Sunday, June 16, 2013

❦❦ Review : Etude Water Color Blusher in No.1 Pink ❦❦

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Girls, do you agree playing with makeup is another fun of being a girl?? ups, or some boys  nowadays maybe! :P But another story, don't you all remember when we're all a child.. were you the typical artsy kids that LOVE drawing,  painting or coloring at school? 
Yep. I'm one of that bunch of kids. always excited with all that fun rainbow colors! :)

And this time, I guess Etude tries to capture that excitement to makeup.
 Make painting in the face is such a blast full of joy, right?!

   \ (。◕‿◕。) / wii~~

And this is a review for 
Etude House Water Color Blusher in No.1 Pink
4 different shades available for this particular products :
#1 Pink 
#2 Coral
#3 Apricot
#4 Lilac


 As you can see, the packaging is such a fun and uber cute concept! reminds me of my oooold times back in the days. Well, not that old lahh! << make an impression to look young >,<"

 haha. Anyways, it's in a form of a squeeze tube. which you can control the coming out of how much the product for yourself. And seriously, you just need a teeny tiny bit of dots. since it is too liquidy. and then blend it to both of your cheeks.


The consistency as I mention earlier is more like liquidy. It spread effortlessly, but you need to get used to it until you get a nice blended & natural pinky cheeks.
The color is what I found so sheer while I spread it even on my cheeks for the first layer. It can be buildable, with a dabbing motion technique of application ( with finger or a brush ) and wait a while until it settle to the skin.

 with 2-3 layer of color

 lighting with natural day sunlight

It has that dewy finish but almost matte while it settle to the skin.

It has a fragrance scents, which I'm not a fan of. sort of like an overwhelm soap baby scent for my liking. >,<" but don't worry, it won't stay long while it's on your cheeks.

As for the staying power, for me personally, it doesn't do a good job. as I do have an oily face base, it will be gone within a couple of hours. I think it more suited for a dry skin as it would stick better to that type of skin.


If you interested in purchasing this product, go to this link ^^
BB Pin : 2A37656F
The owner name is Inke. You can contact her at the info above. 
She is such a nice person. TRUSTED ONLINE SELLER.
And by mentioning FELIBUBBLEGUM, get an IDR. 5000 discount price per item for a Pre-Order original product from South Korea! ( masa berlaku sampai PO November 2013 sajaa :D )


That's it my review.
Have a wonderful time, girls!

Stay Gorgeous!

Stay SMILE ^_____^ 

Lots of  ❤, 

Feli :)


  1. aaaa i'm looking for this review dan nemu juga akhirnya :')
    makasih ci fel sangat membantu :*

    1. ehehe you're very welocome deaaar! glad could help youuu. :D :D

  2. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkk <3

    1. maaaaaaaaak'eeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 <3 <3 ini kita kaya tinggal di goa ye. gaung suaranyaa. hahaha. miss you mak'eee :')))

  3. Waaah, tambahan review dari Feli. Makasiiih..
    Ini aplikasinya enak pakai tangan atau kuas kalau menurut Feli?
    Makasiiih yaaa...^^


    1. hehe enakan pake tangaaan. soalnya tinggal tutul tutul, abis itu sok gosok. *lahhh kaya nyuci baju ye* haha. :P :P

  4. ah, kangen sama postingan Feli :) cantik ya hasil akhirnya, sayang banyak yg bilang kurang bagus staying powernya :) thanks buat reviewnya

    1. ehehe i miss blogging tooo! iya. kebanyakan produk korea itu hit n miss di aku. cute packaging is their main market, I guess. not so much for the quality :( tapi yaa, seneng2 juga si makenya. hahaha :D


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