Sunday, January 27, 2013

♡ Quick & Easy Simple First Date Look ♡

Hi bubblies!
How's your day?
Hope you are full with
Because Valentine is coming real soon! >,<"

So, I've been trying to make another tutorial for a simple
"First Date Look"
a sweet romantic day date look!

Because basically, First Date is when you want to feel beautiful but didn't pile yourself with tons of makeup! Trust me, you want to be you! but more polished, clean & prepared. :D

I tried to use the makeup item that I already mostly wear. Of course, you can adjust with your own. For the the application, with one or two items that I use as a multifunctional item. That's how fun make up is!
You can be creative, and still looking expensive! lol.

The look that I come up with :

☆☆☆  Eye Tutorial ☆☆☆
All the stuff that I use :
clockwise order :
 Kay Collection False Lashes
Odessa Eye Shadow Duo in 02 Pink & Rose Pink
 Maybelline Crayon Liner in Black
NYX Slide On Pencil in SL04 Pure White
Maybelline Magnum Mascara

Let's Begin!
1. First Step. is never forget to prime your eyes. This will prevent from eyeshadow creasing, the color will show up much more vibrant, and last longer!

 2. Prepare your transition color on the crease. This will make your eyes much more in depth, great technique for blending the eyeshadow as well. Transition color is usually 2 shades darker than your skin tone. Prefer taupe-ish color for natural look. I chose the purple-ish taupe color because it flatter the main color of my eyeshadow today.

3. My main color on the lid is pink. Why not? It screams that you're in love! :) 
I simply dab the color to my eyelid and above the crease a little, so when I open my eyes I still be able to see the color.

 4. I'm avoiding a black eyeliner for the look. Purple is a great option. It is less harsh, a fresh pop of color, and still give definition to the eyes. I make a little wing to the upper eyes and line below my waterline to make my eyes look bigger.

 Time to set the purple liner with purple eyeshadow! 

5. With this technique, you will set the liner so it doesn't easily move or smudge. And, you can blend the liner way more easier to avoid harsh line.

 6. With the same eyeshadow, I also bring it up to my crease. This will shape your eye by making an outer V shadow for a rounder and more open eye look.

 7. Even though I'm avoiding black eyeliner, but I will lining my upper water line with a black kohl pencil. This will make your eyelashes much fuller! :D 
And for my lower waterline, I use a white liner to make my eyes fresh and more doll look! *works everytime! :D
Finish it with a layer of mascara.

Optional, I'm using this flirty false lashes! XD

Here is the finish eye! ^0^

☆☆☆  Eyebrow Stuff  ☆☆☆
Eyebrow Powder : Unik Colours in no 3

☆☆☆  The Face ☆☆☆

☆☆☆  Lipstick ☆☆☆


*fiuhh I hope this post is helpful for you!
Have a great day full of love, ladies! ^0^
I know not everyone going on a first date, but you can always rock on this look whenever you feel like it! 
Be pretty & prepared! Because you'll never know your luck will come anytime soon!

GBU all ^___^

Lots of ♥,
Feli :)


  1. HOOOO lucu banget kayak boneka nih emakkyuuu ♥

    1. bahahaha ibu periiii bisa ajaaaa >,<" *lempar bulu angsa*

  2. manis banget kak fel, bagus deh tutorialnya ;)

  3. Nice tutorial, Fel! You should do these types of posts more often, love! ^_^

    1. ahahaha thank you phaniee ^0^ editnya bikin encok phaniee. bahaha but i'll do better maybe next timee :D glad you like itt! yeyy *\(^0^)/*

  4. uwaaaa... sweettt... suka banget! hehehe...

    1. ehehe thank you zyy! glad you to know you like it :D senangnyaa *tabur bunga*

  5. aaaa felicia cantik banged kaya boneka. suka deh make up mata nya. tutorial nya juga detail bgd. love love love!

    1. aaaa maacih bebee! you are to me like a dolll!! *-* ahaha

      thx ya bebee. glad to know you like it ^^

  6. jelas banget ce tutorialnya, cakep deh.. hihihiih (≧∇≦)

  7. cubitttttt feli >.<
    tutorialnya buat lg yang mau pdkt bikin berbunga-bunga gitu LOL

    1. ahahhaa makeupnya sambil bediri di kebon bunga ya lyn? LOL. *cubit balik lyn* :D

  8. so beautiful kakak feli. thnx for your tutorial sist.

    1. you're welcome dear :D glad you find this tutorial helpful for you ^^


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