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✿❀ Makeover Cosmetics Review ❀✿

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It's been a while that I made a blog post review.
And longgg awaited, especially for this one for me to make! haha. 
This are all the items that I got a chance to play with, when it comes to MAKEOVER Cosmetics brand. 

First of all, Yes. This is our local Indonesian cosmetics product
Although.. I might say, it kinda loses the "big picture" from our culture  ( means : our ethnicity & exoticism image,  like Sariayu or PAC. the other top famous cosmetics brand in Indonesia ) in their themes and vision, << MAKEOVER is more like a dreamy-quirky-feminine-fun-European style of beauty >>, but I believe the purpose of this brand is also to make any kind of Indonesian women been beautified and prettified with their stuff as well.

 Well.. who doesn't love that idea, right??



These are all the goodies that I've got and been collecting. Since I won my very first IBB MUC ( Indonesia Beauty Blogger Makeup Challenge ).

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So, without further a due, these are my thoughts of each type of products from them.
I'm gonna cover them in 3 big subs :
{ EYES }
( Trivia Eyeshadow, Powder Eyeshadow, Eyeliner Pencil, Liquid Eyeliner )
{ LIPS }
 ( Ultra Shine Lipstick, Lip Liner Pencil, Creamy Lipgloss & Liquid Lip Color )
( Ultra Cover Liq. Matt Foundation, Camouflage Cream Face Concealer, Perfect Cover Two Way Cake, Blush On )

*haha.. you might want to grab some popcorn while reading this oh so long post, ladies!*
:D :D :D

{ EYES }
Trivia Eyeshadow
 For this trio color pressed powder eyeshadow, I got 3 that I can show you full swatches. Indian Summer is part of their previous collection which is "Rose De La France", while Enchanting Nude Spell & Magical Fairy Tale is from their newest collection for Spring/Summer 2014 Collection called "Le Secret Fantaisie".
  •  Great pigmentation.
  • Buttery smooth in texture, and spread nicely. Make them easily to blend as well.
  • But they rather chalky and has some fall out too if you pick up too much of the powder, especially the matte one. So, pick up the color sparingly. Build the color little by little to intensify the color. ( Of course, with the help of a sticky base or a good primer solve the problem too ^^ )
  • Some of the finishes are mostly shimmery-satiny finish in every quad. You will rarely get a matte, but exception for Enchanting Nude Spell. You'll get 2 beautiful matte of milky and chocolaty color there.
  • They lean on to create a dreamy feminine and sophisticated color. So all I can judge from the collection that I got is, it's mostly warm, settle color ( which I believe suit yellowish Asian skintone color better ), but lack of strong, cool, or even acidic color to stand out more. >> Well, I believe that's only my personal taste in order for me to be able to create a crazy eye makeup as my usual hobby, yes?! ^0^ lol.

Powder Eyeshadow
This are pigments that I believe so much way you can play with and just be creative. I got Rockin' Blue and Gold. They both have different finishes somehow. While Rockin' Blue is leaning towards satiny and foiled finish, Gold is more like a crashed glitter. Both are finely milled in texture.
  Of course playing with loose pigments like this could be challenging. Tricky to apply, could get all over the place, you deal with fall out definitely ( if you using it alone ). And they don't have a good staying power to stay put on the skin. >> Sticky Base, Primer, Mac Fix+ will be your BFF! 
 But so much more I can say, pigments are a very versatile and multifunctional items that every Makeup Artist or even someone who loves playing with makeup should own. :)

Eyeliner Pencil
 This? ugh. may-zing.
 haha.. I'll just let you know straight to the point! :P
  •  Awesome pigmentation. Intense color.
  • Glides on literally like butter.
  • Creamy in texture.
  • Great staying power as well if it's already set on the skin. As long as you don't rub them purposely, it is smudge proof and waterproof.
  • Could be use as a base color eyeshadow and you can smudge them before it sets.
  • But, the weak point is : it's too fragile. Break easily because it's too soft.
  • Sharpening this baby could waste a product, and this thing need to be sharpen every time you use it. Jadinya boros. Cepet abis. I ran out of this pencils pretty quickly. >,<"

Liquid Eyeliner
Okey, this thing I just got recently.
  • It gives a glossy finish as you can see in the picture. Not completely matte. You'll see like a gloss on top of it if you swatch it more than 2-3 times.
  • You can build the color, intensify the blackness as you want.
  • Even though it's a stiff brush, you can create a thin or thick line with it.
  • Good staying power! But it's the type of a hardened liquid that when it's already set, it could cracked.
  • Surprisingly, even though it last long on my eyelid, removing this is pretty easy ( wait around 30sec until the eyeliner dissolved with a cotton ball filled with a makeup remover, then swipe it gently ) So you don't need to tug on your delicate eyes too much. which is good.

{ LIPS }
 Ultra Shine Lipstick
 I got 3 gorgeous gorgeous color that kinda excites me. 02 Brunet Pink is a nude peachy pink color, 13 Everlasting Kiss is more like a nude browny pink color, and 03 Artful Amethys is a soft fuschia color.
  • They are quite opaque when delivering the color, mostly have a shine finish on the lips.
  • Felt moisturizing.
  • Buttery smooth in texture.
  • Doesn't move to the outer rim that much, stick nicely on the lips.
  • Staying power is very typical for a lipstick.

Lip Liner Pencil
 This almost felt the same texture, staying power, etc. like the pencil eyeliner.
The color is perfect for a nude lipstick.

 Creamy Lipgloss & Liquid Lip Color
The creamy lipgloss felt so moisturizing to be honest. Just give the lips some life, especially to my driest lips. lol. Buttery smooth in texture and a good gloss on top of nude lipstick color.

Well, hey-llo to the Liquid Lip Color!
I kinda amaze that this product actually has a good pigmentation. You can wear it alone, but this product also good to intensify any lip color! Not too sticky, not too liquidy in texture... Yup, I kinda like this stuff! 
Great job, Makeover! <3

Ultra Cover Liq. Matt Foundation
It claims : "with soft focus agent, this foundation will gently deliver natural coverage while helps blurring black spots, fine lines and wrinkles."
  •   This foundation deliver a matte finish. clearly it said.
  • Gives a medium to heavy pigmentation. Medium coverage. ( Means : even out skin tone or even cover hyper pigmentation, but when it comes to a blemishes, you need more dab of a concealer ).
  • Great range of colors!! <3 You can see & click my previous post link above!
  • Oil control is so so for me. I'm super oily, I need to blot in every 3 hours. And even though it already matte, I still need powder to set everything liquid on my skin. to make it last longer too.
  • Staying power is good. Last the entire day if you don't do any extreme outdoor activity. ^0^
  • You'll definitely feel you are wearing foundation on your skin. Quite thick, that's why I can see crack on my laugh lines and fine lines in the end of the day. 
  • TIPS : A good technique of application ( using flat top buffing brush >> sigma f80 is my fave! ) and a good primer or a base is another way to enhance the performance of this foundie too! ^__^

Camouflage Cream Face Concealer

 Oh my. I love this! And been using this concealer in my daily makeup basis. :D :D

  • As you can see, pigmentation is another hit for this concealer!
  • Coverage to my blemishes is medium to be honest.
  • I can use the light beige color as an under eye concealer too! It doesn't settle on my fine lines as as long I prepared them good and set with a finely milled powder.
  • My favorite thing is to use the light beige color as a clean up to my brows and any winged out sharp edges eyeshadows.
  • I can use all of these colors in the palette as my highlight, contour, and color correcting! ( I am more like NC20 ish in MAC foundie, as a guidance ).
  • I can use the color as a sticky base to intensify my eyeshadow color.
  • Feel so smooth, creamy. but still stick nicely on the skin.
  • But to my cons, they should've sold the color separately too. I use the light beight color too much, that would be a waste if I bought the entire palette just to refill a specific color that I want.

Perfect Cover Two Way Cake
 Ugh. this are a heavy duty powder. A powder foundation type of thing.

  • They are smooth and felt velvety on the skin.
  • Great range of colors!
  • You can always play with the coverage & finishes with the right tool. ( Buffing brush, kabuki brush, or sponge for a heavier coverage. a big fluffy face powder brush for a lighter coverage or as a setting powder >> more natural finish ).
  • It claim to be "water-insoluble formula helps maintain skin moistness and prevent skin dehydration." I guess, with a good infused ingredients such as jojoba oil to keep skin moistness & vit. E as a good antioxidant and skin conditioning, will make me believe this powder to perform like that.

Blush On
 Okeh. last one is the blush.
  • This are a highly pigmented blush, too pigmented in fact. So you need a light handed while swiping this across your face. Otherwise, you'll end up looking like Jeng Kelin, I must say.
  • This powder is easily to blend though.
  • You'll get an extra blush brush from the packaging. I won't even bother tbh., just using your usual big fluffy blush brush, would enhance the finish gives to the cheek. and help to sheer them up in case you pick up too much of the product.


 Overall Thoughts
Well, what can I say. I love MAkeover in terms of their quality of a makeup and the price point! To me, this are a treasure if you are just someone who is in the beginning of playing with makeup, or a starter makeup artist. They have a good range of shades and colors in the complexion section. They perform well too.
In each of the items also covered with a sleek, yet sturdy packaging. Look so professional!

❀ Love love!! ❀

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ 

Here is an eye makeup look that I came up with, while playing with all this MAKEOVER goodies.
Follow my instagram for a quick update! ^^

I guess that's it my review and overall thought.
Keep in mind, these are all my personal and honest review.
I hope it's useful for you!

Have a great day everyone!

Here's to keep in touch with this brand :


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  2. Liquid eyeliner sm concealer nya racuuuunnn >_<
    EOTD nya keren banget *_*
    Nice review, salam kenal :)


    1. hahahaha senangnya jadi racunnn! ^0^ lol.

      salam kenal juga dear ^^

  3. kayaknya kebanyakan produknya baguuss2.. =)
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