Tuesday, December 25, 2012

♡ Kiehl's Event Part 1 : Come, Window Shop With Me to Kiehl's Counter! :D ♡

Hi bubblies!
How's your day?
Hope you're doing wonderful! :D

So.. few days ago, I was lucky enough to be invited into Kiehl's Event with the theme :
"Holidays Head To Toe Bloggers Gathering"

Knowing this could be a long post, let me just divide my writing into 3 parts, yes?
♡ Kiehl's Event Part 1 : Come, Window Shop With Me to Kiehl's Counter! ♡ 
♡ Kiehl's Event Part 2 : "Holidays Head To Toe Bloggers Gathering" + Overview Products  
♡ Kiehl's Event Part 3 : Review + Result Kiehl's Products ♡

For this part 1, I'm gonna take you to ride and sight seeing with me to their counter at Seibu, Grand Indonesia. wii~~ You may prepare your drink or snack now, as long as you're comfortable. And then just sit nicely, scroll down, and enjoy the view! 
Shall we? :D

To go to their official site : http://www.kiehls.com

Kiehl's Counter at Seibu, Grand Indonesia.

At the front, you will get a warm greeting from a friendly skeleton.
 haha.. yes. you got it right!
Future customer, I would like you to Meet Mr. Bones :)
He is one of the iconic symbol that you might see in every Kiehl's counter nearby.
Surprisingly, he wore Santa's hat that day! ho. ho. ho.  
Mewi Kwismes everyonee! *in a creepy way* lol.

Still at the welcoming section of the store, you'll see two amazing displays at the right and left side from Mr. Bones. With a purpose to highlight some of the products that Kiehl's got to offer and current promotion that they have.

At the right side from Mr. Bones, across the entry way :

Kiehl's Goodies Limited Edition Design by Kenny Scharf.

*I feel you, Kwismes!* >,<"  

And at the left side of Mr Bones :
Kiehl's "Spread The Joy" Promotion Campaign.
With the Gift of Kiehl's Limited Edition Crème de Corps Skin Care.

At the back side from Mr. Bones, 
or the first stand when you walk in is the chosen solution products that you might need for your skin, the stand is called :
"Face Care Solution"

Some of the products in the rack :

Moving on inside, first thing you'll gonna see is this huge table that mainly purpose as their customer service care. 

Because Kiehl's have a philosophy to "TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!" policy.
That's why, this table is nicely put as your consultation place and there must be KCR ( Kiehl's Customer Representative ) ready there to give you a useful information product or skin problem solution advice.

Right behind where you sit, there is a huge stand that displays all of their products and the most famous line from them, called :
"Dermatologist Solutions"

Some of the products in the rack :

Still moving on inside, you will also see their product line for your HAIR! They have conditioners, shampoos, styling, treatments, etc.
"Hair Care Solutions"

This is the most long awaited products from them. Which is their aromatic scents line, and they call it :
"Aromatic Blends"
The all 4 scents they created are :
Fig Leaf & Sage
Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit
Orange Flower & Lychee
Vanilla & Cedarwood
They have it for their scented body spray, body lotion & body cleanser. Or even in a Pure Fragrance bottle.

If you confuse just like me to choose some of the products from them, maybe this could help. This is their Top 10 Most Beloved Formulations Chosen By Their Own Customers! The Stand is called :
"Customer Favorites"

Here are some of the items in the rack that caught my eyes and sneak peak of the price they sell there.*uhuk* >,<"

Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Younger-Looking Skin By Morning ( 30ml = IDR. 550000 rupiahs )

Powerful-Strength-Line-Reducing Concentrate
Treat Lines & Wrinkles. C-Radiant Results ( 50ml = IDR. 650000 rupiahs )

Double Strength Deep Wrinkle Filler
( 20ml = IDR. 480000 rupiahs ) 

Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate
( 15ml = IDR. 400000 rupiahs )

Creme De Corps the Original Rich Norishing Cream
( 250ml = IDR. 350000 rupiahs )

Superbly Restorative Argan Body Lotion
( 250ml = IDR. 450000 rupiahs )

I guess that's about it for the first part of this Event.

Don't forget to check my upcoming post for this Event Report, because that's where the EXCITING PART is! Where I'll do skin check, talk about some skin solution product, overview & SNEAK PEAK of their most famous and brand new products.. *uhuk*BB CREAM!*uhuk*  >,<" also swatches and texture wise of their cream as well :o

And.. What's Inside My Kiehl's Goodie Bag that I got through the event after I've done consultation with the KCR there.

Stay tune.

Thanks Kiehl's for inviting me.
Have a great day all.
Merry Christmas to those who celebrate Christmas!

Have a magical night and loving warm hug from your special one! :D
GBU all..

Smile :)


  1. haduhhh..harganya bikin sakit hati bener c T________T

    1. iyaa, makanya sebelom nulis batuk dulu, wie! ahaha >,<"

  2. This post is very clear and concise and informative!! Good job Feli bby! <3 <3

    Shud learn from you tehehehe ;0;

    1. ahh thank you maa! *terharu* glad you also find it informative! wii~~ XD

  3. Harganya bikin dompet teriak2 karena dihabisi isinya.. ;___;


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