Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day! (´ε` )♡

Hi bubblies!
How's your day?
Oh how I wish you are all showered with lotsa lovee today! hihi ^^

And what is your plan for this day, ladies??

No matter what you would spend it with your loved ones, or family, or friends.. you need to look extra maximal! yes? :D

For the single ladies :
no more eating boxes of chocolate all alone!
no more korean drama in your room by yourself!
& most of all, no more cursing all the lovey dovey lover out there!  
>,<" haha.
just.. enjoy this day. even though it would be another typical day for you :)

And to cheer you up, maybe I can recommend you to create this Valentines Makeup Look with me. And for the lovely super in love ladies out there, maybe this could also be an inspiration makeup look for you :)


♡ 1st : Quick & Easy Simple First Date Look ♡
( just click the picture below to go straight to my full post ) 

 This is the first option makeup look that I created.
 It's easy, sweet, light, and perfect for day date time with your crush! lol.
  also, including the step by step pictures tutorial! :D

❧❦ 2nd Makeup Look : Seductive Purple ❦❧
( just click the picture below to go straight to my full post )

For this second option makeup look, it's a lot heavier, glitter-ier, and so seductive!
I think it's perfect for a dinner date! Or.. maybe go to a club with your BFF for you, my single ladiesss! *high five!* lol. :D

❧❦ 3rd Makeup Look : Hopeless Romantic ❦❧
( just click the picture below to go straight to my full post )

 And for this third option, some rebellious look worth to try! :D
 It's for all the fierce and independence heart broken girl out there

Thanks for reading this blog.

Hope you enjoy this post!
Have a good day all.
Stay SMILE :)

Lot's of

Feli :)

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