Saturday, February 25, 2012

Haul : Etude Baby Doll Puff

What can you say about this??


I imagine it like a child of Beauty Blender Sponge and Sonia Kashuk Blender Sponge..

YEA! Sponge Family!

without the Bob! [ -___-"]


The phenomenon Beauty Blender
What is Beauty Blender?
Beauty Blender is the pink sponge with an egg shape ( The mom of the Sponge Family, I will describe :P ). 
The Beautyblender was created by Celebrity makeup artists, Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz. They first met on the sets of Paramount Studios and were constantly asked by their celebrity clients, how they could achieve the professional finish achieved on set, at home. After years of research they invented the Beautyblender, a bright pink egg shaped sponge that has a suede texture. The rounded shape of the sponge helps to give a nice smooth , even finish without and hard or visible edges. The shape also allows easy application to the under eye area and sides of the nose. The Beautyblender is Latex free, non-irritating, non-arrergenic and odourless.

Why use a beautyblender in the first place?
Rea Ann Siva states 'Historically, cosmetic companies have only been in the business of developing and selling cosmetics. They turn a blind eye to the art of proper application and because of this, finger application has naturally become the standard.'
So why should you not use your fingers to blend foundation? Veronica Lorenz explains 'That your fingers leave streaks, and most importantly, it's harder to achieve balanced blending. Foundation will stick more to the fingers than the face, and using an easy to clean sponge like Beautyblender will be more hygienic to the skin.'

So overall, the Beautyblender applied my make up both seamlessly and flawlessly. It was incredibly easy to use, distributed my foundation easily, and gave my skin a soft focus, airbrushed effect finish. It's an incredible all in one tool, that can be used for not only foundation, but also concealer, cream blush and powders. 
( more info about the Beauty Blender made by other beauty blogger : )

So, what about the blue sponge beside Beauty Blender?
It's the blender sponge made by other company, Sonia Kashuk as the imitation of the phenomenon Beauty Blender with much more affordable price. It's believe to achieve the same result as the Beauty Blender. ( so many reviews said that Beauty Blender is still the winner though )
Price comparison :
Beauty Blender - $18+
Sonia Kashuk Blender Sponge - $10

So, I've read so many reviews about Beauty Blender but I will put it aside for having it. It's way too expensive for me. The price when it got here to Indonesia could reach until $20+ for A SPONGE! bleh.

About two days ago, I was quite surprised to know that Etude House also made the same thing, which they called it Baby Doll Puff. It's suuuper cute! ( Korean stuff is unbeatable when it come to cute thing! :P )
And when I saw it in Indonesian multiply market, in ready stock item, with way more cheaper price than Sonia Kashuk.. I immediately made an order! What the heck. I should get it! haha. It's only for IDR. 65000rupiahs ( around $ 6.50 US Dollar ). such a steal! :P

When I saw it for the first time, heck it's darn too cute!!

Maybe I'm not gonna use it for a while.. because I barely using foundation in my daily life. I'm still gonna keep it as my beauty collection, it sit nicely in my dresser now. hehe.

It's the size of my thumb and felt very velvety as the texture.

Overall, I'm still happy for having it.
( maybe it's because the cute effect of the hot pink and the well made packaging. hais )

Maybe I'll make a full review after I'm using it, as a promise for my upcoming posts! hehe

Is there any of you who have this?
What do you think?
Do you like it?

Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. so cute !!
    just followed u..

  2. thx. I'll follow you too! nice to meet you :)

  3. Nice review sis ^^ hehehe Aku juga jatuh cinta sama kemasannya yg lucu dan warna pinknya ^^

    1. haha packaging lucu itu racun ya! haha thx sist :D

  4. please make an update, about your opinion after use it for apply bb cream / foundation ^-^ i'm really curious with this cute pink sponge and consider to buy it :3 hehehe

    1. ow I'm sorry dear... I'm afraid I'm not gonna reviewing this for further update. As I'm planning to buy beauty blender, I made a promise to be giving this to my friend. (she loves it soo much, also makes me happy to make her smile) BUT, I made another purchase to include in my giveaway. Please join and I wish u to win it! :)

  5. Ce tanya donk itu sebelum pake mesti dibasahin dulu ga?
    Aku liat banyak review beuaty blender mesti dibasahin dulu nanti ukurannya jadi membesar. Beauty blender merk Masami Shouko juga gitu.
    Nah aku belum lama beli baby doll puff Etude ini tapi kok pas aku basahin ukurannya tetep sama yah ga membesar @@


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