Monday, May 20, 2013

Event : Ob for Shu Uemura

Hi bubblies!
How's everything?
Hope you all have a great weekend! :D

So, here is my Event Report about the Ob for Shu Uemura that I attended last Saturday.

Yup. long story short, the event was to introduce to the repackage of Shu Uemura's makeup products and their famous cleansing oil. This whole collection line was designed by Japanese contemporary artist name Ob. 
She brought up a theme of 4 fairytale princesses, which are :
The Moon, Forest, Cherry Blossom, and Ocean Princesses.


Along with their famous cleansing oil ^^

This product only available only from May-July 2013
( it's so limited! better hurry RUN to the nearest counter if you want one! :D )

Okeh, going back to the event.. So, through the launches here, Shu Uemura also feature with our local Indonesian illustrators. Here are some of their designs on the canvas using all Shu Uemura's makeup products! :3

Represent the Moon Princess

Represent the Forest Princess

Represent the Cherry Blossom Princess
 Represent the Ocean Princess
 I think they are all just awesomeness talented! :3
 Live sketches & Makeup Demo






And at the end of the event, I got to choose one of the illustrator to draw my face. haha.
It is such a creative way to pamper us as the invited guest that day ^^

Lidia Puspita who illustrate the Ocean Princess & me ^^

Once again. Thank You for inviting me :)
It was a lovely event with such an inspiring concept!

And my goodie bag :)


 Have a great day everyone!
Always remember to SMILE :)
Lot's of
Feli :)

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  1. ah it looks like fun :D
    i've been thinking of trying their cleansing oils but I'm still in the middle of buying and not buying, lol..


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