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Review + Swatches : Urban Decay Vice 2 Eyeshadow Palette

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So todaaay I am back with another review. 
And this time is to one of the most stunning eyeshadow palette that I've been longing for sooo loongg. Since it came out.
Urban Decay Vice 2 Eyeshadow Palette

What it says : If eyeshadow is your vice, here's the ultimate fix : 20 BRAND-NEW shades, plus a double-ended Good Karma brush. Experiment with insanely cool brights, not-your-average neutrals and sexy hits of smoke, all in our decadent, revamped formula. Even the presentation is luxe. With the touch of a button, the jewel-inlaid case opens slowly, seductively, to unveil all that gorgeous eye candy. Ah, sweet addiction.


This is just the most magical thing that ever cross my eyes... *_*
 I mean.. look at that beauty! It sold me already! :D

And when you open the inside, you'll get such a wonderful 20 BRAND NEW eyeshadow shades from Urban Decay. ( 20 x 0.8 g POIDS NET/NET WT. 20 x 0.03 oz )

 The packaging came with a mirror inside. 
It's pretty handy when you need it on the go.. hmm... oh no. need to correct. 
I mean, a GENEROUS size of portable mirror! :3

 It's the type of pushing the black label there. 
and it will be automatically wide open for you.

It is also came with a dual ended "Good Karma" brush.

Perfect for packing in eyeshadow ( top - flat type brush ) and blending ( bottom - round type brush ).

I don't have much words for this, except it's a good quality synthetic brush.
 And I would reach this brush if I ever gonna do eyeshadow on the go, since it came perfectly fit in the palette.


The Eyeshadows

The Swatches
no primer. no base. under indoor artificial lamp ( night ) & lighting day sunlight.

First Row
Smoke Out - Lovesick - Shellshock - Coax - X Rated

For this particular row, I would theme this group of color as :
"Romantic Rebellious"
XD lol.

Because to me, this row consist of the mixture of both dark smokey and ultra feminine color.

Smoke Out - is a satin finish black shade. The texture is very creamy and spread oh so nicely. When you pack this color on your lid, it stretches like a dream and almost without even a fall out! I mean, all of this shades in the palette are such an amazing amazing quality to begin with. ^0^
Lovesick - is a matte deep charcoal grey with silver specks in it. To be honest, I am quite disappointed with this shade. As you can see.. at the first picture swatches above ( the one with the indoor lighting view ), this shade felt dry and hardly come out after couple of use. At first layer, it is sooo smooth like Smoke Out. But it was only for the first impression I guess :( And I only found this case for this specific shade alone.
Shellshock - is a jewel tone silver color. Seriously, the best gun metal and bedazzled silver shade I've seen. This is by far my personal favorite for it's quality! :D
Coax - is a shimmery valentine pink shade. This shade is a true heartbeat to create a romantic look :)
X Rated - is a satin finish bubblegum pink. What can I stressed even more? bubblegum! PINK! yes. LOVE this shade without a doubt then. :* #smooch


Second Row
Prank - Madness - Strike - Stash - Poison

For this particular row, this is a perfect shades for :
"Fall Season"

When you look at it, don't you just feel an instant warmth of fall weather in your heart?
haha.. it does on me :))

Prank - is a darken matte blue-ish green-ish with teal color specks in it. As you spread it on the skin, it's almost like a charcoal grey, to be exact. But I guess with a certain base color, this would be a stunning unique color without a doubt.
Madness - is a shimmery blue-ish teal color. I imagine this shade would be stunning as a pop of color for the lower lash line!
Strike - is a shimmery gold shade. This color is just look soo expensive and luxurious. As they say.. gold is a girl's best friend, right? Or am I just made that up? *it's diamond, fell.....!! diamond that is a girl's best friend.....* lol. XD
Stash - is a stunning falling leaf color! This green shade just the star to create a perfect FALL look. It also has sort of silver specks in it. But it still, screams FALL right away, don't you think? :3
Poison - is a green-ish charcoal with multiple specks color in it. This shade slightly has a fall out and quite chalky comparing to the rest of the dark shades. And this shade overall stunning color standing next to Stash.

Third Row
Radar - Damaged - Voodoo - Betrayal - Derailed

This row, I would theme this group of color as :
"Pop Icon"

Haha.. And to me, this is my personal favorite row. Lovee the pop of purple and green color that Urban Decay throw in to this palette!

Radar - is a shimmery bronze-y color with silver specks in it. Stunning color! And I bet this shade is looking awesome in every skin tone color.
Damaged - is a shimmery christmas-y green. And this type of green my friend... is a stand out color to put it on your eyelid! trust me.. :D
Voodoo - is a shimmery darken purple with purple specks in it. As a purple lover, I know this shade is just so on point to create a purple smokey look. You. just. need. this. in. your. life, girlfriend...
Betrayal - is a shimmery bright metal purple. This is another whole new dimension of a purple shade. one word. MAGICAL. #weeee
Derailed - is a shimmery darken taupe color. This color screams "sophistication" to me. Among of all the fun shades in this row, this color stands out to be different and serious. A good serious >> Sophistication. :D

Fourth Row
Dope - Toxic - Habit - Ambush - Rewind

For this particular row, I would theme this group of color as :
"Feminine Neutral"

Because to me, this row is a dazzling neutral pinkish color. Perfect to create first date look, or even everyday soft makeup look.

Dope - is a satin finish pinkish neutral color. I don't know what this palette would work without this color existence. This is the shade that tone down all of the heavy colors above.
Toxic - is a shimmery rose gold color. This is just beautiful on its own. Pretty oh so prettyy...
Habit - is a creamy beige nude color. This shade has the most creamiest texture. When you feel it, it almost like a MAC painterly paint pot! Great transition color or just act as a base color all over lid after a primer. Awesome.
Ambush - is a shimmery reddish brown color. This shade would be oh soo pretty to be put on the outer crease. Give a great depth of dimension to the eyeball, also brighten them up because of the reddish undertone in it.
Rewind - is a matte chocolate shade. For a matte finish, I find this shade is quite creamy in texture. easy to work with and blends nicely as well. It is overall goodness. :)))


All in All..
Well yes, this palette is a piece of jewellery in any makeup stash.
Having this is like a privilege to glam up the eye look.
And that's the perfect describe to answer : Do you need or want this in your life..
or perhaps, your beauty needs in this case.

It's back at ya that could answer the question :)))


and I guess that's it everyone.
I hope this post helpful for you!
I got this product through a trusted seller on instagram 
Feel free to follow her and look around at her online shop! ^^

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