Thursday, April 24, 2014

❧❦ EYEspiration : [ Maleficent ] Inspired Eye Makeup ❦❧

Hi bubblies!
How was your day so far? 
Hope you always have a good one! :D

So, back to creating another EYEspiration
here is another eye look I did, inspired by the upcoming movie played by the bad ass Angelina Jolie as the Evil Queen

 this character has the most glorious evil face in the Disney history, I must say!

dark, elegant and just the baddest of them all!

I'm not gonna do the film makeup version 
( which I think Angelina is indeed looking perfect and stunning and just oh so glorious!! ) 

*oh wait* 


yeah. >,<"
perfectiongg, ladies and gentlements and salam pemirsah es ce te ve!!

 I'm just speechless...................................


But I'm gonna stick to the original character in the story.
Which I think it's so fun playing with colors like greens.. and purples.. and some yellows.. black. and all that good stuff!


this has been showed also on my intagram >>
where I also talk a little bit about products that I use to create the look ^^


wiiiiiiiii ^-^

and here I leave you with a goosebumps thriller movie of Maleficent :

song is :
Lana Del Rey
- Once Upon a Dream -


Have a great day everyonee!! ^^

and oh. one thing!
a saying from the queen itself :


 Still.. I'm available if you need my help to achieve a perfectly shape eyebrow by 
eye brow waxing service! :D

LINE me at felicia.permata

Once again. 
Have a wonderful wonderful day!
Stay inspired and keep SMILEEE


Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Entry for IBB MUC April 2014

Hi bubblies!
How is it going?
Hope you all have a wonderful wonderful Easter Day yaa! :D
Selamat Hari Telurrrrr! 
Semoga semua diberkati Tuhaan selaluu ^0^

And so without long awaited intro, this is my entry for an IBB MUC this month. April 2014!!
 with the theme "Find Your Signature Color"
I know exactly what I wanna do. Cheerful, bold, daring, unique and full of magic of colors!! :D

I will always love LOVE unicorn and the dreamy thought of a Neverland.

And I incorporate all of them in my Eye Makeup Look this time.

As seen on my instagram @heyyyfel

I also post and talk about what product I use here :


And yep. I guess that's about it.
Just let me know if you want a tutorial for this look. 
I'll definitely make one for ya!

Have a great and magical day everyone!
May all the Unicorns guide you to the land of Neverland! 
Good night and sleep tight! ^^