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Overview Lancôme Cosmetic and Skincare + Haul :) - Part 2

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So, continuing my previous post about the Lancôme event last Friday ( to see Part 1 --> click here ) this post is gonna be in depth review about the Lancôme products, whether it's makeup or skincare, that got to be introduce during the event that I attended.

In that event, I got to buy some of their products that caught my eyes. Seriously, I was drawn into their skin care line, while my mom fell in love with the cosmetic line. :D

Our haul that day :
. Lancôme Super Serums .
. Lancôme Génifique Yeux .
. Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation .

and because we purchase more than the limited amount, we got gifts and free samples as well :D

Overview Lancôme Cosmetic and Skincare

. Lancôme Super Serums .
Price tag : IDR. 2200000rupiahs (around $220 US Dollar) /50ml.

Basically, this Lancôme Super Serums was a package of two of their best seller serums, which is Visionnaire (detail official site) and Génifique (detail official site)

Visionnaire is an Advanced Skin Corrector. It should refine or combating wrinkles, reduce pores and even out skin tone.
They created a molecule – LR2412. A molecule that offers your skin the efficacy of a prescription ingredient*. That’s said to be able to self-propel through the layers of epidermis to set off a series of micro-transformations to the tissues, it reprograms the skin to "auto-correction" mode.
In other words, it promised to help skin self-repair and heal. Wrinkles erased, dark spots and redness reduced, pores tightened: a very beautiful skin, even before make-up.
To be used day and night, all year long, even on the delicate eye contour.

It does come with a pump type bottle. The serum itself is a white baby milk color (with a hint of pale pink) that turn into a translucent liquid to the skin. It quickly absorb into the skin and feel fresh afterwards. No overpowering scents, but it has slightly floral scents into it.

While Génifique is a Youth Activating Concentrate, and it supposed to make your skin look younger, more plumped, refined and re-illuminated, as if infused with life! "O,oa
Major scientific discovery: Skin's youth is characterised by the presence of certain proteins on the skin surface which are the result of gene expression.
In other words, it's a protein infused serum. To be used daily, morning and evening, before your regular skincare routine.

This is like other typical serum bottle, you pump the product into the height of the glass straw and another pump to dispense into the back of your hand. The consistency of the serum is clearer and more liquidy than Visionnaire. It also quickly absorb into the skin. No overpowering scents, but it has slightly chemical scents into it. >,<" But other good thing, it doesn't leave any sensation of tightness or residue on your skin, which sometimes prestige skincare usually does.

. Lancôme Génifique Yeux .
Price tag : IDR. 650000rupiahs (around $65 US Dollar) /15ml.

While Génifique is a serum for your complexion and whole face, Génifique Yeux is a Youth Activating Eye Concentrate. It's a gel texture that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and under eye bags. The eye contour will appear brighter and radiant. 
Hmm.. from what it said, it is a lifesaver for any dark circle under eye area problem, which I desperately NEED! *err.

For this product, it came in a mini jar. *boohoo for a hygienic reason! :((( So, make sure your finger is clean before you end up dipping your finger into the product. The texture of this concentrate is gel texture, it quickly absorb into the skin and so far it doesn't irritate my eyes. The scent is similar with other Génifique, since it came from the same line.

. Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation .
Price tag : IDR. 485000rupiahs (around $48.50 US Dollar) /30ml.

I only got a small review about this, since this is my mom's purchase from the event. I did wear this foundation through the day of the event --> click here! to see the result on my face ( fyi: I'm 2 or 3 shades lighter than this shade ). But I do have a lot of good things when I first wore this foundation. 
  • LOVE the coverage <3
  •  LOVE the oil control ( whole day without blotting or touch up-ing :D and I do have an extreme oily face O.O" ) --> well, my condition at that time was I'm at the air conditioner room the whole day.
  •  and it feels lightweight on my skin like I don't feel wearing heavy makeup on my face. *thumbs up*

Those comments are also APPROVED by my mom who exactly wore this foundation :D

It's a pump type bottle, so it is always a good thing! :D

. Unto the Samples .

Trésor in Love Sample Package :
  • Juicy Tubes Ultra Shiny Hydrating Lip Gloss in Fraise 17 (15ml)
  • Miracle Eau de Parfume (5ml)
  • Mini L'Absolue in Rouge 365
  •  Virtuôse Mascara (2ml)

Lancôme Loves Colors Sample Package :  
  • Génifique Yeux (5ml) Youth Activating Eye Concentrate
  • UV Expert GN-ShieldTM BB Base (10ml)  High Potency Active Protection SPF 50 PA+++
  • Virtuôse Precious Cells (2ml) High Definition Curves & Length Mascara

Lancôme Goody Bag :
  •  Génifique Yeux (5ml) Youth Activating Eye Concentrate 
  •  UV Expert GN-ShieldTM BB Base (5ml)  High Potency Active Protection SPF 50 PA+++
  •  Hypnôse Senses Eau de Parfume (1.5ml)
  • Lancôme Maqui Blanc Miracle in O-02 Natural Brightening Creator SPF 35/PA+++


From now, I really can't tell it is worth the money or not.
Reviewing a skincare is a long good process for me :)
Keep update, I'll definitely make an upcoming post! :D


For now, that's it my post.
Let me know what you think!
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.  

UPDATE ( link to my future post ) :


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