Sunday, March 24, 2013

✄ DIY Sunday : Eyelashes Organizer ✄

Hi bubblies!
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hehe.. this is just my share in how I store my false lashes collection. ^^
I kind of been a little obsessed about false lashes lately. #pheww

And what I mean by obsessed, I also appreciating even more in how someone make an effort just to create a single pair of false lashes! Yes, I really do. 
It's work of art you know! lol. 
 That's why, I really wanna take good care to what I have. For my own collection, I know it's not a lot.. but I'm happy with what I've got. :) 

In my late discoveries lately.. Oh my! I just knew that there were sooooo plenty variant of false lashes a possibly can be! I mean.. how come? I'm amazed. lol.
Even for a simple natural everyday lashes, you'll gonna see a lot of designs!
Haha.. that is quite FUN!

And since I got a couple collections ( hehe.. fyi : I don't use false lashes for everyday.. it's just for creating a look for the sake of this blog ^^v ) that's why, I quite have different types of false lashes that I need to restore and so I can use them again in the future.

And this is what I came up with..


It's so organized that sometimes inspired you to be creative and create more Makeup Look, right? ^^ haha..

And from the result picture, maybe you'll already figure out how I made it. It's so easy, comes from a material that easy to be found as well.. but let's just hope I give you a good idea for your beloved falsies' organization, yeah? lol.

And here's How I made it..

The tools that you'll gonna need :
  • Eyelash curler replace rubber band ( I found in the Strawberry Store for the cheapest. IDR 4000 rupiahs or $ 0.40 US Dollars for 3 pairs! :D )
  •  Your scattered eyelashes that need to be organized :D
  • A.file case or holder ( the one I'm using is for A4 paper size ). It holds 18-20 pairs of lashes! :D Found in the nearest bookstore like Gramedia, Paperclip, etc.
  • Gift wrap, magazine, or any cute scrapbook paper as the background.
  • Glue ( I'm using UHU ).
  • Scissor.
  • Ruler.
  • Cutting Mat. 
  • Pencil or Pen.

And you're good to go! :D

 First, cut off the paper as the size of A4 so it fit to the file holder nicely.

I cut extra 2 thick papers at the back, because I was using a thin gift wrap.
The 2 stack papers give a nice weight and structure to it.

 Second, place them to the holder.

 Third, place all eyelash curler the rubber band to the paper.
As I was using a paper that already have a grid, it's just make the world easier for me. :D

Lastly, place all of your eyelashes there And you're pretty much done! ^^
 It's so easy, right?!

 Don't you LOVE looking at them? 



Being inspired what makes you creative!
Thanks for reading this post!
I hope you got inspired! :)
Good day all!
Smile :)

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  1. huah creativeee <3 thanks for sharing fel :)

  2. wuaaaa i'll try this next time ^^ thanks for sharing cie <3

    1. yeyyy! ayo bikin veee. seneng bgt dengernyaa, jd nginspirasi org lagi buat bikin jugaa ^^ hihihi thank you vee :D

  3. Replies
    1. yeyyyy! ayo bikin sayy. would love to see it ^^ woohooo ^0^

  4. hoaaa... kreatif! mau dicoba ah, my falsies are scattered here and there.. so unorganized, thx for sharing dear!

    1. ohh you're very welcome dearr. sneng bgt bisa ngeshare ^^ would love to see your creationnn ^0^

  5. ah cece xD
    so creative,, aku jg bkin falsies holder sendiri, tapi gak begini, ehehe
    kapan2 aku share deh xD

    1. yeyy! aku juga mau liat dongg ^0^ ayoo diblog-kan! haha

  6. super kreatiffff!!! ikutin aaahhhh :D
    thanks ceee <3 :*

  7. OMG Genius! jadi malu liat tumpukan dus falsies yg berantakan di rumah, hahaha :'D

    1. ahahahaha merr! iyaa, suka sebel ya liat berantakan ngabisin tempat juga! trus kadang jadi lupa punya apa aja. musti cek satu2. ini kan enak uda dijembrengin. tinggal comot deh. hahaha XD

  8. Good God Gracious!! This is perfect! Jadi makin semangat berburu falsies!

    1. ahahaha yeyyy! ayo teruss semangattt! falsies yg murah2 kalo direstore di tempat yg oke sebenernya bisa awet kok. bisa dipake berulang2. hahaha

  9. koleksinya cantik2 banget xD

    visit my blog ^^

  10. Super creative! I will give this a try


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