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Review : Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation For Oily/Combination Skin

Hi bubblies!

So, maybe I'm the latest among every beauty blogger out there who already reviewed this foundation from loooong time ago. It's just, my makeup excitement is started almost as the same time as the booming of the magnificent >> BB CREAM. That's why I got carried away by it more than an "original foundation".

Actually, I got my hands on this foundation quite a long while ago as well. But I kinda forgot about it after that because I've been reaching my BB cream more.
And as you guys know, my skin is not in a good situation nowadays >> to see why, click my previous review --> Hada Labo Indonesia :( I somehow got my eyes in every full coverage foundation or concealing makeup. And remembering I still have the infamous Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in my stash, that's why I'm using it again and manage to write my proper review about it :)

*My previous blog post related to this product --> Tips : Makeup for Oily Skin
also there's Color Chart Guidance if you want to compare your shade with MAC Foundation.

I got my shade in 200 Natural Beige.

Although I got my shade in Natural Beige as what it said, I still feel it has more like a pinky undertone more than what I expected. And I wouldn't say it match my skin tone color perfectly. >,<"

Swatches :
NOTE : Do remind my face is a bit darker than my hands.

Ok, break down into points on the good and bad things 
( in my opinion ) about this foundation : 


♥ The Good


♥ Good oil control to my T-zone most oily area at my face. I didn't blot or touch up in 3hrs ( without primer ) or 5-6hrs ( with primer ) until the oil is seeping through. And I do have a major oily skin issues and live in a humid tropical weather, I guess that's a good thing!

♥ Matte finish.

♥ Lightweight feels.

♥ It claims to be long wearing makeup ( up to 16 hours ) >> I don't know about 16 hrs, but it last good until I finally remove it in the end of the day.

♥ Affordable price and easily reached at any drugstore here in Indonesia.

♥ It gives a medium to heavy coverage to my blemishes acne spots.


See pictures below :

. without primer or base . indoor artificial lighting . hand -dabbing motion- application .

NOTE : Yes.. My skin is looking at it's worst now, but I think it's in "purging" moment, when the pimples are all showing off, but it will dried out eventually and starting to clear again. Jesus, I hope so! wish me luck, girlss :)) I'm working on it! :')

The Bad

Nice range of shades ( up to 20 colors! ) but unfortunately, the color selection here in Indonesia is only 4-5 shades from the lightest.

Have a strong unpleasant smell.

I feel like this foundation tend to cake you up ( it's pretty thick consistency ) so, I just put the second layer to any of my problem area and better avoid my lines area because it could gives a crack look.

Glass bottle packaging, not pump type of dispenser, could get unhygienic and tend to be very messy.

 ◕ Oxidize pretty bad! >,<" Yep, although at first application it does look match on my skin, but in the end of the day my face is looking darker than my neck area.

So, I guess I could warn you to choose one shade lighter than you normally do :)

( see the link I've given in the top post


For me, for this particular foundation, I find best applied with damped Beauty Sponge or Beauty Blender ( see my comparison for both sponges --> click here! ) as it tends to dry pretty fast. Damped sponges will make it blend and spread nicer, and won't leave you with some patches in your face.


So here you go, I hope my review could add a value information from bunch of reviews out there about this product.
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. smoga cepet baikan yah break outnya cie >_<"
    nice review :D btw aku punya ini yg ivory tp berhubung kulitku dry/normal, jdnya ga kepake >_<"
    mungkin kalo berminat, coba liat2 di blog sale ku yah c ^^

    1. haha iya, thx ya vie. okeyy will definitely check it out later :))

  2. nice review ! used to wear this foundie too :)

    1. hehe yes dear. I guess this foundation is already been in every women's face! lol.

  3. >< im wearing this one too ci. ><
    shade-nya yang nude ><
    iya baunyaa agak gimana gitu ><

    ayoo ci semangat!!! semoga itu breakoutnya cepat sembuuh ><

    1. ow you do? ahaaha iyaa thx ya ditaaa >,< semangat semangat!

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  5. mau nanya dong ci, beli ini di counter revlon nya lgsg kira2 harganya berapa ya? hehe thanks :D

  6. aku pake ini juga yg shade golden beige. entah knp di aku finishingnya ga matte. masih agak satin finish gitu. oil controlnya emang lumayan sih di aku kalo pake primer

  7. kakk, drugstore dimana aja ya yang jual inii??


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