Monday, May 14, 2012

Lancôme Makeup and Beauty Class - Part 1

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So, I was attending a Makeup and Beauty class by Lancôme, who was brought by Manulife about 2 days ago on Friday, 11 April 2012. Actually, the main event that day was to introduce one of the newest Manulife program that was specified to financial insurance in household or family welfare. And since ( they believe ) all the "financial minister" in every family was the housewife, so they targeted the event this time with a Makeup and Beauty class! :D

And since my mom is one of the agent in Manulife, so she decided to invite me as well to the event. The event was held in Chatterbox Sogo, Central Park at 12pm. We all start with having lunch and continue with the explanation of the insurance program. 

And then, after that.. we all got into the Makeup and Beauty class collaborated with Lancôme. Actually, when we all got seated in our own makeup table, I got distracted-excited-hyperactive ( -_-") into the vanity in front of me with lots of Lancôme cosmetics and skincare products!!

But, not only that.. I was lucky enough when they ask me to be the model to presented the Makeup and Beauty class that day with the Professional Makeup Artist from Lancôme, Kannu.

 *nose bleed*

The Makeup and Beauty Class that day was to introduce Lancôme's newest collection in cosmetics and skincare line.

Kannu is a really really nice person. Funny thing, both me and him that day was having a flu! And both just sucking snot continuously during the class. I remembered when we begin a little chat during the makeup class.. he said to me,"Kamu flu ya? Kita sama sama flu, gapapa brarti ya." LOLOL!!! I just burst out to laugh.

After he finish my makeup, we both got to walk around so the guests can see the close up detail on my face. This time, Kannu try to reach other guests who were having trouble with the makeup application and help them one by one.

This is the close up makeup look by Kannu :
( better picture taken at restroom Sogo. lol )

Skincare :
Makeup Remover : Bi-Facil (detail official site)
Milk Cleanser : Galatéis Douceur
Toner : Tonique Douceur (detail official site)
Moisturizer : Hydra Zen (detail official site)
Eye cream : Génifique Eye (detail official site)
Sunblock/BB Base : UV Expert GN-Shield

Makeup :
Brows : Crayon Sourcils 012 Brun (detail official site)
Foundation : Teint Miracle O-03 (detail official site)
Concealer : créme concealer
Loose Powder : Blanc Expert Mineral w/ White Sapphire Complex P-005 (detail official site)
Eyeshadow : Ombre Absolue Palette (detail official site)
Eyeliner : Artliner 001 Noir (detail official site)
Pencil Liner : Crayon Khôl 001 Noir (detail official site)
Mascara : Virtuôse 01 Noir Sensuel (detail official site)
Blush : La Rose Deco 002 (detail official site)
Lipstick : L'Absolu Rouge 367 (detail official site)
Lipgloss : L'Absolu Créme De Brillance (detail official site)

picture taken at indoor artificial light (my room)

And if you interested in his work, feel free to contact him at :)

(click the picture to zoom) 

PS: kenapa disitu Kannu kaya Hua Ce Lai ya? lol.


For the next post ( Part 2 ), I'll be reviewing some cosmetics and skincare products from Lancôme that stand out (at least for me) the most through the event.

And some HUGE Haul from Lancôme!

. more view and thoughts about the products .


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  1. so pretty!! your skin is so flawless ^_^~

    1. oww thx so much, janet :D noo, i do have acne prone skin. the makeup artist just did a great job!! :)))

  2. wow a table full of lancome makeup O_O
    Btw you look pretty~~ I especially like the eye makeup~


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