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Find the Cheaper Alternative Makeup Remover Wipes!

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So, talk about makeup remover wipes.. I've tried a bunch! and I think some good makeup remover wipes can be so expensive. To me, sometimes I love experimenting with my makeups and ended up getting a full face makeup or can I stress out : LOADED WITH CRAZY PIGMENTS ON MY FACE! Using a makeup remover wipes sometimes just need.. MUCH!

One of good drugstore makeup remover wipes that I've tried is Bioré Cleansing Oil Sheet.

But I think it's quite expensive for 10 tiny sheets for each pack. Even though they promised to removed waterproof mascara in 1 swipe ( after you hold for good 5-6 seconds ), but yeah. it didn't happen to me. It does remove them! But I didn't feel so clean with only 1 swipe and I will always keep swiping back and forth until no residue left in the wipes. And for tiny size sheet it provide, usually I take at least 2 sheets in every time I clean both of my eyes and whole face.

For a week of use, I need to buy at least 1 pack. And that's A LOT to me!
( regular price for 1 pack around IDR 26000 rupiahs or $2.60 US Dollar )

 Overall :
(+) good quality wipes
(+) remove waterproof makeup
(-) expensive
(-) small size of sheet

Moving on, I discovered Purederm.

Not just it's in the same price range as Bioré, but it provide WHOPING 20 sheets in each pack! and YES it could remove waterproof mascara, YES it contains much more other goodies (like Green tea extract, Vitamin E & Aloe Vera), and YES it has bigger size sheets than Bioré! ( which means I only need 1 sheet in single use! ) 
Hmm.. sounds heaven to me :D

And downside about this product compare to Bioré is maybe the quality of the wipes. It has bigger pores types of wipes and not as smooth as Bioré one.

 Overall :
(+) cheaper than Bioré
(+) remove waterproof makeup
(+) contains vitamin for the skin
(+) good size of sheet
(-) decent quality of wipes

Moreover, after experience good things on my skin with an enriched goodies in my makeup remover wipes, I always looking for something like that. 

And I was kinda shock the other day, when I found these!

You know, brand "Mitu" is famous for it's baby wipes! And I would never guess it will come up with makeup remover as well. I've tried 2 types from their brand (I'm not sure how many types they have), and it is all specifically for oily skin, called SHIKADA and finesse. 

Description : Cleanse, Tone and effectively remove makeup, even waterproof mascara. Its also enriched with Cucumber extract, Chamomile extract and Aloe Vera extract that purifies skin.

What I like about this product is the price point! Sooo cheap, you can say I'm joking! For 10 sheets in each pack, I bought around IDR 4000-6000 rupiahs ( around $0.40-0.60 US Dollars ) in Diamond Supermarket Mal Artha Gading. YES it removes waterproof makeup. Bigger size of sheets than Bioré which I tremendously like. For the quality of the wipes, moreover like the Purederm one.

 Overall :
(+) cheap
(+) remove waterproof makeup
(+) contains other goodies for the skin
(+) good size of sheet
(-) decent quality of wipes

Regular Mitu Baby Wipes
But then I compare all those Mitu makeup remover with the regular Mitu baby wipes.
While the regular one doesn't suppose to clean makeup in the first place, but it does contains other goodies like what I was looking for ( like vitamin E which is to keep skin smooth and healthy and Chrysanthemum extract for natural skin rash protection ) 
*AND Hey! It wouldn't bother me if someone come and say my face is as soft as baby's butt! It's compliment, I would say! Matter of fact, I WANT those softness of baby's butt on my face o_O"

So far, I've been using regular Mitu baby wipes as my makeup remover. Simply, the price point is just mesmerizing for me. For 24 sheets in each pack it was only IDR 5900 rupiahs ( around $0.59 US Dollar ), and the sheet size? BIGGEST of them all :P

For the regular Mitu baby wipes, it could clean eyeshadow, blush, lipstick or other pigments in the face. But not best for removing waterproof makeup ( I always use waterproof mascara ). So far, it didn't irritate my gentle area like my eyes. Well, it meant for baby's sensitive soft skin after all , right?

My trick to remove "leftover" waterproof mascara is simple.
First, you can add tiny drops of your trusted oil based makeup remover to the wipes.

I'm using L'oreal Dermo Expertise GENTLE Lip and Eye Makeup Remover.
I love this thing! Hands down I still think this is the best formula for removing waterproof makeup!
But, I just ran out of this pretty fast! Moreover, it is not practical because I need to supply cotton pads >,<"

Or, you can use extra virgin olive oil as the substitute of the oil based makeup remover! Natural ingredients, yet effective to clean those bad boys waterproof mascara. It could strengthen your lashes as well! 

But maybe the downside is it felt so greasy if you're not used of using it >,<"

Well, after all makeup remover is not the last step of cleaning your face from makeup, right? You still gonna need to wash your face with facial cleanser for a good clean skin :D

Comparison in sizes
Between Bioré, Purederm and Regular Mitu Baby Wipes

 The size difference is pretty bold to me >,<"

Comparison in quality of the wipes
Between Bioré, Purederm and Regular Mitu Baby Wipes

Go for Bioré, if you're looking for the finest material of them all.

Comparison in sizes
Between Bioré, Purederm, Regular Mitu Baby Wipes and Regular Mitu Baby Wipes Extra Thick

 Well, moreover.. Mitu has an extra thick version which you can get a thicker types of wipes, so it glides smoother in your skin (the price is not much different from the regular after all)

Comparison in quality of the wipes
Between Bioré, Purederm, Regular Mitu Baby Wipes and Regular Mitu Baby Wipes Extra Thick

UPDATE August 6, 2012 : As I'm using Mitu baby wipes from now, this is my favorite from a several few types from MItu.

Extra Thick Wipes Sensitive with Chamomile & Aloe Vera.
The wipes is thick & soft, also has extra Aloe Vera in it. 

I hope this post helpful! XD


So, which one are you gonna use as your makeup remover wipes?
Have you tried baby wipes as your makeup remover?
Or do you have another alternative?
Please share and I'd love to hear from you.
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. Hai aku kasih kamu award, cek blog ku ya :D
    Have a nice day

  2. yg blm prnh aku coba yg purederm, baru tau ada yg jnis gt doank. :D aku jg pakai si loreal eye & lip makeup remover, bagus ya ce ga bkin mata perih :D

    1. iya, long time favorite si l'oreal ituu :D purederm aku belinya di watsons hehe.. thx rini for the comment :))

  3. pingin carii yg biore deh.. tapi gak nemu2 di indo.. kalo di indo, jual dmana yahh..?? thx..

    mampir ke blog aku jg yaaa fel :) thx

  4. wah banyak kok. di Watsons, Guardian, atau bahkan di supermarket kaya Farmer's Market or Diamond. bahkan aku juga sempet liat di minimarket2 yang bertebaran di pelosok gang. haha hope it helps! yap! *meluncur*

  5. wah aku juga suka bersihin makeup pake mitu, aku kira aku doang yang pake mitu hihi xD
    Biore mahal aku bilang, 1 lembar berarti sekitar 2600 oh no O_O
    Purederm beli dimana kah? belom pernah coba hehe :D

    1. ahaha oya? aku malah baru berani nyoba pake mitu nya belakangan. karna baru nyadar mahal, makanya nyari alternatif de. hehe.. di watsons say :)


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