Tuesday, November 6, 2012

✌2in1✌ Review : Face on Face Blush On in Blooming Rose ☆☆☆ (2/2)

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✌2in1✌ Review : Face on Face Two Way Cake in Vanilla Beige☆☆☆ (1/2)

Face on Face Nourishing  
Blush On
in Blooming Rose

The Packaging
This is a really tiny super cute single blush. It's a simple design with a clear plastic as the cover ( love this! you can see the true color easily without opening it ) and the same baby pink color like the Two Way Cake one. I like to carry this in my makeup bag because it's so small and lightweight. 

 Approximately it's only 5cm diameter. >,<"

 The color : Blooming Rose
 Look at how it's on the pan is something that I won't intrigued to buy in the first place. haha.. It look so deep, warm and not so cheerful for my taste as for a pink blush.

 BUT, I change my mind when I swatch it!

 It just blew my mind right away. It turn into a fresh rosey pink color and it's a matte finish >> will look natural on the cheek! LOVE it! :)
I guess, never judge a blush by it's look on the pan is something I need to learn from now on :D

The Coverage & Staying Power
I think the pigmentation is just okey for me. Not super pigmented, but not super sheer like the Two Way Cake one as well. For the swatches above I need 2 layers to build the color.

It also last for a good amount of time until I finally remove all of my makeup in the end of the day. ( hmm.. maybe I could say, fade a bit in within 3-4 hours on my face ).

The Other Benefit
This is all what it says in the packaging.




I think this is a really good local makeup product that worth to try. I'm not sure about the price range that this gonna cost for each of the item >> hence, these were all still rare and hard to find at any of our local drugstore here in Indonesia. But if I had to recommend you to try, I LOVE the blush! It's my go to one and I've been nonstop using it since then. Looks fresh and pink flush naturally on the cheek. love love :)

Both of the swatches :
lighting natural morning sunlight

This is on my face using both of the products :

That's it my review.
Hope it's useful for you.
Let me know what you think.
Have a great day all!
Spread some love!

Smile :)


  1. Goodness. You have such a gorgeous and flawless face. I love that blush on you and I truly love that color. I wish I have one. Out of all the blushes I have, I didn't have that color.

    1. oh my rose.. that's just my well freshly made full coverage foundation, lighting, and one good angle on my face! LOL. I have so many acne scars, and you can see my bare skin if you keep up with my previous post :)

      yes, so hard for me also to get this product! i wish i could collect more of the shades though :(

      thx so much rose, always so happy to see ur comment :))

  2. cantik :)
    blushnya lucu warnanya.. cocok bgt di kamu

  3. Baguuusss seh wrna nya... Tp syg ky nya ga gt pigmented ya :(

    1. the pigmentation is so so, emily. lagian ada enaknya juga. kalo pigmented banget kan jadi musti ati2 bgt. kalo ini enak, ceplas ceplos, then you're good to go! haha

  4. wah muka kakanya flawless banget >_< *salahfokus*
    apa rahasianya???
    kasih tau dong perawatannya spy bisa dapetin muka kaya gitu hehehe

    1. ehehe apparently you are my new follower, dear.. and you need to read my previous post ^^
      i'm having a major breakout last time with new skincare. and underneath it all so many acne scares :( itu cuman flawless dari full coverage foundation :D well, i did a great job on makeup then! ahahaha. still thx for the compliment, dear :))


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