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❀ ☠ Review + Swatches : Sleek True Color Lipstick [ Matte Finish ] in Amped and Exxxagerate ❀ ☠

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Weell, anyhoww..  I've got plentyyy so much things need to say and update for this blog. But, let me start by publish this 'in debt' review first for a lovely product that got endorsed by @joancorner for me to try.

And these are..
Sleek True Color Lipstick
in the shade Amped [ Matte Finish ]
Exxxagerate [ Matte Finish ]

First of all, I've been meaning to try out these lippies for soo long. Sleek has been my favorite as for their color pay off makeup brand in my mind, and has an incredible good price range as well! *ding ding ding! #SCORE! :D  So, it was right up in my alley. and until one day Joan kindly message me to do the endorse... >> I feel like I just saw heaven open up their gate and angels were flying out and singing to my ear! hahahaha. XD

 So, here are the plenty selection of colors through their official site :
( available up to 20 shades total from them, I believe )

I got 2 shades right here and both in the same finish, so I'll just review them in once as it was feel the same formula & also perform the same on my lips.

Okeh. the packaging is definitely sleek and cute! It was smaller than what I thought it would be, actually..

Has some nice oval shape..

 The design is like any typical twist up lipstick.. the structure is quite sturdy and feels not cheapy..
and so far, I have nothing to complain about them! :D

And the material also feels nice. Sort of velvety smooth & dove finish..

Here is to picture the size from other typical more famous MAC lippies.

left : 792 Exxxagerate
right : 781 Amped

top : Exxxagerate [ is a matte dark mauve purple ]
bottom : Amped [ is a matte blue based bright pink, to make your pout pop! ]

I need 2-3 swipes to get that intense color pay off above though :)

  ..My Review.. 

Well, this is a really really nice MATTE lipstick to have. The colors are just to die for! hehe.. To be honest, it's quite daring and bold and in-the-face kind of color for everyday use. but that's just how I like it to be. >> Sometimes, you gotta live in your own spotlight, right?! :D
And as for the formula, it was being quite smooth in application and feels not patchy too, for it was being truly matte on the lips.
Definitely the performance are long lasting on the lips and doesn't move easily to the outer rim of the lips. If you eat & drink, or even talk and lick too much.. it just fades gracefully. It really does nicely stick to the lips.

Yes. it could be drying, but that's not a crime as it was written "matte" in the first place. ritee?
Good preparation as : putting lip balm underneath or drink a lot of water could make the difference too, you know! :D

& Lastly, here is the Lip Swaatches on me :)




And if you interested in purchasing these,
just ask Joan at your service, mmkey?! XD
Instagram & LINE : joancorner
Facebook : joancorner@ymail.com
E-mail : womanlicious@hotmail.com
Pin BB : by request 

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bentuk Alis Jadi Lebih Rapi di Gerai Benefit "Brow Bar"

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 Mine is gladly said.. to be roller coaster and HELLA TIRING lately!! Ahaha yes, working is never easy right? Even in certain days, needed to push the mood and ego in order to perform. Fake or not, any job is a full commitment if you want to succeed. And even passion as the trigger could fade when it touches reality. *Sadly said but true!* huhu.>,<"

Anywhooo.. :) I also wanna share you what still keep me motivated and push me so far doing this until now. And FYI, I now work as Brow Expert at Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia. So, doing brows and make changes to someone's faces ( >>make them prettier with well groomed & good looking pair of brows, of course! :D ) is what my job now. ^0^

And if you're wondering, here is the sneak peak to my station as of 
Benefit Brow Bar 

❤ \ (。◕‿◕。) / wii~~

Why Waxing, anyway?
Well.. so much I said about this and constantly talk about the beneficial of waxing.
  • It's less painful than plugging, threading or tweezing. Faster as well.
  • It lift the fine hair easily & dead skin cell too! Your skin is healthier and clearer instantly afterwards.
  • The new born hair grows finer. It removes the entire hair follicle from the root. So the chance is, will not cause the pores to become bigger.
  • It will takes longer time for new hair to grow out! With continued waxing, hair growth will slow down - sometimes it can sustain up to 3-4 weeks!

haha. yes yes ^^

And here's the written article by media wollipop.detik.com as she is enjoying the experience and LOVE the result as one of my customer ^^ http://wolipop.detik.com/read/2013/08/22/153033/2337547/850/bentuk-alis-jadi-lebih-rapi-di-gerai-benefit-brow-bar

So,you can come to Plaza Indonesia 3rd floor (across Batik Keris) if you're interested and if you wanna feel the experience of yourself! :D

Brow Waxing IDR. 90rb
Brow + Lip Wax IDR. 140rb
Lip Wax IDR. 60rb
Chin Wax IDR. 80rb
Lip + Chin Wax IDR. 130rb
Brow Tweezing IDR. 140rb

Another Result posted by Ucita Pohan at her twitter social media >> @uchiet  ^0^


 Okeh, that's it ladies!
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proudly said and posted on my instagram >> http://instagram.com/heyyyfel#


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Monday, August 19, 2013


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" Once I've read, seen or heard a words of wisdom. Then, it start to fuel me to start the day, and charge my self motivation.
Same thing I wanna get, I also wanna share."

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

❧❦Makeup Look: Grapefruit & Wine❦❧

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This time I have a vision to use like a berry family color to my Makeup Look.
I love how you can say one word "purple", but tooonss shades of purple you can imagine. 
& that's how I vision a berry family! *yey! :D

Okeh.here's the look.

To complete the concept, I'm using my faveeeee purple lippies! ^0^

I keep the blush pretty simple not to overwhelm the whole look.

To be focus on the eyes and lips. which is my favorite place to be drawn & colored! ^0^

Oh. and one more thing. brows too! :P

Final Thumbnail


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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review + Swatches : A'pieu Aurora Luminous CC Cream

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Here is my review to one product that offering the trend of "CC CREAM".

What is CC Cream? What's the difference with BB Cream?
<< CC Cream is more like Color Correcting or Color Control Cream,
while BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm Cream >>
read more here!

A'pieu is one from many Korean brand that may you rarely hear about. I also got this product to try on through my trusty online shop as a sponsored items. 
You may click click and shop shop here as well :D >> https://www.facebook.com/glamourstairwayPAGES?ref=br_tf

And here is my full review about the product for been using it quite sometime now.
With trial and error while testing it out. Different period of time, technique for application &  on my oily skin type face.

 A'pieu Aurora Luminous CC Cream

I got mine in the shade NB 01

And unfortunately, this product also come in 2 shades only.
At first, I was confused to pick the right shades to me personally. And it's not much different between those 2 though ( especially through the webpage color scheme vs the reality ). #hais.
But, I was thinking to go with the NB instead. With the thought of NB stands for Neutral & CB for Cool as it would make my face look paler. haha. I'm just playing guessing games here! and hope it was right. #TryMyLuck #ngarangbebas :P :P

The Packaging
The packaging is quite nice. Nicely made, sturdy enough. Has a nice weight also. But, being too bulky from the shape if I want to restore this in my makeup purse I must say.

See? quite big like the size of my hand :/


It come with a concealer jar on top and there's a mirror inside the flip cover.

While being separate with the body is the CC Cream itself.

☆☆☆ The Concealer ☆☆☆
Texture-wise : It's quite nice. It's creamy, even feels runny when you touches them. Easy to blend. Lightweight feeling also.

Swatches :

The concealer performance is quite sheer & lightweight feeling like I said before. I would say it's more suited for the under eye area for it will not cake you up. The pinky tone also counter act the dark circle and works wonder as the brightening effect to it. But sadly, it won't cover any blemishes or my redness post acne mark as it goes on sheer as for the coverage.

See the picture below :

black arrow : where I saw you the before ( under the left eye ) & after ( under the right eye ) picture for the performance of the concealer as for the dark circle problem. << which is quite amayzeng for it! :D
red arrow : where it shows the not-so-covering redness from my post acne "monthly" mark that I got. #eugh

And about the longevity of the concealer itself, I can see it holds up pretty good job for not settling into fine lines as it "feels" like hydrate skin as well. Maybe because It's not on the dry side of texture and feels runny like water when you touches them. BUT, too sad it fades throughout the day because of that. Even I already use setting powder on top.

☆☆☆ The CC Cream ☆☆☆
Texture-wise : They have more of a whipped, light, fluffy feel.

To get into the product, you need to push it down.

and it will come out through the center of the circle.

Swatches :

It leaves a dewy finish, and have a strong fragrance scents. which I'm not a fan of. >,<"

Definitely the performance of the color correcting itself is instantly brighten, even WHITEN up my skin. I feel so pale and ghostly white after putting this onto my face.>,<" And the color won't turned or adjusted into my skin tone ( still leaving that white cast afterwards ), that's why I need to put and set it with face color powder on top.

About the longevity of the CC Cream itself, it also doesn't do a good job for me either. Felt like it's not sunken in to my skin, just sit there on top and opportunity is : slides from my face in a couple of hours. Yep.
Even when I already prime my face and use setting powder on top. Even tried using buffing brush as for application. or finger. Just the same.

All in all..
Well, I surely not recommend you to buy this. This product doesn't work for me, even though I tried to like it before. And now I even rarely reach it for my daily makeup. Exception for the concealer part, I still use it sometimes as a quick fix to my under eye area dark circle problem.

You guys also can see it while on my face when I use this product on the previous FOTD pictures here *click click* ☟☟☟ :


And if you still interested in purchasing this product or any Korean cosmetics & skincare items, just go to this link :
BB Pin : 2A37656F
The owner name is Inke. You can contact her at the info above. 
She is such a nice person. TRUSTED ONLINE SELLER.
And by mentioning FELIBUBBLEGUM, get an IDR. 5000 discount price per item for a Pre-Order original product from South Korea! ( masa berlaku sampai PO November 2013 sajaa :D )


yep. I guess that's it my review.
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