Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bentuk Alis Jadi Lebih Rapi di Gerai Benefit "Brow Bar"

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 Mine is gladly said.. to be roller coaster and HELLA TIRING lately!! Ahaha yes, working is never easy right? Even in certain days, needed to push the mood and ego in order to perform. Fake or not, any job is a full commitment if you want to succeed. And even passion as the trigger could fade when it touches reality. *Sadly said but true!* huhu.>,<"

Anywhooo.. :) I also wanna share you what still keep me motivated and push me so far doing this until now. And FYI, I now work as Brow Expert at Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia. So, doing brows and make changes to someone's faces ( >>make them prettier with well groomed & good looking pair of brows, of course! :D ) is what my job now. ^0^

And if you're wondering, here is the sneak peak to my station as of 
Benefit Brow Bar 

❤ \ (。◕‿◕。) / wii~~

Why Waxing, anyway?
Well.. so much I said about this and constantly talk about the beneficial of waxing.
  • It's less painful than plugging, threading or tweezing. Faster as well.
  • It lift the fine hair easily & dead skin cell too! Your skin is healthier and clearer instantly afterwards.
  • The new born hair grows finer. It removes the entire hair follicle from the root. So the chance is, will not cause the pores to become bigger.
  • It will takes longer time for new hair to grow out! With continued waxing, hair growth will slow down - sometimes it can sustain up to 3-4 weeks!

haha. yes yes ^^

And here's the written article by media as she is enjoying the experience and LOVE the result as one of my customer ^^

So,you can come to Plaza Indonesia 3rd floor (across Batik Keris) if you're interested and if you wanna feel the experience of yourself! :D

Brow Waxing IDR. 90rb
Brow + Lip Wax IDR. 140rb
Lip Wax IDR. 60rb
Chin Wax IDR. 80rb
Lip + Chin Wax IDR. 130rb
Brow Tweezing IDR. 140rb

Another Result posted by Ucita Pohan at her twitter social media >> @uchiet  ^0^


 Okeh, that's it ladies!
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proudly said and posted on my instagram >>


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  1. perlu daftar atau langsung dateng ya kak?

    1. lebih baik appointment dulu karna lebih diutamakan, tp dtg langsung juga boleh kok. kalo pas kosong bisa langsung dikerjain. no telp Benefit counter : 2887.8842 ^^

  2. Ce Feli...
    Setelah dibentuk cantik seperti ini, apakah harus sering2 datang lagi untuk dibentuk?

    1. kalo mau hasilnya maksimal bisa maintain sm kita terus kok. at least once a month, to keep those beautiful brows in shape :)

  3. Mauuuuu,,,,, selain di Plaza Indonesia ada dimana lagi ?

  4. sai bagus banged =) by the way aku pengen nanya tentang lip wax nya itu maksudnya gimana ya?? hope seeing your new post soon =) by the way I'm your new follower.

  5. Hello Dear,
    Join my 1st giveaway on:


  6. Wow, what a nice review!
    I really wanna try brow wax and I'm planning to do it this week.
    Thank you for such a cool review and I'm convinced to do it sooner~! XD

    Anyway, you have such a lovely blog.
    I've been following you.
    Mind to follow me back? ^^

    Glad to know you.
    Thank you!

  7. hy feli.. salam kenall
    ..mau tanya ttg brow shaping dong.. ak punya brow tipis.. sptnya ga bs di wax lagi, klo di Benefit Brow Bar, bs bentukin alis ku yg tipis ini skalian di buatkan frame nya gt (kyk mika anastasia beverlyhills)..
    pls answer..and Thank you..

  8. hii, just wanna ask, how much for brow tinting?

    thank you


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