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❀ ☠ Review + Swatches : Sleek True Color Lipstick [ Matte Finish ] in Amped and Exxxagerate ❀ ☠

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Weell, anyhoww..  I've got plentyyy so much things need to say and update for this blog. But, let me start by publish this 'in debt' review first for a lovely product that got endorsed by @joancorner for me to try.

And these are..
Sleek True Color Lipstick
in the shade Amped [ Matte Finish ]
Exxxagerate [ Matte Finish ]

First of all, I've been meaning to try out these lippies for soo long. Sleek has been my favorite as for their color pay off makeup brand in my mind, and has an incredible good price range as well! *ding ding ding! #SCORE! :D  So, it was right up in my alley. and until one day Joan kindly message me to do the endorse... >> I feel like I just saw heaven open up their gate and angels were flying out and singing to my ear! hahahaha. XD

 So, here are the plenty selection of colors through their official site :
( available up to 20 shades total from them, I believe )

I got 2 shades right here and both in the same finish, so I'll just review them in once as it was feel the same formula & also perform the same on my lips.

Okeh. the packaging is definitely sleek and cute! It was smaller than what I thought it would be, actually..

Has some nice oval shape..

 The design is like any typical twist up lipstick.. the structure is quite sturdy and feels not cheapy..
and so far, I have nothing to complain about them! :D

And the material also feels nice. Sort of velvety smooth & dove finish..

Here is to picture the size from other typical more famous MAC lippies.

left : 792 Exxxagerate
right : 781 Amped

top : Exxxagerate [ is a matte dark mauve purple ]
bottom : Amped [ is a matte blue based bright pink, to make your pout pop! ]

I need 2-3 swipes to get that intense color pay off above though :)

  ..My Review.. 

Well, this is a really really nice MATTE lipstick to have. The colors are just to die for! hehe.. To be honest, it's quite daring and bold and in-the-face kind of color for everyday use. but that's just how I like it to be. >> Sometimes, you gotta live in your own spotlight, right?! :D
And as for the formula, it was being quite smooth in application and feels not patchy too, for it was being truly matte on the lips.
Definitely the performance are long lasting on the lips and doesn't move easily to the outer rim of the lips. If you eat & drink, or even talk and lick too much.. it just fades gracefully. It really does nicely stick to the lips.

Yes. it could be drying, but that's not a crime as it was written "matte" in the first place. ritee?
Good preparation as : putting lip balm underneath or drink a lot of water could make the difference too, you know! :D

& Lastly, here is the Lip Swaatches on me :)




And if you interested in purchasing these,
just ask Joan at your service, mmkey?! XD
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E-mail : womanlicious@hotmail.com
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  1. Oh really cute lipsticks, both colors are really cute!

  2. aku suka amped ci, hihi hot pink nya ga kalah sama candy yum yum >_< xxixi
    aaahhh ciciiiii..miss u so :* :*

  3. cakep fel :*
    akhirnya ngeblog lagi hehehee kangen postinganmu, warnanya mirip sama MAC yaaa <3

  4. pekejingnya cakep ya, elegan misterius gimana gitu
    aku keracunan warna yang amped >,<

  5. waaah its been a looong time! :)
    yang exxxagerate totally hot! tapi aku gak akan berani pake kedua warna itu keluar~

  6. woalah, so stand out colors. Matte finish . .

  7. Hi..
    Aku tau blog kamu dari grup dan website indonesia beauty blogger.
    Beberapa kali saya baca-baca blogpost kamu, isinya menarik banget.
    Salam kenal ya dan sekalian meninggalkan jejak kalau tidak keberatan.


  8. Terima kasih atas informasi yang berguna~

    Good blog~



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