Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Eye Makeup Look + Pictorial : [ Clown ]

Hi bubblies!
How's your day?
Hope you all having a FUN time! :D

Here it is I created an eye makeup look cooperate with lots of colors!  
( as usual! haha. :P )
And this time I will call it :
Inspired by a heart meaningful music actually, from Emeli Sande called Clown. I know I know, it doesn't connect at all with the sound or even anything in the video. My mind just went to thinking about a whole lot more when listening to this music.

And well yeah. sometimes we all are a Clown, right?
"Put a mask and smile it on. Feeling wreck but the show must go on.."

Here it is a step by step pictorial ( picture tutorial ) to achieve this look ^^

And.... Let's start! :D

1. Okeh. First thing first, you need a good primer or base to make the color even more pop! because it will also neutralize the color of the eyelid. My fave is definitely MAC paint pot in soft ochre. It makes the blending easier too. Gotta love this primer!
Then just make a cut crease stroke, here I'm using PAC eyeshadow pencil in oriental purple, using the purple matte color. Draw it above your natural crease to give a larger effect to the eyes.

2. I am using colors from Sleek palette. Both are from their matte series, which is v1 bright and v2 dark. To set the purple color that we previously drew, I set it with a deep matte purple color from v2 palette. And then just slightly blend them with magenta color from v1 palette so it blends much nicer and make a transition color to the highlight color on the brow bone area.

3. Using another base color, I'm using white tacky base from NYX cosmetics jumbo eye pencil in milk, so our neon color that we will put after this transferred true to the color and stick nicely to the eyelid.

4. Using another Sleek eyeshadow palette called Acid. I'm taking the neon orange color to the inner part eye area, and the neon green all over the eyelid area.

5. Again, using the previous eyeshadow palette I use, which is v2 dark, I'm taking navy blue matte color to deepen up again the cut crease effect that we earlier already drew.

6. Slightly take off the tape that we use for shield ( this is just an option, btw to make a clean & crisp line in the same time ), I drew my eyebrow ( my faveee part!! ) with Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade in the shade Auburn.
Then, grab again the NYX  jumbo eyeshadow base in milk to draw a bigger waterline effect and set it with white eyeshadow.

 7. After it's all done, I drew my eyeliner and fake stroke lashes using Kat Von D tattoo liner in trooper.

8. Last but not least, to even make a dramatic larger effect eyes, put on some upper and lower almost DRAG Queen lashes! You can do it, girl! Hell Yeah! :D
 And clean up those under eye area and brow using Makeover concealer palette in Light Beige color.


Summary :

Good Luck everyonee!
If you ever try this eye makeup, please let me know and hashtag #heyyyfel on my instagram yaaa ^0^

& I'm leaving you with beautiful meaningful song from Emeli Sande called Clown.

Have a great day and STAY SMILEEE!!



  1. cakeppp banget ci >___< tutorialnya bagus dan jelas banget
    thanks for sharing <3 <3

  2. Mantab!!!!
    keren abis mbak tutorialnya!

    by: buleipotan.blogspot.com

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