Sunday, August 12, 2012

Announcing : 100th Followers Giveaway! YAY! ♥

♥ Hi lovelies! ♥
If you look at the right side above this blog..

Yess, 100 followers is an achievement for me! :D
First and for all, I never meant to get or gain any popularity through in :
To be naive, yes, followers sometimes determines your existence in this blogging or virtual or any social media world.
Then, what is popularity mean to you if you're not getting it based on the content you're giving? ( Well, that's what I think and I believe you're understand what I'm talking ).
 And what I believe I'm doing now is giving what I know and share them.

And you may say I'm joking, but from the bottom of my heart, 
I do blogging because.. I love it.
I love getting information and interaction with you, to be honest.
In fact, in realizing it even further.. I learn the lesson because I want to give them to you in the first place :D

And 100 followers is just my mark that my blog is being read and grown from NOTHING.
Thank you :')

 And as what I promised, I'm giving away all of these to one of you :

Bundle of JOY :)

So glad I could achieve this far!
From my crappy writing into something that you could read or -at least- inform you with something.
From my journey of trial and error with my skin.
 Thanks for making me come so far, as you all knew I'm just a new kid on the block. But now I feel more confident and welcome to doing this.

Thank you Thank you Thank you 

With this post, a week from now I will be announcing the winner.
Best of luck to everyone of you who join this giveaway!
Have a blessed Sunday! :D

Music by Ivan Handojo
"Pada Waktunya"
>> please support Ivan and his music as well <<

As always, no matter what..
Smile! :)


  1. congratulations!!

    i love your blog ^^
    love reading your review..
    keep rocking, eh, writing \m/
    hehe ;p

  2. thank you so much, sarah :') thank you thank you :'D
    yes, i will keep writing! you too yaa!
    ayo mari2 semangat bersama :)))

  3. cc sarah, ada mp3 dari lagu ivan ga? Aku suka sekali sama lagunya karena enak didengar

    1. ahahaha wah, kalo gt berarti ngebajak dong ya? jangan dongg >,<" coba ditanya ama orgnya langsung via twitter ( ) and tell him i sent you? he's my old high school friend. :)


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