Thursday, January 17, 2013

♦♠♦ IBB Makeup Challenge : Must Have Red ♠♦♠ "Flame"

Hi bubblies!
How's your day?
Hope you're looking dangerously HOT ya! :D

Because mine, I think it's already FLAME ON FIRE with splash of Red, Gold and Magenta color! :D

It's a daring look for a stand out gradation of Red eyes and Red lips!

I'm playing with rhinestones in the inner and outer eyes to give a more pop of FIERY effect.

Shocking Magenta color on the lid.
 Gradation color from Gold in the inner corner of the eyes to HOT Red to outer eyes!

Details on the eyes :
 eyes close

 eyes open

both eyes close

both eyes open

from side

both from side

For Overall FLAME

This is my Entry Picture That I submit for IBB Makeup Challenge This Month :

While editing this on a rainy day, perfect song would be from Adelle.
So I set FIREEE, to the rainnnn~~

lol. k, fel. enough with the singing! -_-"


For the list of product use :

☆☆☆  Eyes  ☆☆☆
Primer : NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
Base : NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in milk + PAC Lipstick Pencil in Pure Red
Red Eyeshadow : 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette
Gold Eyeshadow : PAC Pigment in No. 03 + Sariayu Karimunjawa Trio Eyeshadow
Magenta Eyeshadow : Sariayu Lasem Trio Eyeshadow
Rhinestone : Craft Material

☆☆☆  Eyebrow ☆☆☆
Eyebrow Pencil : Etude House Drawing Eyebrow in 05 Gray
Eyebrow Mascara : Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara in no 3 Cocoa

☆☆☆  Face ☆☆☆
  Primer : Benefit POREfessional
Foundation : Krayolan Supracolor in 3W
Blush : Red Eyeshadow from 88 Color Eyeshadow Shimmer Palette

☆☆☆  Lips ☆☆☆


This is my entry for IBB Januari 2013 Makeup Challenge.

Thanks for reading this blog.
Hope you enjoy this post!
Lot's of
Feli :)

I'm on TOP 5 for this IBB Makeup Challenge.
VOTE NO.3 from link below, pwetty pweasee ^0^ lol.

Have a great day all!
Smile :)


  1. wow, fel.. you look really hot. the color of eye makeup really pop out and stand out. pretty :)

  2. stunning... good luck ya feeell... *doh belum smpt ngelenong lagi hiks *

    1. ahaha thx muii. ahaha iya, aku tunggu lenongan cetarmu ya mui!! *duh, ga sabar juga!* ahaha

  3. uiii.. kereeennn!! kaya karnaval gitu ada blink"nyaaa... :D

    1. ahaha maaciiii.. ho oh, baru kali juga ini aku tempel blink2 di mukaa :P

  4. you're getting bolder on playing with colors fel, good for you!!! <3 :DDD

  5. Feli, the make up is stunning! I love the color mix and the blending also. And you look absolutely pretty!

    1. thank you so much bebeeee. you just made my dayyy :')


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