Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Overview PAC Eyeshadow, Blush and Brush Cleanser

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So, I went to PAC counter the other day, with a purpose of getting their brush cleanser. 

Buut.. end up getting their eyeshadow, blush, and pressed powder as well. 
*Oh well >.<'

( FYI : PAC stands for Professional Artist Cosmetics, it's an Indonesian local cosmetics. Or I might think it's like Indonesian version of MAC. >,<" )

*click the picture to go to their official site*

 Yup. Since you can see I already swatched and use them, I'm giving my overview and how it look on my face.

PAC Brush Cleanser
Price Tag : IDR. 86000 rupiahs ( around $8.60 US Dollar ) 
First thought? I knew it contain alcohol, but should they make it like a whiskey bottle? LOL. Actually, It's my first time purchasing alcohol based cleanser. I need it  for cleaning my Sigmax synthetic brush which tend too long to dry. Huff.

When I first open it, it had such a strong overpowering alcohol and fragrance smell to it. *Duh! But seriously, if I smell it too long.. I think I'm gonna passed out! x.x"
It said at the box how to use it --> I just need to pour the amount of liquid that I needed into a container and dip the brush into it. And that's what I did. Because it's an alcohol, so it got DISAPPEAR from my container quite FAST, BEFORE I FINISH WIGGLING MY BRUSH AND GET RID OFF THE STAIN. errmmm.. Lesson learnt : use a bowl or small cup as a container and WORK FAST!

To me, for 240ml or 8.11 fl.oz. amount of product it seem not much considering I need to use a lot to clean a single brush. Also, the overpowering smell transfer into the bristle for quite a while. eugh.

Despite the cons that I already mentioned, it does the function well. What can I say? my brush clean and dry within an hour instead of 2 days. and it promise to kill the bacteria and moisturize the bristle.

PAC Eyeshadow, Blush On and Pressed Powder
 Price Tag : IDR. 59000 rupiahs ( around $5.90 US Dollar ) each.
 picture taken at direct sunlight 

 Price Tag : IDR. 64000 rupiahs ( around $6.40 US Dollar ) each.
 picture taken at direct sunlight

 picture taken at direct sunlight 

picture taken at artificial light 
The Swatches
P11 : pressed pearly eyeshadow : soft salmon color with subtle silver shimmer
P06 : pressed pearly eyeshadow : golden bronze
P08 : pressed pearly eyeshadow : deep brown with gold pearl
P10 : pressed pearly eyeshadow : reddish brown 
P12 : pressed pearly eyeshadow : plummy color with subtle silver shimmer 
B04 : blush on : rosey pink almost purple-ish with shimmer

** I didn't swatch the pressed powder, it matches my skin tone anyway. 
FYI, I got it in the color --> 01 Sea Gold **

I've been bothered by the number code as the color name. At least, they could manage to name it with proper name, right? I mean.. I'm not wishing them to name it like NARS or Urban Decay did.
telanjang.. perawan.. dosa.. orgasme.. Okay, I need to stop right now. LOL

P11 is a beautiful highlight color for a brown eyes ( my opinion, off course ). Whenever I applied it on my tear duct area or brow bone, It opens and brightens any tired face that I have. The texture is soo smooth, pigmented, and I don't experience any excessive fall out with it. So far, Loving it!
To me, the winner among the eyeshadow is P06. And that's the main reason why I eventually stuck at the eyeshadow aisle at the counter and pick the other 4 colors. *Oh well. >,<" It got the most beautiful goldish bronze color! at that time I feel like I found another treasure. ( Okey, I've been hyperbole. LOL ) The texture is sooo buttery, easy to blend and crazily pigmented. They did a great job with this! Love it!
I gotta say, P08 and P10 is not the star among the eyeshadow that I got, but it compliment a lot for the other shade. It's the hype girl! Gotta have it, right? hehe..
P12 is such a lovely plummy color with a lot of shimmer in it. Once I tried to applying it on top of P08.. It become the BOMdotCOM. *speechless  

Sorry for not displaying a picture when I shut my eyes and see the color on my lid properly. ( I forgot. >,<" ) But all I do is taking the P06 on my lower lash line and all over the lid, P08 on the crease, blend with P10, and put P11 on my tear duct and brow bone. :)

B04 is a blush color. It's funny to me when it came with a same size like eyeshadow (all are in 3.5gr of product) It's funny right? or it's just me who think it's funny? lol. nevermind. However, this blush is crazily pigmented. You really just need to dab a teeny tiny amount of product, tap any excess and apply it softly on your cheeks.


That's it my overview.
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews. 


  1. Wow.. What a collection !
    Yes, I agree that some shadows sometimes have unique -- weird names, but I guess that's their commercial trick to remark and remember their products.
    Anyways the shadow looks good on you :)

    1. haha yup! but that's what makes it interesting.. thx dear :))

  2. so pretty on you~!! I love the P11! agree on you too! they should have name it instead of code numbers which is really boring and might cause confusion.

    1. aw thx, dear! <3 haha yup, number is harder to remember than a name! once again, thx for visiting my blog, janet! :))

  3. i love the blush ! it looks pretty on you. and by the way, you are so so so cute~ i might pinch your cheek now if i'm standing next to you hehehe.

    1. oh please don't. it reminds me of my childhood nightmare when my aunty got obsessed to pinch my cheeks every time I see her! LOL. thx to come to my blog btw, dear :)))


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