Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY : Surviving Your Cracked Blush

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So, I was sooo heartbroken the other day because one of my favorite blush cracked!

This is Elf Studio Blush in Candid Coral which was already appear in my previous post -->Elf Haul Review and Swatches
Because I love this blush so much, I always carry this baby in my makeup bag. And I guess because it will eventually getting low and the texture of this blush is quite fragile.. it cracked! :'(

And no other words.. WE NEED TO SURVIVE THIS!

After watch several tutorial on how to survive it on Youtube from other beauty gurus, finally I dare myself to try it. Well you know.. If succeed, I'll be proud of myself for trying and be able to save money! -off course- because I don't need to purchase the new one.

Here's how I did :

1. First, the tools that you'll gonna need are :

  • Towel or any material to surface all the process so it won't get messy.
  • Rubbing Alcohol, here I'm using IKA 70% Alcohol.
  • A crushing tool, here I'm using a manicure tool that I barely use. Just make sure it was clean or you can sanitize it first.

2. With the manicure tool that we already prepare, crushed the blush even more to make it into a powder.

And here's what I've got :

3. Prepare your rubbing alcohol into a smaller container so it'll easier for you to control the amount of alcohol that you use. I'm just using the cap from the rubbing alcohol bottle here.

Then, pour the rubbing alcohol little by little into the powder blush while you can stir them into a mixture.

So far, mine will look like this :
For the amount of alcohol that you'll need, it depends on how much powder that you have. You just need to make sure that all the powder were mixture well with the rubbing alcohol. But if you think you put too much, it's okay. You just need to wait a little longer for the rubbing alcohol to evaporate.

4. To make a good finish, you need to drop the compact blush into a hard surface so it will flatten the surface and kinda pressing them with a "gravity" help :D

after a few good drops :

You can even clean the messy part with tissue or cotton buds so it'll look tidier :)

After that, you can let them dry in air and in a safety place.
My suggestion, check them in the next 2-3 hours so we can press the blush and make it into a compact pressed powder blush again. With a tissue and a weight for the size of the blush container (the weight is on top of tissue), press them gently and firmly. The tissue will absorb the excess alcohol left, make it faster to dry. This technique also make the pressed powder blush even more dense and sturdy.

However, mine skip the pressed step because I left it overnight and obviously it just set on it's own. >,<"

The final result :
I also tried by dipping my blush brush into it. It doesn't change the color pigmentation. :D

The swatches : 
(newer picture shot, indoor artificial light)

I would definitely say.. I save my blush! *yey* *children applause*
Already in my mind that I'm gonna use this blush until it's last powder! LOL.
But yes, what I've got here the finish result on the compact is a little different. The texture is also has a slight different where now it's more mushy..?? hmm I'm finding it hard to explain it >,<" It still in a powder criteria though. And I was able to store this blush in my makeup bag again.

And by the end, I'm giving a credit to one of the blogger/beauty guru that I watched her Youtube video as my guidance in order to save my blush.
Watch her Youtube video :)


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If you have any question, just leave in the comment :)
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Good day all!
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NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. wah, berguna bgt nih..
    blush pixy and sariayu ku hancur lebur gara2 jatuh :'(
    ntar cara ini ak coba praktekkin deh!
    thanks ya info nya :)

    1. sama2 dear.. glad could help! just to remind, teknik ini ga bisa dpake buat produk mineral ya. don't know why for sure, but i guess alcohol could also evaporate the mineral ingredients in it :)

  2. wah makasih kak udah dishare
    jadi bisa dicoba kalau blushnya gitu juga :D


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