Friday, June 29, 2012

DIY : Magnetic Batik Eyeshadow Palette

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Here I wanna share my DIY Project that I made recently. Actually, back in the days when I need a palette of my single eyeshadow collection, it's just so hard ti find. And when I found the one I need, the price is just to overwhelmed for me. So, I made this project to fulfill my need in much affordable and FUN way! :D

I always wanted my own a Z Palette, you know the one with a magnetic sheet so we can place our own eyeshadow or blush of choice. But, the price.. -_-" oh well. >,<"
So, this Palette maybe inspired by the infamous Z Palette with my own twist.

Let's get started!

Here's how I did :

1. First, the tools that you'll gonna need are :

  • Batik Magnetic Pencil Case. (while I was debating to make it's case from the scratch, I found this awesome Batik pencil case for a very good price! I bet you could find any type of pencil case in other bookstores as well :D)
  • Balsa Wood. or any type of constructive material as board layer to the eyeshadow pan. (I'm using balsa as I had it at home)
  • Magnets. (choosing this instead of a magnetic sheet because it's way more cheaper! :D As for choosing magnets that we'll need, the thinner the better!)
  • Your eyeshadow or blush or bronzer or other depoted pan of choice.
  • Double Tape or Glue.
  • Cutter.
  • Ruler.
  • Cutting Mat. 
  • Pencil or Pen.
  • Ribbon.
  • And you're good to go! :D

FYI : Batik Magnetic Pencil Case that I was talking earlier already has a magnetic closure in it. Mine got from Gramedia Bookstore for IDR. 13000 rupiahs >> $ 1.30 US Dollars!! Brand : KIKY. They have lots of different batik pattern as well :D

2. Then, measure the inner size of pencil case so we'll get the length and width. As I'm measuring the height, lucky enough.. we'll able to stack 2 layers of board!

Cut the board (balsa wood) according to our measurement. Twice as much.

3. Moving on, we'll gonna make marks to place magnets into each of the board. To make it simple, just randomly place the pan into the cutting board to know how many pans could fit. In this case, I could fit 4 pans in each board. So, I'll just divide the space with some measurements and make circles as the place of magnets. 
FYI : You can carve the circle into a depth of the magnets. Just to make it a more polish looking :D

4. After that all done, make a simple statement in each board, like so :

Here in the left, I cut a ribbon. This function as a lifter of a board.
For the right board, I cut 2mm board as a second layer height (see picture below)

So far, we'll get something like this :
 2 stack of 2mm board.

 As for picturize, it's function as the second layer height.

 5. Almost done! Now, we can stick the opposite magnets to the eyeshadow pan with double tape or glue.

 For attachment magnet-board I'm using glue, because it's the most secure.
For attachment magnet-pan I'm using double tape, so I could un-attached them easily.

 FYI : If you want, you can add little note so you won't forget the name of the eyeshadow.

And you'll pretty much have something like this :

 First layer : 
Plain board without additional stack. 

 The one with the ribbon on the right side.

The ribbon function as a lifter to the board.

Second layer :   

Additional stack board on the second layer.

Place it on top.

 And there you have it!


Magnetic Batik Eyeshadow Palette

* I don't even know why I'm making this face. LOL *

And if you're wondering, this what I keep all of my PAC single eyeshadow.
Once I already reviewed and swatched in my previous post --> Overview PAC Eyeshadow, Blush On and Brush Cleanser


Actually, in making this palette, there are lots and lots possibilities. 
You can either make one from an old pencil case that you barely use >> Wrap with a cute gift paper to make it look like new again... Or, you can use a cardboard that scattered at home >> Recycling is always a good thing!
Well, the possibilities is endless.
You can even save more money for sure, by just recycling what you already had.
This project cost me not more than IDR. 20000 rupiahs >> $ 2US Dollars!

 Being inspired what makes you creative!
Thanks for reading this post!
I hope you inspired! :)
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My previous DIY Project --> DIY : Surviving Your Cracked Blush

Review : Etude House Skin [mal:gem] in Fresh

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Today I'll be reviewing Etude House newest skincare product which is
Etude House Skin [mal:gem] in Fresh
Talk about Skin [mal:gem] line, [mal:gem] is a Korean word for cleanness, clarity and pureness. Skin Malgeum hypoallergenic toners promote clean, clear and pore complexion with moisturizing and pore cleansing formulas.
They have 6 products in this line :
1st Type: Astringent 
1. Fresh (Oil Control – For Oily Skin) >> Controls excess sebum while providing enough moisture to keep the skin matte. 
** Cleansing and astringent toner removes residual buildup and tightens pores without overdrying to prevent sebum secretion.
2. Smoother (Exfoliation – For Trouble Prone) >> Fruit acids in green grape, exfoliate keratin on a skin clearly for keeping smooth and soft skin. 
** Cleansing and astringent toner removes residual buildup and tightens pores to prevent acne and pimples.
2nd Type: Freshener
3. Moist (Moisture Care – For Dry Skin) >> Includes Hyaluronic acid keep skin moist and promote skin's own moisture.
** Moist freshener tonic removes residual buildup and replenishes moisture to promote softness and comfort. Applicable as moisturizer.
4. Deep Moist (Moisture Retention – For Dry and Sensitive Skin) >> Highly nutrient skin to provide the skin with sufficient nutrients.
** Moist freshener tonic removes residual buildup and penetrates deep within layers to soothe and protect skin. Applicable as moisturizer.
5. Essential (Oil and Moisture Balance – For Combination Skin) >> Give a moisture barrier to a skin by the cream being smoothly absorbed.
** Freshener tonic removes residual buildup and maintains oil/moisture balance for comfort and uniform pore expression.
3rd Type: Moisturizer
6. Emulsion (All in one Moisturizer + Essence + Cream)

 The advertisement picture :
(click to zoom)

While i was looking for a good toner the other day, I was so captivated by the display of this line in the Etude House's counter. Not like any other Etude House's product, the display of this line is so elegant and expensive looking (while others were cute looking! :P). Well yes, this line have a slight higher price range than the others. While I was reading and observe the products, my heart just fell in love with the Skin [mal:gem] Fresh, because of the description. It's exactly what I'm looking for! :D 

 I bought it for IDR. 288000rupiahs ( around $ 28.80 US Dollar ) at Etude House counter, Mal Kelapa gading.
Some of the ingredients in the Fresh toner are Water, Alcohol, Bamboo Juice, Lemon Fruit Extract, Orange Fruit Extract, Bilberry Fruit/ Leaf Extract, Sugar Maple Extract, Sugar Cane Extract, Orchid Extract, Panthenol, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Camellia Japonica Leaf Extract, Opuntia Coccinellifera Fruit Extract, Citrus Unshiu (Satsuma Mandarin) Peel Extract and Fragrance.

 It also said at the package in how you can applying it :
Since I have no clue what it was said (because the description is all written in Korean), so I'm assuming it from the pictures that it could be use as a toner, or soak it with cotton pads and place it under eye area, or dip in the sheet mask for the entire face, or simply just spray it to the face.

To me personally.. since I got this around 2 months ago, twice a day application, after I washed my face.. I only use it as a toner. By the help of cotton pad, I pour a little product and pat it to my face.

For the packaging, the toner itself comes inside a milky, translucent plastic bottle with a white twist-off lid and contains 250ml.

 It has a dispense like so :

  The liquid consistency is like a gentle alcohol to me, not overpowering "alcohol type" but it quickly absorb to the skin and could evaporate as well. It's colorless and has a very fresh & fruity scent but it's not too sweet or citrus-like. 

As for my REVIEW after using it about 2 months 
In each after I use it, It feels immediately freshen my face, make it seems cleaner (it does pick up a leftover dirt that I hardly see even after I washed my face), doesn't dry out my skin, my skin also feel supple and relaxing because of the nice smell in it.

For a longer terms, my skin looks much cleaner and my blackheads seem to disappear (especially the ones on the nose). For me it's a very nice toner and I hope that the oil control will work good as well!


That's it my review.
If you have any question, just leave in the comment :)
Let me know what you think!
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NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY : Surviving Your Cracked Blush

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So, I was sooo heartbroken the other day because one of my favorite blush cracked!

This is Elf Studio Blush in Candid Coral which was already appear in my previous post -->Elf Haul Review and Swatches
Because I love this blush so much, I always carry this baby in my makeup bag. And I guess because it will eventually getting low and the texture of this blush is quite fragile.. it cracked! :'(

And no other words.. WE NEED TO SURVIVE THIS!

After watch several tutorial on how to survive it on Youtube from other beauty gurus, finally I dare myself to try it. Well you know.. If succeed, I'll be proud of myself for trying and be able to save money! -off course- because I don't need to purchase the new one.

Here's how I did :

1. First, the tools that you'll gonna need are :

  • Towel or any material to surface all the process so it won't get messy.
  • Rubbing Alcohol, here I'm using IKA 70% Alcohol.
  • A crushing tool, here I'm using a manicure tool that I barely use. Just make sure it was clean or you can sanitize it first.

2. With the manicure tool that we already prepare, crushed the blush even more to make it into a powder.

And here's what I've got :

3. Prepare your rubbing alcohol into a smaller container so it'll easier for you to control the amount of alcohol that you use. I'm just using the cap from the rubbing alcohol bottle here.

Then, pour the rubbing alcohol little by little into the powder blush while you can stir them into a mixture.

So far, mine will look like this :
For the amount of alcohol that you'll need, it depends on how much powder that you have. You just need to make sure that all the powder were mixture well with the rubbing alcohol. But if you think you put too much, it's okay. You just need to wait a little longer for the rubbing alcohol to evaporate.

4. To make a good finish, you need to drop the compact blush into a hard surface so it will flatten the surface and kinda pressing them with a "gravity" help :D

after a few good drops :

You can even clean the messy part with tissue or cotton buds so it'll look tidier :)

After that, you can let them dry in air and in a safety place.
My suggestion, check them in the next 2-3 hours so we can press the blush and make it into a compact pressed powder blush again. With a tissue and a weight for the size of the blush container (the weight is on top of tissue), press them gently and firmly. The tissue will absorb the excess alcohol left, make it faster to dry. This technique also make the pressed powder blush even more dense and sturdy.

However, mine skip the pressed step because I left it overnight and obviously it just set on it's own. >,<"

The final result :
I also tried by dipping my blush brush into it. It doesn't change the color pigmentation. :D

The swatches : 
(newer picture shot, indoor artificial light)

I would definitely say.. I save my blush! *yey* *children applause*
Already in my mind that I'm gonna use this blush until it's last powder! LOL.
But yes, what I've got here the finish result on the compact is a little different. The texture is also has a slight different where now it's more mushy..?? hmm I'm finding it hard to explain it >,<" It still in a powder criteria though. And I was able to store this blush in my makeup bag again.

And by the end, I'm giving a credit to one of the blogger/beauty guru that I watched her Youtube video as my guidance in order to save my blush.
Watch her Youtube video :)


That's it my post.
If you have any question, just leave in the comment :)
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
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NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Battle of the Cheap Moisturizer for Oily Skin : Clean & Clear Clear Fairness VS Sariayu Relaxing Aromatic

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From my previous post that I've done, I kinda addicted in making comparison brand that has the same function and on the same range of price. In case you're missing out my previous post that I'm talking about, feel free to click --> Battle of Pore Minimizing Scrub

And now I'm eager to make comparison about Cheap Moisturizer for Oily Skin that can be easily grab in minimarket or supermarket in my country ( Indonesia ), for a very inexpensive price, off course :D
Yes, me too! \(^ (oo) ^)/ *ngook*

Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Moisturizer SPF 15 
Sariayu Relaxing Aromatic Moisturizer in Jeruk (Orange) Normal Berminyak

Oya, I need to remind a thing. I'm comparing this two brands not because I want to "disgrace" either one of them. It's simply because I purchased these almost at the same time and I just test what works for me the best. It could be different result for you. 

It took me about two months just to make sure I get the best result for each of the product. First month just trying the Sariayu, and another month switch to Clean & Clear.

All is simply my honest opinion through my experience :)

Self claim
Actually, in my skincare experience.. I never tried moisturizer ( horrible, I know! >,<" ) Since I have super oily skin, I always thought what's the point in adding extra moisture to my super naturally oil based skin? Yep. WRONG, LADIES! Moisturizer is my new friend lately. Because moisturizing for oily skin and taking care of it, in fact.. it will reduce less oil! All you have to do is looking for a moisturizer that specifically made for oily skin, or simply an oil free moisturizer. And for a simply start, I always "adventure" for an inexpensive product at a reachable place.

Note : For both of these products, unfortunately I can't remember each of the prices. But I paid not more than IDR. 7000rupiahs for each of the items. Price range maybe IDR 5000-7000rupiahs. ( around US 0.50-0.70 US Dollar ) Pretty fantastic for the price, huh? :D

Sariayu Relaxing Aromatic Moisturizer in Jeruk (Orange) Normal Berminyak (35ml)

What it claim : Moisturizer with neroli essential oil as aromatherapy for relaxing effect / Enriched with lime extract to reduce excess oil. (with sunscreen)

For the packaging, it's just a squeezy cute little bottle that has a dispense like so :

For the texture, it's pretty liquidy and glossy like serum that turn into almost-translucent when you put on your skin.

For the smell, sorry I have to say.. it's sooo unpleasant and I almost can't stand of the cheap perfumery fragrance in it. *err -,-"

Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Moisturizer SPF 15 (25ml)


What it claim : Clear Fairness moisturizer with innovative formulation, makes your skin bright, with oil free water based lotion keeps your pores clean. Enriched formula and cherry extract helps brighten your skin. Oil control system with a unique rice protein make your bright skin look clean from oil for a longer time, while SPF 15 effective protecting your skin from sunlight. Makes your skin bright and looks clean from oil for a longer time. (Oil free. Won't clog pores)

For the packaging, it's just a squeezy cute little bottle that has a dispense like so :

For the texture, it's pretty foamy and thicker texture than Sariayu. But, kinda leaves you a white effect on your skin. And make it almost like a white cast on your face. :/

For the smell, ahhh I prefer this more than Sariayu! It has a fresh scents and sweet cherry extract in it. *love it*

Side by Side Comparison

Finishes & Texture wise

     Like what I describe for each of the consistency or texture, Sariayu is a glossy liquid like serum, while Clean & Clear is more like a foam/mousse. Sariayu is more liquidy and runny than Clean & Clear.

Honestly.. for moisturizing effect on my skin, I don't feel like both of them make any dramatic result on my face. But putting on moisturizer felt like taking care skin with good ingredients, right moisture more than just natural oil on your skin. My skin feel more supple and dewy in about 3-4 weeks. Moreover, they do include sunscreen to protect your skin as a bonus! :D

But.. I guess, this Final Test that really makes one of them stands out! And become the winner of this battle!
After each one of them set on the skin, it gives different finishes.

 Sariayu still looking glossy, imagine it on the face. It just enhance any greasy looking, which is a big NO NO on oily face.
While Clean & Clear gives an almost matte texture! Yea. the downside probably the white cast ( or whitening effect ) on my face -.-" 

My thoughts
If I have to choose from these two, hands down I would go for Clean & Clear. Yes, the one I purchased is so cheap because it's like a mini sample size. But it last me quite good. For a month of use, once a day, a pea size for the entire face, I feel like it still left me so much product. *thumbs up* And I believe there are more bigger size of product if you want to save a little money for a longer use.


That's it my review.
If you have any question, just leave in the comment :)
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
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NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.