Sunday, May 26, 2013

SNEAK PEEK : What's Inside My Vanity Trove Beauty Surprises June Edition Inside? :D

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Here just another quick post to update what I got as for a June Edition of Vanity Trove Indonesia with the theme of Summer Days

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I'll update you soon to the things I got in the next time :D

Here is the Discount Price LINK for an update beautiful surprises every month READY TO BE YOURS for next month subscription! 
I bet you don't want to missed out! :3

Here is to keep you updated with Vanity Trove Indonesia :

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Event : Jimmy Choo The New Fragrance "FLASH"

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This is my Event Report that I attended on Tuesday, 30 April 2013 about :
Jimmy Choo Launches The New Perfume called

Anticipation. Build-up. Excitement.
Those heartbeat moments every woman feels whilst getting ready to go out for an evening of unadulterated fun. 
That's where this story begins.
Introducing FLASH, the second fragrance from Jimmy Choo.

 5 words to describe this fragrances are :
Red Carpet

"FLASH is about the thrill of the red carpet, the fun of the nightclub, the glamour of dressing up. It captures a moment of sheer hedonism where adrenalin and confidence collide."


 So, this is my first attempt to explain to you, and describe the essence & concept from a fragrances. Jimmy Choo is my overal favorite brand as for fashion sense, and now I'm in love with the scents! 
As I'll go explaining ( yes I know, even though you can't smell it. >,<" ), I hope you can feel the scent sensation with me. And I hope you still enjoy this post! :D


☆☆☆ The Audacious Packaging ☆☆☆

Just like the fashion statements from Jimmy Choo, he likes to blink his pieces. Pampered girls with all the twinkling expensive goodies a woman should wear! As you guys know,
Glitter is #1 in Jimmy Choo sales!
Iconic Material
Synonymous with Red Carpet

The glittering box has an almost diamond like lustre.
When it hits the lights, it is like a million miniature paparazzi flashbulb.

Just like this pieces that goes along as for fashion statements :)
Oh okey, it looks waay more expensive & luxurious looking in real life than this picture taken! >,<"

☆☆☆ The Unexpected Bottle ☆☆☆

A precious bottle which plays with light. 
The bottle seems encrusted with small glass studs on three sides. 
The faceted cap is reminiscent of a diamond. 
A metal band of a luxurious finishing.
The colour takes its inspiration from the ultraviolet lights of a nightclub.

The bottle was inspired by a modernist chandelier from the 1970s, and references a palette of crystal. lucite and metal. In keeping FLASH story, it was designed to play with light and gives a shimmering mesmerising effect. It's angular, architectural flacon, seems enerusted with small glass studs on three sides.

☆☆☆ The Scents ☆☆☆

FLASH is a white floral with a character that is effervescent, carnal and provocative.
The fragrance opens with pink pepper, and strawberry, for a fresh, sparkling introduction.

As these glittering top notes evaporate, heart notes of strong, exotic white flowers, with a tuberose signature enriched with notes of jasmine and white lily, reveal a heady, sexy character.

A base of white, powdery woods gives a lasting impression that is both seductive and sensual, but never too much. White woods, a contemporary note that gives a feminine, sophisticated touch but maintains luminosity.


 This FLASH second perfume by Jimmy Choo has a strong floral scents ( if you're a fan with that kind of smell, like Marc Jacob Daisy, this is for you! :D ) and I think this is suitable for glamorous-urban-younger woman!

Besides perfume, this FLASH line also has shower gel and body lotion. Seriously, it felt so DIVINE sit on your skin! :D

The Retail Price from this line : (available on early June)
Flash EDP 100 ml IDR. 1,100,000 rupiahs
Flash EDP 60 ml IDR. 840,000 rupiahs
Flash EDP 40 ml IDR. 510,000 rupiahs

Flash Body Lotion IDR. 385,000 rupiahs
Flash Shower Gel IDR. 315,000 rupiahs

*** Picture advertisement ***

"Jimmy Choo evokes a sophisticated urban woman, sexy, rebellious, and very self-confident. I imagined the sound of heels clicking on the asphalt of Paris and New York! I wanted to create fragrance with a flamboyant personality." - Christine Nagel


With Mr. Alexis Vincienne ( Export Manager from Interparfums ) &  
Bp. Yimmy Budiono ( Assistant President Director from Fega Indotama )

The fingering foods ^^

I can taste strawberry too in my drink, besides smelling it in the perfume! :D

Lastly, this is my OOTD and FOTD ^^

Purple Smokey Eyes :)

The goodie bag :)


Thank you so much for inviting me!
I have a blast smelling the perfume. *_*

& I hope you enjoy reading this post! 
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Feli :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Event : Ob for Shu Uemura

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So, here is my Event Report about the Ob for Shu Uemura that I attended last Saturday.

Yup. long story short, the event was to introduce to the repackage of Shu Uemura's makeup products and their famous cleansing oil. This whole collection line was designed by Japanese contemporary artist name Ob. 
She brought up a theme of 4 fairytale princesses, which are :
The Moon, Forest, Cherry Blossom, and Ocean Princesses.


Along with their famous cleansing oil ^^

This product only available only from May-July 2013
( it's so limited! better hurry RUN to the nearest counter if you want one! :D )

Okeh, going back to the event.. So, through the launches here, Shu Uemura also feature with our local Indonesian illustrators. Here are some of their designs on the canvas using all Shu Uemura's makeup products! :3

Represent the Moon Princess

Represent the Forest Princess

Represent the Cherry Blossom Princess
 Represent the Ocean Princess
 I think they are all just awesomeness talented! :3
 Live sketches & Makeup Demo






And at the end of the event, I got to choose one of the illustrator to draw my face. haha.
It is such a creative way to pamper us as the invited guest that day ^^

Lidia Puspita who illustrate the Ocean Princess & me ^^

Once again. Thank You for inviting me :)
It was a lovely event with such an inspiring concept!

And my goodie bag :)


 Have a great day everyone!
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