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Battle of the Pore Minimizing Scrub : L'oreal Derma- Genesis VS Etude House Baking Powder

I'm into a pore minimizing scrub lately. And I've been searching for the affordable products that I could grab easily. These two brands, however, caught my eyes and decided to give it a try.

Oya, I need to remind a thing. I'm comparing this two brands not because I want to "disgrace" either one of them. It's simply because I purchased these almost at the same time and I just test what works for me the best. It could be different result for you. 

It took me about two months just to make sure I get the best result for each of the product. First month just trying the L'oreal, and another month switch to Etude's.

All is simply my honest opinion through my experience :)

L'oreal Derma-Expertise Derma Genesis Pore Minimizing Smoother Scrub 100ml/3.3oz 
It claims : 
  • Formulated with gentle purifying clay & micro-beads to exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Contains a natural cleansing agent to deeply cleanse skin without affecting its moisture balance
  • Blended with BHA to naturally enhance daily cellular renewal
  • Shrinks pores & refines skin’s texture
  • Skin appears sleeker, brighter & fresher
  • Non-comedogenic, dermatologist-tested
  • To use: Apply daily to damp face & lightly massage in circular motion. Rinse thoroughly, avoid getting into eyes
And you can purchase online at StrawberryNET . link to the product --> click me!
However, you can get it from any L'oreal counter or Watsons, like I do.

Through the packaging, it's just a regular squeeze tube with approximately 16cm tall. It's a decent size for travel or use daily at home. With this, a little goes along the way. You just need a teeny tiny amount of product just to wash the whole face. From the instruction at the back of the package, I assume to use this daily.. and it is. It's a lightweight feel to clean your face whenever you need it.

For the texture, it's like a foam almost like a cream or a paste with a red micro beads which supposed to exfoliate dead skin cells.  

From the picture, you can see that this formula is not gonna get foamy, at all. When you mixture with water, it's just gonna get more liquidy texture. For me, it's new. Because I believe it's not gonna dried out your skin like a soap can do. Another challenge from this texture, it's not easily clean with a swipe of water, but you need to keep swiping it off until no more product in your face.

It has a fresh floral scents, not too overwhelming but acceptable for someone who doesn't like strong smell. 

I use this almost twice a day for a month. For the result, hmm.. I guess it doesn't do much for me. except having a fresh and clean face after everytime I use it. I gotta tell you, it doesn't change the size of my pores or control the excess oil from all day activity. It pretty much the same as face cleanser. In fact, I still prefer my regular foaming facial wash, Clean & Clear, and it is way  more cheaper.

Etude House Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub

It claims :

Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub is a scrub cleanser formulated with baking powder to penetrate, exfoliate and cleanse skin deep within pores to remove makeup and residues. Also contains Peppermint to soothe skin.

This product contains 100% natural fragrance, and is dye-free.

Each box contains 24 pouches.
Vol. 7g x 24 pouches = 168g (5.92 fl.oz.)

And you can purchase online at Indonesian multiply market. link to the product --> click me!

This time, I'm taking the traditional way. Baking soda is famous for it's way to shrinken the size of the pores. But I'm just too "skeptical" if I have to put the real baking soda into my face. Hais, I'm scared.. hehehe. So I'm just searching for a product that made to be a facial wash and formulated with baking soda. For coincidence, Etude House made one. And the cute packaging is always a plus for me. ^_____^

It's a triangular shape box filled with the actual product in it, 24 pouches of facial scrub. The pouches also shape triangle, so darn cute! And that is a huge "pro points" for me, in why they made it this way --> This aren't meant to be used daily! It says that "Use it for 1-2 times per week". It meant to deep cleaning your face weekly. ( NOTE : for the regular wash, I'm using Clean & Clear )

For the texture, it's like a foam wash, and I don't see any micro beads like L'oreal does have. But you know when you feel it, it's like the texture of baking soda ( a finer size than a micro beads, almost like sand texture ). And it has a lemony fresh scents.

And for the usage weekly, I got help by this bad boy right here.

no no no! not the squarepants! LOL!

Yup. I believe it help me exfoliate more of my dead skin cells. You can purchase it anywhere at drugstore, I personally bought it at SOGO MKG ( Mal Kelapa Gading ). My face felt really really clean and much smoother. It does help reduce my oiliness in regular day. To be honest, I don't see any different at the size of my pores. 

Make me realize that.. You know, there is a word saying, "Pore size is genetic, and there is nothing you can do to make your pores permanently smaller. Do not fall for claims stating a product will reduce your pore size. There are, however, tricks you can employ to temporarily minimize the appearance of pore size."
Here is I found a great article related to :
"Pores and Size: How to Minimize Their Appearance" --> click me!


My Thoughts 

Yeap. Maybe you can say from the reading that Etude House Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub is the winner to me. And I'm gonna put in the list as my weekly routine. 

That's it my review.
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews. 


  1. I'm also into pore minimizing and have tried both products but both don't do justice on my skin. I think the best pore minimizing product I've ever tried is the Dickinson's toner. I really notice huge difference after using that toner =)

    1. wow. thx for the info, janet. so kind of you :) but where can I get that toner? have you made a review about it? :) yep, both of the products that i mentioned didn't make the different for the size of my pores, but baking soda somehow dried out the oil on my face a little. hehe..

  2. wah sama sis... aku juga lagi dalam tahap pengecilan pori-pori nih hehehe.. belum pernah nyobain yang baking powder sih cuman keliatannya bagus nih kalau baca reviewnya ^^ aku sekarang pakai produk etude juga tapi yang mini size u.. serumnya lumayan ngefek sis.. :)
    Thanks for the review ya ~~

    1. ow. yg serum kamu ada reviewnya sha? ngaruhnya jd ngecilin pori2? haha thx shaa ~~

    2. reviewnya belum aku tulis, rencananya dalam waktu dekat, soalnya aku mau lihat hasilnya setelah pemakaian 1 bulan ^^ kalau di aku sih lumayan ngaruh agak mengecil pori-porinya tapi ya ga yang secara drastis langsung ga keliatan gitu..

    3. *numpang lewat*
      sayang sekali yg minisize u udah discontinue >,<

    4. here is another link : http://keshoshop.multiply.com/products/listing/10341/Etude_Baking_Powder_Crunch_Pore_Scrub?x_source=mplist

      hope it help! :))

  3. Wah makasih reviewnya.. Aku juga lagi struggling keras buat ngecilin pori-pori dan lagi cari-cari produk... Jadi pengen nyoba etude nih.. Hehe ^^

    1. sipp! glad could help. tapi both product aku blg ga ngecilin pori2 ya. cuman etude membantu buat ngejaga oil control. aku jg masi cari2 produk yg tokcer nih. hehe

  4. I too have been looking for the right face scrub / wash that can help reduce the large pores near my nose, have you tried The Face Shop Blackhead Clear Cleansing Foam? I know it's for blackhead but I found it also reduces the appearance of my large pores! Aku juga kaget pas liat loh kok pori2ku udah ga besar lagi semenjak pake facial wash ini, dan dia ada kaya scrub kecil2 nya gitu jadi ini sekalian face scrub juga. I would recommend this product if you want to try to reduce the appearance of large pores ;)


    1. ow. thank you so much dear for the info! kayanya bakal langsung nyoba kalo direkomen ada yang bagus. hehe. wah, barusan aku main2 ke blog kamu. already followed dan bakal sering berkunjung nii. hehe thx again for the recommendation :))

  5. thanks for review nya sist... saya ada dikasih sample baking powder wash nya... ada ngerasa beda sih cuma ngurangin minyak di T-zone aja... tapi kalo mpe bisa ngecilin pori2 sih kyknya ga ya... soalnya biasa produk yang bilang bisa ngecilin pori2 nyatanya ga... hasilnya nihil... kecuali produknya yang mahal kyk clinique hehe... ktana clinique sih lumayan bgz...

    hari ini ato besok saya mw beli pelembap untuk winter...ada suggest ga ce? hehe...


  6. oya tp ni pori2ku jdi besar gra2 acne!! T.T sebel jerawatan mulu yg dibagian berminyak...pipi yg dkt hidung ga ad pori2 jdi ad pori2 besar gra2 jerawatan...mesti nyari yg ad control sebum nya ya?



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