Thursday, March 28, 2013

☆☆☆ [Makeup LooxChallenge] The 5 Elements : Wood ☆☆☆

Hi bubblies!
How are you doingg?
Hope you're all still fantabulous! :D

Here is my entry makeup creation for LooxChallenge.
I had fun playing to be "Wood Woman" this time. lol.

I'm using an earthy wood brown shade for the eyes.

And added another stroke of eyeliner on the bottom, as symbol of a branch from the root.

 I keep the face pretty simple and using all the earthy theme shade to compliment the eyes.
 But this time with hardcore contour & shading to mimicking the texture of a wood.


 Bronze-y cheeks and lips! :D

 I also sketch a wood texture on my forehead just to emphasize this whole look :D


For the list of product use :

☆☆☆  Eyes ☆☆☆

Black Eyeliner : Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Black 
Falsies : unbranded

☆☆☆  Eyebrow ☆☆☆
Eyebrow Pencil : Etude House Drawing Eyebrow in 05 Gray 
Eyebrow Mascara : Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara in no 3 Cocoa

☆☆☆  Face ☆☆☆
  Primer : Benefit POREfessional
Under Eye Concealer : 
Krayolan Supracolor in 3W
Blemish Concealer :
Krayolan Supracolor in 3W  
Foundation : MAKEOVER Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation in 01 Ochre
Setting Powder : MAKEOVER Perfect Cover Two Way Cake in 02 Coral
Bronzer : Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder in Tawny Fauve
Blush : MAC Get Away Bronze Powder Blush

☆☆☆  Lips ☆☆☆
Lipstick : MAKEOVER Ultra Shine Lipstick #02 Brunet Pink
Lipgloss : MAKEOVER Liquid Lip Color in Bronze Addict


Thanks for reading this blog.
Hope you enjoy this post! 
Lot's of
Feli :)


  1. woow jagoo banget bikin make upnya !! beautiful!!

    1. hattaaa dearrrrr, thank youuuu ^^ you are beautipullllllll :*

  2. suka banget eyeshadow bikinan cc , bagus" , sama kaya cc meiliani ( pygmalion land ) ><

    btw , follback blogku ya :)
    thankyouu <3

    oh iya , mungkin kalo blognya dibikin jadi 2 kolom , pasti bakalan jadi bagus ! ^^

    1. haha i love herrr! that is such a compliment, dear ^^

      hmm.. maybe i'll stick to what i like, and for now.. i'm liking it this way. thank you for the suggestion though. masukan yg bagus juga. mungkin kalo uda bosen nanti. hehehe.

      yup. will do! :)

  3. Makeupmu yang ini remind me with Katy Perry - E.T. MV Makeup <3

    Btw, I nominated you for the Versatile blogger award!

    1. haha oya? *langsung google Katy Perry* ahaha rada lupa kaya gimana makeupnya Katy. but i'll take that as a compliment ^^ i lovee Katy Perry!

      ow, thx so muchh jojoovv! :D :D :D

  4. man, your style really shouts out loud! love every concept you got hun~ and i think even without the wood carving drawing, your eye makeup alone is enough to represent the whole woodiness~ good--no, no--GREAT. GREAT JOB!

    1. ahhh maaa! you always write me such a tearful wordssss *sobbing* lol. thank you maaa. seneng bgt setiap kali kau berkunjung kemariiii ^^ *muah muah*


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