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First Impression Review : SK-II Facial Treatment Essence [ Part 2 of 2 ]

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And from the previous post, here I wanna share my knowledge product that I've been trying on since I got it.
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

 " Dikenal oleh wanita di seluruh dunia sebagai ‘miracle water’, Facial Treatment Essence mengandung lebih dari 90 persen Pitera™, bahan eksklusif di setiap produk SK-II yang merupakan kunci untuk mencapai kulit tampak sebening kristal. "

Keajaiban Pitera®
Lebih dari 30 tahun lalu, Pengamatan terhadap tangan para Toji atau pembuat sake di Jepang yang tampak muda, telah menginspirasi sebuah riset terhadap proses pembuatan sake. Investigasi ketat terhadap lebih dari 350 proses fermentasi ragi mengarahkan pada penemuan berupa anugerah alam yaitu Pitera™. Sejak itu, lahirlah Facial Treatment Essence dan era dari kulit tampak sebening Kristal.

Pitera yang juga dikenal sebagai Galacctomyces Ferment Filtrat adalah bio-ingredient yang dikenalkan pada tahun 1980. Pitera adalah kandungan eksklusif yang dimiliki oleh SK-II dan tidak ada brand lain yang menggunakan kandungan serupa. Formulasi kandungan tersebut ditujukan untuk memberikan kelembapan pada kulit. 

Pitera™ mengandung berbagai vitamin, mineral, asam amino dan asam organik  seimbang yang bekerja sama untuk memungkinkan proses regenerasi alami dari permukaan kulit agar bekerja secara optimal.  Dengan komposisi yang mirip dengan faktor pelembap alami yang dimiliki oleh kulit secara alami. Pitera® beradaptasi terhadap kulit menghasilkan beberapa manfaat untuk kulit.

Mengandung vitamin, mineral, dan protein yang sesuai dengan nutrisi untuk kulit. Pitera membantu revitalisasi siklus peremajaan kulit secara alami, sehingga kulit Anda tampak sebening kristal.
  1. Membantu fungsi alami kulit, Pitera mengandung vitamin yang membantu merawat fungsi alami kulit.
  2. Memberikan kelembaban pada kulit, Kaya dengan kandungan asam amino dan mineral, Pitera membantu memberikan dan mempertahankan kelembaban pada kulit.
  3. Membantu merawat tekstur kulit, Pitera membantu merawat tekstur kulit agar kulit halus dan lembut.
  4. Membantu menyeimbangkan pH kulit , Pitera membantu menyeimbangkan pH sehingga kulit menjadi sehat dan tampak lebih bercahaya.
  5. Membantu kulit tampak bening bercahaya, Pitera membantu kulit menjadi kelihatan cerah dan bening sehingga Anda tampak muda dan berseri.
  6. Membantu menjaga keseimbangan produksi sebum, Piteramembantu mengurangi kilau di daerah T dengan menjaga keseimbangan produksi sebum.
  7. Membantu merawat kelembutan kulit, Pitera membantu mengembalikan siklus alami regenerasi kulit sehingga sel kulit lama tergantikan dengan yang baru, membuat kulit tampak lebih  lembut

Here are shown the demo video of how SK-II FTE ingredients that has a very high antioxidant level. This antioxidant have such a huge part to the skin such as : make skin glow, disguise wrinkles, and disguise dark spots.

As you can see through the recap snapshot, there are 3 liquids that's gonna be compared. SK-II FTE, Essence E & water. RESULT >> The banana was soak in into the SK-II FTE liquid is still looking fresh, while in a Essence E liquid not so much, and water is the least. This is a clearer picture on how SK-II FTE protects our skin against oxidation. 
Imagine your skin was gonna be like that as well :o


And from the advertisement, ingredients knowlege and beneficial info product to achieve a younger looking skin.. this product intrigued me to try!
Comes in a sturdy dove glass bottle with an opening like so, it is where the "miracle water" was nicely packaged.

It feels and look like normal water would be like. Except, like the below video demo would tell you that this liquid gonna absorb much faster than water to the skin, so you can feel the beneficial ingredients in maximum effort!


The video demo about the absorption. 

As you can see from the recap snapshot above, 3 liquid that would be compared are : SK-II FTE, Essence E & water.
Who would have guess? Again, the winner is SK-II FTE :o

ALL in ALL..
I know it would be quite fast to make a whole review especially from a skincare that *what? I only got to try like a week from now? I'm also having a hard time putting into words when it comes to reviewing a skincare, to be honest.

Moreover, a good skincare to me has a side effect in long loooong term evidence. Especially in this case, about a process in achieving a maximum complexion result. >,<"

So, here is my First Impression Review while using SK-II FTE in a week >>
First, I can see not much of a huge different, but I trully trully believe that this is a remarkable true "miracle water" that your skin needs and hungry about. Reality strike, we already live in a world full of oxidation, pollution, free radicals and all that crime scene that effecting our skin into worst condition! >,<"

Second, The absorption power to the skin from this liquid is what interested me the most as well. Imagine, it will all fully absorb to the skin ( even HELP our other skincare regimen soak in into the skin nicely ) and that fast, and make our skin will be feed happily with all the goodness.

Third, yea... only time can tell.. But from the fact that I've given. This is only leads into a positive result to achieve a healthier skin and more glowing youthful complexion!



Here it is another simulation video demo when blue dye is reflecting the presence of free radicals.

The liquid that would be compared are : SK-II FTE, SK-II highly concentrated Pitera, Essence A, Essence B, water.
I can see how it make a huge different on how Pitera or FTE liquid would protect our skin against the free radicals, compared to other essence liquid or water.


Yes, so far I've been loving this "miracle water" on my face!
I can feel my face is more supple, moist and healthier.

And I hope this post useful for you guys!

 Have a nice day! 


*Tulisan ini dibuat berdasarkan kerjasama blogger dengan SK-II Indonesia


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