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Review + Swatches : NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in the color : 720A Sunny ♥♥♥

Hi bubblies!
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First of all, in case you're wondering, I kinda addicted to bronzer. 
 And I guess it's one of my guilty pleasure cosmetic items. Hais. I'm guilty as charge!! ._."
It's like dive in into a mafia world : "Once you got a grip on it, you can't get out of it." ( backsound : evil laugh )
creepy isn't? lol.
To me, bronzer will instantly warm up my face, sculpt the face, and *ehem* slim down my 2 butt fatty cheeks without even go on a diet!! what?!

And later on.. Next thing you knew, you're already in a "bronzer world". Without it, felt like your face makeup is incomplete. And moreover, it's been growing up your skill into the next level, which are : perfecting the technique of application, the selection of right tools to use, choosing a product texture-wise or.. color option for specific look that suit you the best!

And this time, it is a review for the famous :
NYC Sunny Bronzer

 . lighting natural morning sunlight .

People and makeup community ( I guess? ) have been raving for this. Most of the time it's because for the cheap price and selection color shade that has been flattering for a light/medium skintone. So, let's see what I think about it! :)

 The Packaging
Begin with the packaging. Hmm yeah, it's just a lightweight plastic compact packaging. Nothing special, but I guess it's a good size to have and strong enough to hold in my messy makeup bag. 

And it has a nicely mirror size inside.

I suggest you to just throw away the cheap sponge right away! useless. blah. >,<"

I love the pattern when you first look at it on the pan. It's a happy sun! :D
So nice to get a creative & thoughtful small thing like that, right?

The color :

I would describe the color as a warm soft bronze with a tiny bit of red brick undertone color. And it's a matte finish! ( Thank God! :P )

 The Texture & Pigmentation
What I find are the texture is so smooth and blendable. However, it's not oh wow pigmented like the way I thought it would be. It's so sheer and sometimes hardly pick up the color and swatch it on my hands. Good thing, it is a buildable color and had zero crumble when you tried to sweep your brush on the pan.

Anywhoo.. I LOVE the finish it gives! ♥♥♥ Maybe because it's sheer in the first place, so I just dust it all over my face and build the color if I want to. It looks natural and not orange at all on my face. Last all day and I guess it's perfect for daily contouring and adding warmth to my face without being overdone.

.no primer. no base. under artificial light. 

2 hard swipes
I mean, I really dig in with my finger to get to this color pay off! >,<"

 The Comparison 
You know what? This is a very similar color to one bronzer that I already LOVE and adore! It's pretty similar to Aloha V-Line Slim Maker in Sun Gold / Wood Brown whoa!

left : Etude House Aloha V-Line Slim Maker in Wood Brown Bronzer
right : NYC Sunny Bronzer

I know it look significantly different with naked eyes on the pan, but the swatches is about the same. The texture and color pay off is also similar. You can read my review there also! :D

Well, slightly different.. if you can tell, NYC is more orange-y while Etude House is more reddish on undertone color.

Overall, I really really like this bronzer! Also, it's cheap! which is a HUGE plus in my agenda. Bought at around IDR. 50000 rupiahs ( or around $ 5 US Dollars ) which is not bad comparing it supposed to be only 3 bucks!!  \( ^.^ \) (/ ^.^ \) (/ ^.^ )/ *do the happy dance* lol.


That's it my review.
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews. 


  1. YAY! fix beli ini >.<
    kamu pake shade apa say?

    1. hmm maksudnya mon? nama shadenya ya sunny itu. haha :D

  2. ce as always kamu review barang yang aku mau terus makin ngiler hihihihi

    1. aduh, jadi racun saya. haha.. tp moga2 kamu suka juga yaa, jadi ga mengecewakan :P

  3. aku pengen coba itu yang Etude House belum kesampean trus >.<

    Btw, I nominated you here ^^

    1. haha you should try! it's good for everyday makeup. ow. thx dear :))

  4. wah bagus ya warnanya, natural bgt kayanya. pengin nyobain,,

    1. yup, suka sama ini dell! definitely fave for my daily makeup! :))

  5. love this bronzer, the color is perfect for my skin tone and it''s cheappp, haha.. nice review btw :)

    1. ow glad you like it! me too as well ^_^ thx dear! :D

  6. Hi dear, love this post, nice comparison. I am newbie dear, pls check out my blog and folback if you dont mind :p

    Thank you dear
    God Bless

    1. i don't know why, but i couldn't find your blog dear :(

  7. hadooohhh bikin ngiriii..wkwkwkkw..bagus warnanyaa..

    please join my 1st giveaway:

  8. Wah.. Racun. Pengen >.<
    Btw, beli dimana ini?


    1. i got from an ol shop that not so recommended. that's why i didn't put their name in the post. hehe..

  9. hi Feli :D kita pernah ketumu waktu itu di acaranya Skin Aqua hehehe

    btw aku baru tau kalo NYC ini drugstore punya >.< ada gitu ya di watsons or drugstore Indonesia??

    mels at

    1. hai mel! iya, NYC itu drugstore brand di US. di indo belom ada :(

  10. <3 it so muchh..
    i'm nominating u.. check it in here..

  11. Really love the pattern <3 It looks like shining sun ^___^

  12. kerrennn~~ mau dong ka ^^ beli dimana ya? aku uda keracunan nih

    1. aku belinya online dear ^^ not so recommend shop pas aku beli. lamaa bgt. mungkin km bisa coba cari di tempat lain :)


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