Monday, July 7, 2014

❀✿❀ [ Event ] Garnier New Product Launch : Sakura White ❀✿❀

Hi bubblies!
How's your day?
Hope you're doing magical! :D

Well, as magic as I step into an event that I was invited from the other day.
It is the launch of the new series from Garnier Skin Naturals :
"Sakura White"

 with a Japan theme decoration to welcome us.

and a mellow ambience of purplish pink lighting on the inside.
where there will be a little chit chat - talk show about the product info in the middle of the room.

The advertising beauty banner already says a little bit from the product offering.
"If you wanna get a radiant pinkish complexion that will make you look fresh and had -shy shy cat- happily rosey flush in the cheeks, try this product!" well.. said by me. not by the official advertisement itself, of course! lol.

And here you go!
They launch 5 variants types of product in this range :
Garnier Sakura White Foam 
Garnier  Sakura White Pinkish Whitening Cream with SPF 21/PA++
Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Whitening Cream with UVA/UVB
Garnier Sakura White Night Restore
Garnier Sakura White Mask

In this Garnier Skincare Sakura White series, the ingredients is infused with Japanese Sakura extract, because it is believed as the key ingredients to create pinkish radiant skin that reflects youth and liveliness!
Just like a beautiful Japanese girl, right? ^^

The beautiful flower itself is also known to contain anti-oxidant molecules. It is rich in whitening actives that are clinically proven to significantly inhibit melanin production, reduce roughness and soothe the skin with its anti-inflammatory actions.

Not just that, another infused vitamins are also added, which is B3 and CG to deeply nourish as it brightens.
 At the talk show also said that, this range is Garnier's newest revolution formula that could brighten your skin complexion up to 60% in just 4weeks. Also dermatologically tested, and suitable for sensitive skin.

 To me personally, I loove the smell! Delightful! (o´ω`o)ノ
I recommend you to try their Sakura White Foam ( the cleanser ) & Garnier Sakura White Mask ( the sheet mask ) as it is my fave from the whole range! But of course if you want a maximum result, try all the 5 variants and see the difference for yourself. ^^

That's it my Event Report this time.
Thankyou Garnier team for inviting me ^_^

More of Garnier info and product :

Have a great day everyone!
* UPDATE from me *
I am now work as a Brow Expert at Lavie Lash Bar.
please come visit if you have time yaa at Pantai Indah Kapuk!
for more info please just follow my instagram account ^^ @heyyyfel


  1. Eventny seru ya kayaknyaaa :)
    congrats ya ce.. jadi brow expert di lavie lash.... pengen dong brow nya dirapiin sama cci :)
    nice blog c, i follow you btw :D

  2. nice post sob..
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  3. I love Garnier Sakura, especially the smell ^,^
    Always wanting to try the mask. Maybe someday. hohoo..

    Dreamy Princess

  4. Lucu banget yaaa packagingnya itu lohh cute banget hehe ^^


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