Monday, July 16, 2012

Far Beyond Galaxy (2in1 FOTD + NOTD)

Hi girls!
How's your day?
Hope it's magnificent!

I guess just a quick post about what I've been obsessing  the most!

Maybe some of you just thought.. arggh that's splatter of bunch of paints on a black canvas! wth. -_-' hem.

You don't know how long I've been staring at this kind of awesomeness :D
To me it's mixed of art, color and mystery.

Further more, I've been craving for some inspiration that I can pull off through Fashion and Beauty inspiration.

I've been googling a lot and you guys should check out what I've found! :D

 picture's from here

 picture's from here

>> sorry i didn't remember where i get this picture, otherwise I'm giving credit to the owner :)

 picture's from here

 even our fellow Indonesian Fashion Blogger, Diana Rikasari had these on her online shop :D

shop at UP Wedges

Well I thought that's absolutely stunning!


 In order to attempt in Beauty related, FOTD and NOTD is what I could achieve :P

FOTD ( Face of The Day )

haha. please don't bother on the small bumps on my face >,<"
wanna know why? --> Review Hada Labo Indonesia

*** Eyes *** 
Primer : NYX HD Eyeshadow Base ( picture click here! )
Base : Colorstay Gel Liner in Plum ( review + swatches --> click here! )
Eyeshadow : 88 shimmer palette on my Blog Sale ( review + swatches --> click here! )
Blue Liner :  NYX Studio liquid liner in extreme sapphire ( swatches --> click here! )
Eyeliner : L'oreal Super Liner in Noir / Black
Mascara : Max Factor False Lash Effect in Black

*** Face ***
  Primer : L'oreal Base Magique ( picture click here!
Foundation : Revlon Colorstay Combination/Oily Skin 200 Natural Beige ( picture click here! )
Concealer : Revlon PhotoReady 002
Loose Powder : Elf Studio HD Powder ( picture click here! )
Bronzer : Elf Cool Bronzer ( swatches click here! )
Highlighter : Benefit HighBeam
Blush : Elf Studio Candid Coral ( swatches click here! )

*** Lips *** 
Lipbalm : EOS Lipbalm in Passion Fruit

 NOTD ( Nail of The Day )

I bet you can find lots and lots of tutorial on Youtube :)

all from random nail polishes.
the Face Shop, OPI, Charm, Revlon, and some other unbranded cheap nail polishes + glitter.
Trust me, I'm working with my instinct :D


Thanks for reading this post!
I hope you inspired and make your own, excited to see it! :)
 Good day all!
Smile :)

My previous FOTD --> My First Friday FOTD :D


  1. Woaaa, matanya bagus banget T_T any tutorial, pengeeen >.<

    1. ahaha jujur, aku bingung kalo makeup tutorial. jelasin pake pictnya belom nemu yg enak. tapi aku usahain yaa :))

  2. bagus banget!!!
    seriusan itu keren banget EOTD sama NOTD nya :D

  3. OMG love the eyess..... warnanya super galaxy ituu.. aaa kereenn :D

  4. 4 thumbs up feli! *duh angkat jempol kaki jg deh* hahaha...

  5. wooo..really love the look.. ^^

    mau juga bikin gitu ><
    belajar belajar belajar o^^o

    please kindly check out and follow my new blog dear :)

    1. ehehe just play with it! it should be fun as well! :D

      yup, i'll follow u dear! keep up the spirit of learning :)

      thx for visiting and commenting <3

  6. Hai Felicia
    I've just tag you in "this and that" tag game! Check it out! Can't wait to read yours!:D


  7. Replies
    1. yes! those shoe were breathtaking! :D thankyou dear :)

  8. I think there's a growing popularity of pop-science... Like, everyone's talking about the cosmos and stuff, hehheh. I didn't realize it has transcended to the realm of fashion as well, but that's kinda cool. :)
    Love the nail art you did! I'm stupid when it comes to painting my nails XD

    1. haha it's about time for those aliens (read : people who talks about the cosmos and stuffs) being concerned. especially in the fashion industry. :)

      thank you, fi! it's also my one take wonders while doing it! lol.

  9. Hi Feli,
    I'm not really a fan of the intergalactic galaxy fashion trend because it's just not my style ;p but Your eyes and nails really looks amazing! Very very amazing! :))


    1. thank you so much, yurii ^0^ thank you thank you ^^

  10. wahh galaxy memang keren abis.. aku paling suka yg sepatu galaxy.. keren bangeettt *_*

    btw make up galaxy kamu super kereeeennn!!! aku suka mata kamuu <3 <3 cantik banget.. kapan kapan share dong step-step nyaa :D pengen belajar jugaa hehehe...

    you're invited to join my beauty giveaway, win etude house, skinfood, and face shop products for 3 winners, click here :D

    1. wahaha thank you dear ^^ maybe will do it in the future ^0^

  11. omggg bagusss bangett fell~ ya ampun giman itu biar bisa apply eyeshadow kayak kamu >__< cantik XD
    Btw, wedgesnya UP baguuss ih *racunn* :p

    1. ahahaha latian orat oret terus shaa. kalo demen pasti nagih dan bakal terus improve kok. hehehe. iyaaa, bagus bagus yaaa T.T *sama2 kena racun*

  12. Akh keren mbak, bisa mengaplikasi ke make up, Cuman aku merasa pipinya polos, kasih soft pink, bagus kali yah .

    lam kenal yo mabk by,

    1. ehehe this is my old makeup posting, dear. ^^ aku bakal terus koreksi kurangnya yaa. thank you for the suggestion :)

  13. Cii sadis banget sihhhhhhhhhhh eyemakeupnyaaaa!!! masterpiece terpampang nyata bgt hihi

    1. ahahahha syaaaa! *nyanyi sadisnya afghan* thank you sayangggg :P :P

  14. Oh really cute makeup. Now I´m following you in GFC I hopeyour follow me back!

    Join to my Giveaway for Win an Etude House CC Cream!


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