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♦♦♦ FOTD : Blockbuster Eyes [ including Step by Step Picture Tutorial! :D ] ♦♦♦

Hi bubblies!
How's your day?
Hope you're doing awesome!

Maybe the title kind of confuse you?
haha.. please don't be. >.<"
It's because I've been trying out and playing around with this eyeshadow quad from Silkygirl called Blockbuster

 I promise the quad will be up for my full review soon ya ^^

<< UPDATE >>
♦♦♦ Review + Swatches : Silkygirl Blockbuster Color Palette in No.5 Smokey Charm ♦♦♦

Meanwhile, I've been keeping it for quite sometime now. But just recently got into the zone to play with it. When I bought it in the first place, I knew that the color would be a perfect suit to create a sultry smokey eye!

I just had one time to play with it until now and knew exactly what I would normally wear using the color combination in the quad. Of course you can be creative and create tons of look using this quad alone. 
In the meantime, this is my one typical-I-would-normally-wear look that I manage to come up with using all the colors in the palette.

  Unto The Tutorial 

To make it easier to look at, I'll just categorized my makeup done in 3 big parts.

But as the star of the show, let me introduce you a bit to the colors in the quad.
( top to bottom )
A = let's just call it yellow
B = let's just call it pink
C = let's just call it grey
D = let's just call it navy blue

1. Eye & Eyebrow

( Step by Step Picture Tutorial )

1. Start with bare eyes. 
2. I'm using NYX HD Eyeshadow Base to prime the eyes and gently spread the product using ring finger until it completely absorb to the skin. 
3. Using Small Dome Brush by Masami Shouko, take pink and put it above your eye crease. 
4. This would be the transition color. 
5. With Sigma F70 Concealer Brush take grey and place it in the outter of your eye lid area. 
6. Slightly blend them in.

7. Don't forget the lower lash line too.
8. This will instantly warm up the eyes.
9. Next is, using Sigma E55 Eye Shading Brush take navy blue and place it in the center of the lid.
10. Just packed it on and push it until the color is pretty intense.
11. Back again with step 5, because you may loose some of the color there.
12. Keep blending with more step 3.

13. I usually bring the transition color towards the inner eyes. This will make your eyes bigger and more open. ( Adjust with your own eye shape )
14. Don't want any harsh line, Sigma E40 Tapered Blending will be your BFF.
15. Moving on, using Sigma E70 Medium Angled Shading take yellow and place it under your brow bone.
16. Just flipped the brush and take yellow again to highlight the inner corner of the eyes.
17. And you're pretty much done with the eyeshadows.
18. Next step is the liquid liner. I'm using Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Black.

19. Make a cute wing liner that flattered any eye shape that you have.
20. I'm taking Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in Pure Purple to my waterline. Just give a nice pop of color there.
21. Then quickly filling the eyebrow with some eyebrow powder. For this, I'm using one eyeshadow color from my NYX Nude on Nude Eyeshadow Palette with Sigma Small Angle E65 brush.
22. For my liking, I like to extend the tip of my brow as well.
23. Set the eyebrow with some eyebrow mascara. I'm using Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara in no 3 Cocoa.
24. Put on some mascara. My favorite double up mascara are The Falsies Volume Express Waterproof Mascara in Black + Max Factor False Lash Effect in Black 

And here's the finish eye :D *wink*
Goss, I need to stole your trademark this time. sowwyy :P

Okey. I'm gonna cheat a bit and put my half cut falsies to my outer eyelashes.
Need to feed those poor lashes, babey! wii~~

For the eyes, you're pretty much done!  
The edit took so long this time.
And sorry for the different lightings in some of the pictures.
Tried my best and I'm working on it! :P

2. Face & Cheeks

Foundation : Krayolan Supracolor in 3W   

Bronzer + Highlighter : Aloha V-Line Slim Maker

3. Lips


 That's it everyone.

 I hope this post helpful for you.
Let me know if you have any questions!
I'll get back to ya! :D
Have a great day all!
Have a blessed Holiday Season ahead!

Smile :)


  1. wuaaa.. so prettyy!!

  2. bagus bange :D
    itu foundation nya di review juga donk
    Kayaknya bagus >.<

    1. haaha yes dear, tapi antri yaa. ga bisa dalam waktu dekat iniii.. hehehe

  3. bagusss c..hihihi aku blm canggih blending eyeshadow gt..huhuw

    1. wahh pasti bs kamu dewiie! practice makes perfect! semangaat *\(^.^)/*

  4. bagus fel~ tutorialnya detail banget..nanti nyobain ah..btw fel, harga paletteny brp ya? kok ga keliatan :p *atau aku kelewatan bacanya?*

    1. ahaha kan aku bilang mau full review sha. jadinya ntar detail harga dll aku pikir di post review aja :P

      tp range harga pas aku beli di guardian sekitar 86rb kalo ga salah. hope it's help! :D

  5. komenku kok ngga ada yang masuk ya sore ini T_T

    cece cantik niaaaaannnnn~ Tutorial mantaaaap and you are soooo pretty <3 ;)

    1. wah komennya kenapa ga masuk dibilangnyaa? error servernya gt?

      ahaha thx sabrinaaa. senangnyaa *\(^.^)/*

  6. ooh I love your tutorial, so neat and easy to follow!! thanks for this lovely post ^^

    1. you're very welcome, sweetie! hope this post helpful for some of you :)))

  7. SO pretty dear!
    Easy to follow too ^>^
    Well done!


    1. aaw thank you so much dear. thx for letting me know :)) have a great day!

  8. Cantik bgt fel!!! Sukaaaaa sama tutorialnya >__<

    1. waa thx a lot nisaa ^^ so glad you like itt. i'll make some more in the future then :)))

  9. Lengkap banget kamu bikinnyaaaa... Uwaw! ^O^
    Seneng liatnya, you look so pretty!

    1. ahaha thank you prisciilll. iyaa, editnya luamaa ampe encok saya T.T

      ehehe thank you sayangg *\(^.^)/*


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