Saturday, June 15, 2013

✿✿ Review : Pandora Vanilla Shake in Grey Circle Lenses ✿✿

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This is my first time ever reviewing a circle lenses. This product was sponsored by a beautiful girl name Wella for I met her at the Benefit Pop Up Store! :D
Please visit her online circle lenses shop because she is very lovely & friendly, also a trusted online seller, girllss~~ ^.^v

So, I got the Pandora Vanilla Shake in Grey chosen by Wella herself. 

This is one of the newest design from the line. It got a complex design and bolder line towards the edge of the circle lenses that make your eyes seem bigger and more dolly look! :3

You can see the enlarging effect for yourself when it's on my eyes ^^

As far as for the comfortness while I'm using and trying it, it definitely sooo comfortable, doesn't irritated my eyes, seriously feels like not wearing any!! and I can wearing it all day without drying my eyes even in an aircon indoor mall condition. ( well, I work with that kind of environment. so definitely this is my main concern while using a contacts! ^^ )

I think this lenses is suitable for that dolly look effect, everyday wear, and look natural when it's on. But, it won't lighten your eye color. Somehow, even if it's in the color grey, your eyes may seem darker ( with a daylight room light ). I do have a brown eyes and my eyes may seem black while wearing this.

Once again, LOVE the design. LOVE the comfortness. & LOVE the way it look on my eyes. definitely you don't need a hesitance if you want to purchase this, if you're looking for a pair of enlarging effect lenses! 
To make your life easier.. just contact Wella for sure! :D


Using Pandora Vanilla Shake in Grey with a direct light spotlight.

Overall look with using the contacts :D

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That's it my review.
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  1. Huwooo~ Kangennyo sama cici cantik satu iniii :p

    1. ahhhh me tooo sab sabbb! i miss blogginggg soo muchhh :D :D

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    I like the way you present your blog, i will surely visit here often

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    Enjoy and stay pretty : )



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