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Review : The Skin Food Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence

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I've got another review to put in the table.
This time is for your hair!
The Skin Food Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence

What it says :
Containing 18 silk-based ingredients as well as moisture-keeping and nutrition-rich argan oil Argan oil Silk Hair Essence gives your dry and damaged hair a silky and lustrous shine.

※ Free of 3 additives for healthy hair : No parabens, alcohol, artificial dyes

[Argan Oil Story] Argan Oil, Known as 'Oil of God', is produced from the kernels of the argan free, which is now endangered and under protection of UNESCO. It is highly rich in essential fotty acid. Vitamin E, squalene and excellent in keeping moisture that it is valued for hair care.

* To Use
- Spred a modest amount through the hair or parts of it and style it as you want.
- Give a more gentle and careful massage to damaged hair. For more effective hair damage prevention, dry your hair after applying essence when your hair is still wet after shampooing.

100 ml


So, I've got this baby actually for quite a while now. In fact, I almost gone through the bottle ( the picture below was taken when it was still new and in a clean condition, for a good picture review :P)

I love all the Skin Food packaging. <3
They still keep the essence of traditional food recipe :P

And it's pump bottle type to dispense the product.

My thought about this baby?
My Goodness, I love it!

But, to start this review, I need to explain a little bit about the condition of my hair and how it change my hair (for a better).
I'm a type of person who always blow dry my hair every time I washed them. I just never like to air dry them, because it gets me dizzy, getting bothered by the wetness, it won't volumize my hair either, and I would look like a mess even though I did shower and just washed my hair. Pretty ironic, right? lol. 
And off course not forget to mention, my hair gone so much chemical things before. I've gone crazily coloring my hair in college << I've done RED and BLONDE! oh noo.. I'm not gonna post my humiliating pictures here. >,<" LOL.
To add the craziness, I once permanently curled my hair in high school, THREE TIMES chemically smooth them, and off course my best friend at that time were hair straightener and curling iron. Phew!

It scared me at the point when I lost so much hair.. also my hair felt frizzy, dry and damage. And I think about me being bold. *horror* NOOOO! *scream*
I even scared to cut the length of my hair, normally. haha.. 

So, I determine my mind just to make it healthy from this now on.

I have a naturally black hair. What I mean is black, it really is no shed of brown. at all.. almost like a jet black I should say. That's how dark my natural hair is.

So, proceed to this product review (cut the rambling part. >,<) And why I like it so much? Because it gives back my natural hair alive. DO REMIND, I always put the product in wet hair, after shower and before hair dry them. BECAUSE it's an oil based. 
When you put something oil into your hair, please don't apply it when you get your hair done. It should be used in wet hair condition and only at the tip of your dried and damage hair. In my experience, otherwise, it will only make my hair look greasy and "lepek" looking.
The advantage from this product compare to.. let's say, "other drugstore hair care serum" that I've tried, is when I've done blow dry my hair, there is no such stickiness leave into my hair anymore. It just bounce and feel soft like a normal hair supposed to be.

Usually, before I found this argan oil, I love LOVE my GRAPESEED GLOSSING SERUM by The Body Shop.

How much I loved it? 
It's been my 3rd purchased of the product. >,<

The Body Shop one smell amazing on the hair, it doesn't feel sticky also.
But hands down to the argan oil, for bringing down the smoothness on my driest and most damaged hair. ( with the condition : I always blow dry my hair after putting the product! Otherwise, argan oil could make your hair greasy looking too! << OIL BASED )

The consistency between those two products also have a slight difference. While argan oil feel more runny and oilier, grapeseed serum is thicker. << Both from an oil based serum.
BOTH smell amazing! although grapeseed has a more strong lemony-citrusy smell than the argan oil. 

While for the price :
The Body Shop : bought in the original counter for IDR. 149000 rupiahs (around $14.90 US Dollar)
The Skin Food Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence : bought online at Indonesian multiply market for IDR. 100000 rupiahs (around $10 US Dollar)

It's cheaper, right? :D

You know my mind already. I'll definitely repurchase the argan oil from now on :) 

UPDATE : Picture from my latest post --> IDR. 100K Makeup Challenge TAG! on August 8, 2012 >> already gone through a bottle using Argan Oil and loving the result from it :)


That's it my review.
Let me know what you think!
If there's any question just leave in the comment.
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews. 


  1. aku mau rambut hitam legam, jet black begituuuuuu >.<

    1. oya? dulu aku sebel bgt malah karna pengen jadi bule. hahaha. skrg prefer back to black lagi. lebih keliatan sehat rambutnya.. thx to come to my blog, phanie! :D

  2. Rambutku juga dulu pernah rusak, merah2 klo kena matahari, bercabang pula :p disuruh pake cem2an sariayu. Lumayan sih jd ga bercabang dan item ^^ sekarang uda males. Baunya ga nahan ^^

    1. oya? haha. harus dirawat dong supaya ga rusak. coba2 produk lain.. kan sayang kalo rambutnya dibiarinin rusak terus. hehe

    2. uda ga pake lg, soalnya uda bagus ^^ uda ga ada yg bercabang ^^ sekarang perawatannya creambath sama shampoo plus conditioner ^^

  3. nice! i permed my hair recently and it's starting to get dry....I'm in need of hair care products!

    1. yup, at least you should try any argan oil for hair care product. not just skin food, any brand that contain a good amount of argan oil should work wonders :)

  4. wah...menggiurkan review nya...rambut ku bercabang neh..kira2 bisa gak ya sembuh pake ini...*_*
    pake nya di ujung2 doank ato keseluruhan batang rambut?

    1. wah kalo bercabang, jujur aku gatau.. hehe.. soalnya masalah di rambut aku selalu yg kering, rusak atau rontok. ga pernah bercabang >,<" aku pakenya di ujung doang (bagian yg paling kering). hmm coba digoogle2 lagi khasiat argan oil dan liat review2 dr rambut yg bercabang. haha.. hope i help answering your question though :)

  5. Thanks for your review! I decided to buy it after reading your review. I just tried it today and wrote down my initial thoughts on my blog :D

    1. wow. i'm so glad i could be part from your decision. i hope my review or the product doesn't disappoint you anyway :) thx girl for reading my blog :D

  6. boleh tau ga yaa beli di store multiply mana ? aku coba cari" belom ketemu" nihh >.< thank youu :D

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  9. beli argan oil nya dimana ya? soalnya di counter mahal banget :(


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