Thursday, June 5, 2014

✿❀ Lulla_ID The First Knot Hairties in Indonesia! ❀✿

Hi bubblies!
How's your day?
Hope you have a pretty, beautiful and bright sun shining day! ^__^

So, have you heard about a brand name Lulla?
best describe about the product they are selling is : a hairties.

Just a hairties? Any special about this product?
 well.. this is a cute one. A very cute pattern and so many creative designs you can find here. From girly, bold, daring, hippie, feminine, sophisticated, and so on. 
It is also can be use as your arm candy. So in case you need to tie your hair because you are having a bad hair day, you already prepare it on your wrist this whole time. surprise surprise! ^0^
And the best part, if you buy from @lulla_id you already make a donation to those people in need. They donate 20% of their profit to charity.  
We gotta support that action, girllss! 

I got mine in a collection name : Rainbow. 
What more can I say? This colors just speak me the most!

\ (。◕‿◕。) / wiii ~~

 Rainbow series is a set of 5 bold, bright and beautiful colors. From teal, shocking pink, purple, yellow and a stunning turquoise color.

Everytime I see these colors in my hands, I'm just happy. :)

 The material also feels nice when you touching it.

And in case you want to purchase or see the entire collection, you can go to :

 as seen on my instagram account : @heyyyfel

Okey, I guess that's it ladies.
Probably i'll do another shot with me styling this cool hairties ^0^
Hope you all have a beautiful day!

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  1. Feli kemana ajah, lama ga nulis lagi hehee sibuk "ngalis" ya, kangen sama DIYnya Feli hehehe

    The Journey


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