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Review + Swatches : Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder & Brow Structure Clear Set

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 Well, being a "Brow Expert" is indeed my job. That's why, trying out a new brow product is another excitement that I created just to level up my work. Just like a fresh new toy to be playing around for me! haha. :D

And this time I'll be reviewing product from a brand name Joey Healy.
More info just check him out, ladies! ^.* >> @joeyhealybrows

 Mmkeh. Just let's go unto the review, shall we? ^^


Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder

Just like a luxurious items, this is packaged oh so nicely ( sturdy, plastic packaging ) and inside a leather-feel pocket.

I got mine in the shade called "Tobacco"
and you'll get a nice amount of 15oz / 4gr of product.

The color is a rich dark cocoa color with a greyish brick red undertone color.
More that I can see, this shade is one of the neutral. not too red, not too grey ( among from 3 another shades they provide ) & just nice in between, so I can use it universal to any of my client's skintone.

The pigmentation? Oh I'm amazed.
Just look at the picture when I just gently touch my finger unto it!
♥ The texture felt so buttery like a spongecake.
  Minimal chalkiness too, means minimal fall out!
♥ Blend & stick nicely to the skin >> I believe it will make it stay long too.

 This is the swatches on my hand.
Left : when I just swipe it once.
Right : when I swipe it 2-3 times and blend it to the skin.

Overall thought for this product :
 This is a really really good high pigmented brow powder product.
When it comes to a brow product, you know. highly pigmented eyebrow color could be your heaven or your disaster.
To me, this is one of a brow product that you have to get use to it. If you already master it, you can even create from a sharp bold brows into a natural looking soft baby brows. Just play on the blend technique and the way you applying it.
And of course, unto the next concern about this product in my opinion. This doesn't come with a brush. So, finding the right tool to pair with this baby is another heaven that I still need to seek.

Above all the rave that I've mentioned, I found kinda bit of a cons as well.
This powder could be a challenging if you have an oily skin or just a wet surface skin, the powder would blend harder and hard to get removed. 
Usually, I would make the entire skin around the eyebrow area covered with a powder first ( remember : powder will be easier to be blend with another powder ) or maybe my favorite is with a base eyeshadow : mac soft ochre paint pot >> PLUS it's a primer. it will make it even last longer too.

Yes, once again. my tips that you cover all your entire eyebrow and around it with a powder first. to make it blend nicer and enhance the true color even more.

 Joey Healy Brow Structure Clear Set

What can I say, I need this.
This is like a clear brow usual mascara. Just like a hair gel or a hairspray to keep the wild hair stay still. In my work, I always always keep the volume of your natural hair eyebrow with the most minimalist trimming process. Which I believe, your length of eyebrow hair function as a cover the next sparse of your overall eyebrow. However, you still need this baby to do that work!

Again to me, the packaging is another hit. 
The bottle is quite heavy, but I believe it is a good material as a structure to keep the product nice and safe.

 This is a nice leather-feel pocket as the cover they given too.

 The wand is huge for an eyebrow to be honest!
It is the size of a normal mascara wand!
 But in my defense, I like it. It pick up the product in a nice amount as what I needed too.

 Overall thought for this product :
Have you ever wear a hair gel? Same concept with this.
It keep the hair sleek, stay still, neat. But in the end of the day it may weight the entire hair down if you have such an intense outdoor activity, I would say. But for a normal busy activity, not too much sweat, or non-military activity, etc. haha. Don't worry, you'll fine! and your eyebrow is gonna still looking fabulous by the end of your day.

So this is the product applied to my clients the other day.
I love the result! as it still gives a nice definition and looking natural as your hair color.

 As seen on my instagram account @heyyyfel

 For the super talented upcoming singer superstar as my client @yurayunita

And my superrr fabulous prettteyy lady right here! @uchiet

So, have you tried any of the Joey Healy product ladies?
What's your thought?
This are just my personal opinion and review.
Would love to hear from you too! ^^

I got this from :

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Siph! I hope this post is useful for you.
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