Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review + Comparison : The Pink Sponges

Oh The Phenomenal Pink Sponges!
Maybe once on my previous post, I mentioned that the raving of The Mother of all the Pink Sponges : Beauty Blender is too overwhelmed for me.

Yea, despite the crazy price for A sponge, I find myself fill in my curiosity by purchasing one of the set. >,<"

I believe the retail price is around $26 US Dollar. (double beauty Blender)
But I got it for IDR. 285000rupiahs (around $28.50 US Dollar) through a friend of mine.

And as you guys know, I also been purchasing another pink sponges from Etude House ( on the previous post --> click here! )

And for the third comparison, I'll be reviewing another "dupe" pink sponge called BEAUTY SPONGE.

Here are the 3 sponges that I'll be comparing :

Beauty Blender, Beauty Sponge, Baby Doll Puff

Color, Shape, Diameter
As you can see, Beauty Blender has the most vibrant pink color among them. (But unfortunately, that color will fade away and it might leave to your cosmetic or foundation? Well, that's what I heard >,<") While Beauty Sponge is more like a baby pink color and Baby Doll Puff is like a darken pink.

For the shape, Beauty Blender is famous for it's egg shape. Egg shape apparently is more likeable in terms of rolling the foundation to blend them nicely (according to Makeup Geek). However, Beauty Sponge has the same exact shape and grip to Beauty Blender. While on the other hand, Baby Doll Puff has a different shape which is perfect for grip and dabbing (read : bouncing motion) the foundation to the face (according to Goss Makeup Artist).

Even though you might see the different of shape between Baby Doll Puff and the other two, surprisingly, they all have the same diameter, which is 11cm.

Texture, Bounciness, Pores
For the texture, I gotta say Beauty Blender is the winner of them all. The surface is so very soft, it bounce like there's no tomorrow and has the smallest pores which will leave you a flawless finish.

While Baby Doll Puff has slightly bigger pores and didn't bounce as much as Beauty Blender. But it has a more "tough skin" or I might say it made with more solid material.

For this different characteristic, it has it's own minus and plus points. Beauty Blender will easily get ripped if you have a long and sharp nails while Baby Doll Puff is tougher and gonna survive for more.

The close up pictures of Beauty Blender and Baby Doll Puff

While for Beauty Sponge, if I have to compare between those two, the pores is softer than Baby Doll Puff but not as smooth as Beauty Blender. The bounciness for this material is more like Baby Doll Puff because it has more sturdy and solid feel to it.

The close up pictures of Beauty Blender and Beauty Sponge

Damp into water
And another famous part in terms of Beauty Blender, when you soak it into water, the sponge will expands to nearly double it's volume. This technique I believe is used to avoid the sponge absorbing all your makeup products.

For the Beauty Sponge, it also will expands after you soak it into water. But it won't get as twice as big as Beauty Blender does.

While for Baby Doll Puff, it won't getting bigger. It keep the size like the first you saw it.

Before :
After damp into water :
 See the different? 
Beauty Sponge is as almost as tall as Baby Doll Puff, while Beauty Blender is getting bigger like there's no tomorrow.

And all I can feel after I damp all the sponges into water, Beauty Blender and Beauty Sponge are amazingly feel tighter. Meanwhile for Baby Doll Puff, since it won't getting bigger, it leave all the excessive water into the surface of the sponge (even if you already squeeze it) and kinda feel heavier afterwards.

To me personally, this different characteristic of each sponges doesn't determine who will be the "Winner of the Sponges". It leads into the finishes that you're looking for. :)

I've tried and compare them several times, and yes Beauty Blender gives a flawless and beautiful finish. The texture is so very soft and give a great bounce. And so does Beauty Sponge, I would gladly say.. it gives the same finish like when I use Beauty Blender. But, it just lack a little bounciness than Beauty Blender.
For these two, best work with liquid foundation. If you use it for cream foundation or any other cream products, it will absorb into the sponges and leave a stain that won't go.
And for the Baby Doll Puff, I found the best using it by spray (spray, not damp) with water or MAC Fix+ (to avoid the heaviness and excessive water on the surface) and best work with cream foundation.


That's it my review.
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews. 


  1. oh my! this is extremely helpful!! all along i've been itching to buy a BB but since its mad expensive I bought the EH baby doll puff but I'm not that happy with the finish at all. I've heard from bloggers that the baby doll puff is nothing compared to BB.Thanks so much for this review! indeed very helpful ^_^~

    1. ow so glad I could help! thx jane to come to my blog :)))

  2. wah lucunya kalau difoto berjejer ber 3 gitu..hehehe
    makasi reviewnya..bagus banget! lengkap dan jelas~~

    1. haha iya ya. pink bulet2 gt ya sha? lol. as always, thx to come to my blog, sha! :))

  3. lol at the word "like there's no tomorrow" XD
    klo masalah kualitas beauty blender menang bgt sis, tp harganya itu loh.. >,< huks..
    nice review & comparison post :D

    1. haha iya. karna mahal mustinya emg bagus kan? hehehe. oiya, i just replied to your e-mail, dear :)))

  4. those three sponges are look so cute @.@
    and that beauty blender sponge swell like a boiled egg. lololol
    i love their color so much! its piink <3
    anyway, I've followed your blog dear

    come and see my blog if you have time <3

    1. yes, me love pink too! haha. already followed, dear! love your blog as well! thx for visiting mine. hihi :)))

  5. ituh yang beauty sponge pink beli dimana?
    makeup tool shop kah?

    1. ow. aku ga pernah beli dan coba yang dr makeup tool shop say. itu aku beli dr company from hongkong :)

  6. wow great review! I enjoyed reading it :)


  7. kalau dibandingin sama masami punya gimana ya?
    beauty sponge bli dmn ya

    1. aku belom pernah pake yg masami punya say. beauty sponge aku jual di blog sale :) klik aja thumbnail kiri atas dari front page blog aku yaa :D


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