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✿❀ Review : V 10 Plus ❀✿

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Long time no review about skin related post, huh?
How about I redeem myself now?

Around this past 2 weeks I've been trying this - Water Based Peeling - called 
"V 10 Plus"
because they kindly sent it to me for a review. Yup, although they sent this to me, but these are all my own personal thoughts & opinion. 100% my honest review ^^

Their introduction :

Water Based Peeling

Terbuat dari Ekstrak Beras dan Rumput Laut. Efektif Mengangkat Sel-Sel Kulit Mati dan Membuat Wajah Cerah Seketika.

Setelah berhasil di berbagai negara di Asia dan Eropa, kini Water Based Peeling hadir di Indonesia. Water Based Peeling juga mendapatkan penghargaan dari Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards di Finlandia pada tahun 2013. Water Based Peeling ini juga menjadi produk perawatan kulit resmi ajang Miss Singapura 2013.

And this what were they send to me..

it is in form of a map, where the inside is filled with 10 sachets of the product.

Each sachet's close up & info product :

Each sachet meant to be used once, so I have a good 5weeks to used all this up because I use peeling based cleanser every twice a week.

The texture is watery. Duh. Obviously! ^0^ Felt so light on the skin and kinda refreshing.

It says that I only need to wait 5seconds after spread this to my face, and begin to massage them gently and immediately see all of my dead skin cell rub off.

Well, it's true! :D
And I was kinda amazed! *0*

( When I already face and dry my face with my usual cleanser product, using this peeling really taking the "cleanness" level is even more pump! )

And here it is the advertising thingy said it again :

Water Based Peeling Vs. Chemical Peeling

Apa perbedaan Water Based Peeling dengan Chemical Peeling?

Water Based Peeling terbuat dari Esktrak Beras dan Rumput Laut yang Efektif Mengangkat Sel Kulit Mati dan Membuat Wajah Cerah Seketika.
Water Based Peeling ini juga sudah menjadi produk perawatan kulit resmi untuk Ajang Miss Singapura 2013.
Water Based Peeling, tidak mengandung: AHA: komponen yang mengadung rantai hidroksi di posisi alfa. Dalam penggunaan jangka panjang AHA membuat kita lebih rentan terhadap bahaya sinar UV. AHA juga dapat menyebabkan kulit kita menjadi sensitif terhadap sinar matahari, jadi lebih gampang terbakar.

GLICOLIC ACID / ASAM GLIKOLAT: Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) yang digunakan dalam banyak produk untuk kulit berminyak.
Bahaya menggunakan Asam Glikolat adalah Meningkatkan risiko kulit terbakar, Iritasi kulit, dan Mengubah Warna Kulit.

BHA: Asam salisilat yang bisa merawat kulit berminyak dengan membuka pori-pori yang tersumbat dan menetralkan bakteri.
Bahaya penggunaan BHA adalah kulit kering, iritasi kulit, sakit kepala, napas cepat, telinga berdengung.

TCA: banyak digunakan dalam chemical peeling untuk pengelupasan tahap medium.Untuk efek samping penggunaan TCA kulit wajah sedikit bengkak, terutama pada awal pemakaian, kulit menjadi kering, dan dapat menyebabkan luka bakar.

Phenol: zat kimiawi yang paling keras digunakan dalam pengelupasan pada tahap dalam.Efek samping penggunaan Phenol adalah pembakaran kimiawi pada kulit yang terbuka.

Jadi terbayang dong, bagaimana nantinya kulit wajah kita jika memakai Chemical Peeling dalam jangka waktu panjang? Kenali kandungan yang ada di dalam produk perawatan kulitmu dan jangan sampai salah pilih ya! :)

 Okeh, here it is my Overall Thoughts :

 Why sachet?
At first I was like, is it what they give it to me? A sample size? haha. okey that's kind of rude of me thinking like that! >,<" Well, I guess I was grown to like this kind of packaging in the end. Moreover, after use this I can throw this away for each sachet ( less clutter, less stress, much cleaner space! ) or even great to be packed when I get travel. And each product is still new when I didn't get a chance to finish it.

Why is this interesting to try?
I've heard soo many good thing about water based peeling. 
*again. courtesy from the advertising brochure*

Is it work?
hmm.. although it says clearly "peeling", but at the back of my head since I first I tried this and see the result, I always thought it is just a really really good cleanser. I mean it cleanse, without the feeling of stripping off layer from my skin, so so gentle. and I still can feel my face moisture without feeling dry afterwards ( most of my peeling products do that! ), and my face just feel supple & squicky clean!

BUT, I don't quite sure about the "take off dead skin cell power" that rub off from my skin that easily and entirely. You see, when I put the product at my hand for quite some time in the air, the molecules also transform into a flacky that looks like a dead skin cell too. (´ε` ;)"


 WELL, final words from me : that I really really enjoy how it feels to clean my face. Squicky clean and brighten up my complexion! 
But that's just about it.


I guess that's it my review.
Have you tried this product?
Would love to hear from you too!

Have a great day everyone!

* UPDATE from me *
I am now work as a Brow Expert at Lavie Lash Bar.
please come visit if you have time yaa at Pantai Indah Kapuk!
for more info please just follow my instagram account ^^ @heyyyfel


  1. Wow! What a great product. Thanks for the reviews I will definitely use this dear. Actually I am going to attend some corporate events with my husband in next week. I think using this before makeup would be a good idea. Isn’t it?

  2. Hi Feli! Absolutely awesome review. I love V10 Plus products.
    They work really well on me.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    I followed you via GFC and feel free to follow me @


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