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❧❦ ♚ Celebrity Inspired Makeup Look : Syahrini ♚ ❦❧

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And as a promise from my previous post, this is my rendition in..
"How To Look Like Syahrini"
lol. >,<"
okeh, kinda feel a little embarrassed right now. ( ̄ ³ ̄)

Little disclaimer : This is just my personal interpretation in how Syahrini look like and do her makeup, so.. please no harm if I do any mistake or doesn't go as what you expected in the first place. This is not officially credit by her ^^

If you don't know who Syahrini is ( for my international reader, of course ^0^ ), she is one of Indonesia's famous singer! For further info, there is always wikipedia & google! ahaha :P >>

And from my eyes, Syahrini is like our Kim K. if it goes to a fashion & beauty sense. She is a one word for living : GLAMOROUS.
Her fashion style is definitely accessorize with lots of blink blink and thing-a-ling-a-ling. hem. I don't even know why i just said that. >,<" yah. pokonya rame deh. haha

And as for her beauty and makeup style, she is the Queen of Lashes! 
Lots of thick top and bottom lashes as her signature style.

 She looves wearing a peach blush on the cheeks and coral lips to go along with her statement eyes.

As go for her eyes, she usually wears a bold grey contact lenses, a cool tone grey smokey eyes, a very thick eyeliner to make her eyes bigger & rounder, and.. *surprise surprise* her dramatic FAKE LASHES!


However, this is what I come up with :)

I really do struggling to mimicking her smile. tried a bunch of poses. Oh My God. 
let me tell you.. it's hard! >,<" lol.
yah. apa adanya saja ya. blink2 fakenya juga bikin ketawa bgt yak. haha :P

☆♚☆ Everyday Soft Grey Smokey Eyes  ☆♚☆
ala Syahrini~~

( left - right )
Too Faced Naked Eye Eyeshadow Palette
Sigma E30 Pencil Brush
Masami Shouko 215 Smudge Brush
Ecotool Blending Brush
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Black 
NYX Slide On Pencil in SL04 Pure White
Princess Syahrini False Lashes in Katulistiwa
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad To The Bronze
Mascara that I use : Maybelline Magnum Mascara

1. Start with a bare eyes
2. I will prime my eyelid with Maybelline Color Tattoo, also it act as a base color
3. The color is a beautiful shimmery bronze color, perfect for this look

 4. From The Too Face Palette, I'm taking a matte greyish charcoal color called "Like A Virgin"
5. With a pencil brush, swipe it all over the lid
6. I'm keeping the color still below my crease

 7. Now, I'm taking shimmery silver color called "Pillow Talk"
8. With a Smudge Brush
9. I'm placing the color above my crease towards the inner eyes, this will brighten up the eyes beautifully

 10. Lastly, with a milky matte color called "In The Buff"
11. Pack the color into the brow bone with a blending brush
12. And the inner corner, this will make the blending color more polished and finished

13. With your favorite eyeliner ( I'm using liquid type ) 
14. You can create a tracing line first, to help you make a thick line look
15. Then, just fill them in

16. Just to blend my natural lashes with the fake one, I'm coating my lashes with a mascara
17. This is the star of the show : The FAKE LASHES!
18. whoala! :D

19. This step is optional, but I brighten up my lower waterline with a white pencil liner
20. And add a lower fake lashes. As you can see.. I have nothing there. so, I have to cheat! lol.

I already did the eyebrow. 
And this is the finish result for the eyes! :D

☆☆☆  Eyebrow ☆☆☆

☆☆☆  Face ☆☆☆
  Primer : Benefit POREfessional

Bronzer : NYC Sunny Bronzer 

Highlighter : Benefit Highbeam

☆☆☆  Lips ☆☆☆


As you can tell.. the star of the show really is the fake lashes!
Please click the below picture

to see my full review on it and more pictures! :D


Okay, that's it.
I hope you enjoy this post ya ^^
Have a great day all!
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  1. waks, syahrini part II!!
    aku juga dapet yang versi merak, lebih natural menurutku ^^

  2. ahaha yes! wah, kamu cepet sekali udah mampir kemari, haha.. please visit again the review part for more pictures ^^ I already updated that post :D

    hihi iya ya, ini dramatis bgt yaa. khatulistiwa is syahrini's fave, jd aku penasaran sm yg ini. haha.. thx for visiting dear :)

  3. You kind of look like Syahrini dear :)

  4. Whoaaa...itu bulmatsu emang luar biasa ya...:)
    Hmmm, versinya ka Feli lebih kalem, lebih suka...Syahrini kadang suka terlihat sembab, habis nangis gitu.

    Nice post ka Fel, waiting for your next :)

    1. ahaha iya, aku pake juga berasa kaya mau ngelenong malah saking tebelnya. haha.. thx dear ^^

  5. you always look pretty, dear.. :)

  6. ulala kak fel.. selalu oke deh makeupnya. setuju sama Dina, versinya kak fel keliatan lebih soft, kalem <3

    1. ahaha itu aslinya tebel bgt loo.. ampe pas aku bikin, orang rumah pada bingung. "ni anak mau ngelenong apa mau ngapain ni?" hahaa.. btw, thx ya sayy ^^

  7. mirip banget, tp cantikan kaka dehh ..
    ajarin donks ka, ih selalu jatuh cinta klo kaka bikin tutorial gini ..

    1. ihihi itu sayyy, uda dikasi pict tutorialnyaa. editnya ampe encok lo ituuu. hahaha.. ih ya ampunnn.. mimpi apa semalem dibilang cantikan! haha.. maacih ya sayyyy :D hihihi

  8. Miriiippp. Sukaaa. Hahahahaa... Iya bulu matanya bagus, bener2 kaya Syahrini :))

    1. yeyyyy! so happy that you like ittt! ho oh, cetar badai bandang bgt yaa.. tuebellll bulmatnyaa ^0^ haha

  9. kereen *.* miriip bgt ma syahrini, cantiik bgt. love your makeup <3 <3 .

    1. hihi thankies a lot, naomiii ^0^ seneng bgt if you like ittt ^^

  10. Cetaaaar banget! ahahha
    cantik kak.. tapi itu bulu matanya bener2 dahsyat yaa.. akhirnya terbayar juga nih rasa penasaran sama bulu matanya kalo dipake..
    oya, warna lipsticknya juga cantik banget.. haha

    1. hihi iya, km penasaran kan? itu emang dahsyat ya. muka aku jadi beda bgt! lol. yup, one of my fave lip combo, dearr ^^

  11. ciiiii mirip banget sama syarihni!!!!!!!!!! omggg... dan dia lebay banget sih "princess" wkwkwk lol
    bu somehow, ak jauh lebi suka cici tanpa bulu mata syarini, lebih cantik dan oriental <3
    nice nice niceeee post!

    1. ahaha iya, jd beda bgt ya. yg satu gundul yg satu lebay bulu matanya. ahahaha. aku prefer yg in between ^0^ maacih ya rheaaaa :D

  12. I think you did amazing!!! I love the fake eyelash too. They look awesome. I love it. Awesome job girl!!

    1. ow thank you so much, roseeeee ^^ yes, they are incredibly thick. phew! ahaha

  13. mirip banget sama syarini! cantik banget ><

  14. Great job, you really look similar! Those lashes are amazingly thick. ^^

    1. yes! it's quite make a difference to my face! lol. thank you, mrs gaeul! :D

  15. oh my god! I LOOOOOVE your tutorial! Pictures are clear and easy to follow!Seriously I looove the look on you <3 You definitely look like her. and I wish I can pull off this kind of make-up style too <33 I'll be checking your blog again for more tutorial <3 thank you (<-- I'm still learning how to blend eyeshadow) ahahaha.. xD


    1. haha i believe you can! blending is just a matter of practice, dear ^^

      ow thank you soo muchhh. i just love how someone can be inspired through my blog, my writing, or tutorial that i made. you seriously just make my day, dearr! thank youu :D

  16. caantiiiiikkkkk
    sumpah ci ini sih cetar banget lol
    miriip bgt asdasdasdasd *kehabisan kata"*

  17. lewat syahrini mah sama mak'e ^o^ super lope lope

    1. ahahaha lewat aja die mah, orang kita kaga kenal. ahahaha. :P

      maacih mak'ee i lope lope you toooo! muach muach.

  18. aaaaa cantik bangett, tapi seriusan mirip loh, jadi kaya kaka adekk >_<
    but honestly aku lebih suka versi yg belom pake bulu mata, but dont get me wrong, yg pake bulumata jg cantik banget kok :)

    1. hihihi maacih sayyy ^0^ iya, itu bulmatnya bener2 bikin muka beda yaa. hahaha thank you sayangg :)))

  19. Keren banget ce.. Canteeekk... *angkat smua jempol*

  20. cantik <3
    suka banget sama semua make up look cici >,<
    kalo dibanding syahrini cici lebih cantik hahaha~
    masih belajar blending eyeshadow. Nice tutorial!

    1. wahahaha that is really a nice words, dearr. I'm so flattered! :D ayo2 keep on practicing.. ntar pasti bisa dee! semangattt ^0^


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