Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Entry for IBB MUC April 2014

Hi bubblies!
How is it going?
Hope you all have a wonderful wonderful Easter Day yaa! :D
Selamat Hari Telurrrrr! 
Semoga semua diberkati Tuhaan selaluu ^0^

And so without long awaited intro, this is my entry for an IBB MUC this month. April 2014!!
 with the theme "Find Your Signature Color"
I know exactly what I wanna do. Cheerful, bold, daring, unique and full of magic of colors!! :D

I will always love LOVE unicorn and the dreamy thought of a Neverland.

And I incorporate all of them in my Eye Makeup Look this time.

As seen on my instagram @heyyyfel

I also post and talk about what product I use here :


And yep. I guess that's about it.
Just let me know if you want a tutorial for this look. 
I'll definitely make one for ya!

Have a great and magical day everyone!
May all the Unicorns guide you to the land of Neverland! 
Good night and sleep tight! ^^


  1. The colors are so intense! :D
    Which super pretty! :D
    Good luck~ ^^

  2. bikin turitorialnya cii :D I love unicorn~!

  3. Coooollllll,, warnanya kerennn :. goodluck ya.

  4. unicorns are amazing! good luck!



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