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♚ Review : Princess Syahrini False Lashes in "Khatulistiwa" ♚

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So, I'm back with a falsies review that D'eyeko sent me the other day.
I once talk about all of this new collection in my previous post -> click here! <- make sure to read them first ya. that previous post where I also wrote : how much the price, where to get it, sneak peek preview full collection, etc. ^^

 And here it is one of the most famous type from Princess Syahrini Collection by D'eyeko, which is : 

And from what I've heard, this is Syahrini's favorite pair of lashes that she often use. Which is the fullest, most glamorous looking, and "DIVA" style type of lashes.

Okey, talk a little bit from The Packaging.

back of the packaging.
there is also an instruction for those of you who is a beginner in wearing a falsies.

how you open it to get into the product.

the lashes itself.

 also comes with a glue.
ingredients : acrylates/ethyhexyl acrylate copolimer

Although I can see the packaging for each of the individual pair of lashes is looking so polish and exclusive, I don't think it's effective if I wanna store this in my drawer or my dressing table. Unless, if I throw the bulky hard plastic packaging and store the lashes into another box/container so I can save this and later on I can re-use this. 

All I can say, the hard plastic packaging is meant to be their marketing display in the store. But.. too bad they didn't make another fitted separate plastic cover so I can bring this along in my makeup bag. Don't you think? Well, that's maybe my personal complain about the packaging :) 

 Doesn't have a separate cover. 
I have to use the hard plastic display to restore it.

 The Lashes.
natural day sunlight

 As you can see, the lashes is so FULL. So very voluminous, and lengthen your natural lashes as well. It's like 2 stack of lashes in 1.

Although it's quite thick, I think it's a well made, good quality and solid piece. The band is pretty forgiving to be playing with or to put on with such the thickness. 

But let me tell you.. this is not a beginner type of lashes! It's so dramatic and full and not so suitable for the first timer falsies user. You may find this heavy and uncomfortable, of course. And I don't think it's also an everyday natural type of falsies either. Well, unless if you take the chance and pretend to be Syahrini in one day. :P lol.

 Here I got some comparison to my other "regular" natural type of falsies so you can see the difference.
 ( top to bottom )
Modern Eyelash
Princess Syahrini in "Khatulistiwa"
Kay Collection 26mm --> once I use this here!

In the end, I know it's one of a good quality product that comes from our local brand.
So I'm really proud of it! lol.


Wanna see some pictures on how it look on my eyes?
I've been thinking to make a separate upcoming post >> "How to Look Like Syahrini."

I will make a makeup tutorial for smokey eyes that Syahrini often wore as well. 

Stay tune. 



without the fake lashes :

with the fake lashes :

Want to get this Look & How I did "Syahrini" Soft Grey Smokey Eyes? ^^
Please click the below picture

to see my full step by step picture tutorial on it! :D


Hope you like my review.
Let me know what you think!
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  1. wah cakep ya bulmatnya, kayaknya bagus kalo dipake nari, kemasannya jg menarik, ga kalah sama produk luar. Memang bulmat buatan Indonesia kualitasnya ok.

    1. iya betoel! cocok banget buat pentas, atau konser, atau night out party event. hihi

      yes, good quality product that comes from our local brand, dear ^^

    2. btw just info aja, all lashes in this world made in Probolinggo loh.. mau MAC, SHU, MUFE atau brand apapun.. semua di byat di probolinggo. hihihihi.. Knew this since I worked in L'oreal back then :D. proud!

    3. wow. that is amazing! thx for the info, ichill ^0^

  2. aku lebi suka yg olga ce, yg syahrini kyny bakal lebay klo aku pake xD

    1. ihihi iyaa, bener bgt rin! yg olga lebih ke mata yg sipit dan kecil. kalo syahrini yg penting CETARR ampe bisa ngibas angin kayanya pake bulu mata doang. haha

  3. falsiesnya syahrini lagi happening banget yaa....modelnya dramatis2 semua. mataku kekecilan deh kayaknya kalau pake falsies Syahrini x__x

    1. ahaha sebenernya buat aku juga kegedean, tp bener2 dramatis si emang. dan aku baru nyadar, jadi syahrini itu butuh pengorbanan. haha XD

  4. Wow! Those are really full, I bet they look amazing on. Will you show them on? Can't wait to see!

  5. kak, coba bikin look pake bulu mata ini dong.. pengen liat.. :D
    dari kmaren mau beli tapi g berani gra2 sangat CETAAAAAARRR nya itu bulumata. ahahha

  6. wkakaka pake bulmat ini sambil pake jambul khatulistiwa kayaknya cucok cie XD hihi

    1. wahaha iya ni vee. rempong yak jd syahrini, entah brapa lama dah buat nyasak supaya tinggi jd jambul gitu :P

  7. Wah pic terakhir! Damping2an gitu persisss, luv the makeup! <3


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