That's awesome! I'm just gonna be the cheerleader in the group. Well, at least I'm USEFULL somehow! lol.

We celebrate the victory by taking a picture. LOL!
*cheers* group 4! yey!

Challenge 2 : Post number 5.
In this post, the leader of the games is Hans. The name of the games is "Tebak Gaya". By mean of that, one of the member of the group must demonstrate the word by his/her body language. And the rest of the member must guess the words. Simple, right? Naah, you need to know the words! OMG, you guys... -.-" LOL!!!

Here are the words :
1. Orang hamil
2. Ibu menyusui
3. Kucing pincang
4. Bermain basket
5. Berburu
6. Memancing ikan
7. Membaca koran
8. Orang gila
9. Bermain sepeda
10. Menyiram tanaman
11. Bermain bola
12. Menyikat gigi
13. Mencabut rumput
14. Angkat beban
15. Bermain akrobat

How the hell in the world we're gonna guess the last word!! LMAO! And here I've got some funny pictures by other group playing this game. lol.

post 5! yeh!

Challenge 3 : Post number 6.
In this post, the leader of the games is Opel and William. The name of the games is "Lepas Ikatan Tangan". By mean of that, they told us to make a chain between the member in the group. My left hand must touch right hand's other member and my right hand must touch the left hand's other member that you never touch before. Arghhh so hard to explain! >.<" I got a headache by just explaining this rules. LOL! And then, we must release ourselves within 5minutes to make a perfect circle without any tangling. <<<<< -.-" i hope you understand.

Let just say.. "mumet" game! LOL.
Picture of Opel & William and some other groups :D

Challenge 4 : Post number 1.
In this post, the leader of the games is Michelle. The name of the games is "Kuis Kitab Suci". By mean of that, Michelle will throw some questions from the bible. And each correct answer will earn a point. Okay, I'm sooo impressed with my kids now. They answer all the questions correctly, except one -__-" too bad!! While me and Dennis as the cheerleader now. LOL. I just imagining Dennis with skirt and pom poms. wtf. *horror*

Picture of Michelle and some other groups <3

Challenge 5 : Post number 2.
In this post, the leader of the games is Mel. The name of the games is "Kuda Bisik". By mean of that, all the member in the group got to line up and whisper the words and passed them to reach the last member in the back. Haa.. Mel made such a hardest and longest words!! I barely remember the entire words, and I'm the first person! lol.

Picture of Mel and some other groups. hihihi

Challenge 6 : Post number 3.
In this post, the leader of the games is Agnes! The name of the games is "Pindah Koran Gulung". By mean of that, the rolled up newspaper need to be passed to other member in the group using only neck and shoulder! wth. It's fun, though. LOL.

Picture of Agnes and some other groups. v ^_^ v


chapter 3 :
The Winner :D

After all the obstacles that we've been going through (cieh.), it's time for us to relax for a while because it's about time to have lunch. We bring along all the food, so we're just hoping the food were appropriate for their needs. *finger cross >,<* 

After all the kids had lunch, it's time to announce the winner of the games!

The winner of the coloring competition :D

 Winner of the GAMES! :))

In the 3rd place : Group 2! Congrats Christ! v^.^v

In the 2nd place : Group 3! Congrats Christine and Wilson!! v^.^v

Okay. In the 1st place! *OMG. Is it faith? It's gonna be group 4, right?.. I mean, look at the order of winning!.. ahh I'm so excited!! ^0^ * 

>>> Drum Roll please! <<<

1st place : Kenny and the Gang!

Ah.. my heart is broken. haha.. just kidding :P I HAD FUN! At least, you can't buy happiness, right? *okey, I lied* -_-"
And to continue, suddenly the kids present us a song and a dance as their gratitude for the day :)


And then, it's time for us to give them love back :)))

Song : Ingatlah Hari Ini
Choreographer : Agnes

haha. girls, feel free to click and zoom loh.
PS : you'll not gonna find me in the pictures. *muahahahahaha*
guys, bukannya ga solidaritas nih ya. tapi ini standarisasi image setara cerib*l loh.
ya Oloh.. *wkwkwk*

The kids begin to ask for more! This time, the boys got in the front!! ROFL!!!



chapter 4 :
Time to say Goodbye :(

To close the day, we donate some money to the orphanage. Doing that, make us feel blessed for what we already had. To us, all, were still putting their hard work and precious time in order to this charity going stronger :) BLESS YOU and LAP YU, GUYS!

Taking Last Pictures of BIG ARMY FAMILY <3

 *mulai rusuh*
*sangat rusuh*  -_- ,


Special Thanks to the Behind the Scene Guys :

Photographer/Videographer : Ronald
Pengamen/Music Director/Guitarist belom terkenal : William

Sharing is giving.
Love to others is above everything.
The world is in better place when we do :) 

I hope I'm not saying the end, we need to do this again :)