Monday, October 29, 2012

Joining Lovely Lue's Birthday Giveaway! ☆☆\( ^.^ )/♥

Hi bubblies!
How's your long weekend?
Hope you have a magnificent day! :D
In this post, I'm willing to join Lovely Lue's Birthday Giveaway! woah. 
Bless her for sharing her happiness to us all as well! What a lovely girl and LOVE her blog too! :D
To go to her official post giveaway --> click here! 
 Because it only runs in Indonesia only, so I decided to write in Bahasa.
And for International readers, feel free to click the translation button ^^
 Yap, tanpa panjang lebar. Kali ini aku mau ikutan giveawaynya Lovely Lue.
dan - Saya memilih NAKED Palette sebagai hadiah -


a. Kenapa kamu follow blog Lovely Lue?
Ini sih gampang jawabnya, karna blognya Lue itu penuh dengan inspirasi! Mulai dari beauty & makeup art, cooking, baking, decorating, sampe jewelry art. semuanya komplit! plit! so full of ideas dan dia ga segan bagi2 ilmunya ke kita2 :P Bahasanya juga kadang nyablak banget dan apa adanya. That's what makes her so lovable, even though I only saw her virtually :)
b. Kenapa kamu memilih hadiah Naked Palette ini?
Aku tertarik dengan Naked Palette karna emang palette ini udah terkenal bgt. Cuman masih terus mikir buat beli karna sooo expensivee :"(
c. Create 1 look yang menjadi look yang paling Lue suka yang uda mendarah daging juga..Yaitu CAT EYES..
CAT EYES with grey eyeshadow by Lue
And here's my version.
( this time I'm making with my own twist :P )

The 3 flare liners ( using black liquid liner ) represent the flattering long lashes of a cat eyes :)

grey eyeshadow that I'm using is a mixture from both of these palettes by NYX :


So, thx a lot Lue for giving us a chance to win those amazing prizes!
Have a lovely birthday and more successful years to come!
Wish u all the best in everything you do!

xoxo, Feli 


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