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IDR. 100K Makeup Challenge TAG!

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So, hearing that in IBB ( Indonesian Beauty Blogger ) Facebook Page that they're having an IDR. 100K Makeup Challenge TAG! Of course I couldn't missed this one. And I know took a while for me to finally fixed with the products that I'm gonna use. PS : Shopping with a tight budget is really hard to do!! >,<"
That's because I just don't want to buy some cheap cosmetic or unknown makeup brand that might be hurting your skin!! oh noooo :( 
And because of that, I carefully selected them and finally make to get a FULL FACE MAKEUP LOOK in a perfect  IDR. 100K! Phew..! :D

What is "IDR. 100K Makeup Challenge TAG!"?
>> It's basically have the same concept as the famous "$20 Makeup Challenge TAG!" that has been around Youtube lately. Only in Indonesia we considered to spend IDR.100K as our makeup budget ( around $10 US Dollars ). The difference is you can use any makeup tools and didn't count in our (tight) budget.

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Let's get it started!

The products that I'm gonna use :
  1. Sariayu Krem Alas Bedak Energizing Aromatic in Kuning Langsat = IDR. 20000 rupiahs ( bought at Farmers Market, Supermarket Mal Kelapa Gading )
  2. Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Pressed Powder in 01 Light = IDR. 22000 rupiahs ( got it on 20% off on SALE at Watsons )
  3. Charm Cosmetic Eyeshadow Duo in Ocean Deep = IDR. 19000 rupiahs ( Review & Swatches --> click here! )
  4. Morisse False eyelash ( actually I got this for free because attending a Makeup Class >>> full post about it click here! ) But I believe the retail price is around IDR. 3000 rupiahs
  5. Eye Putti Lem Bulu Mata / false lash glue ( I got this long time ago because my mom bought it to me ) but I believe the retail price is around IDR. 6000 rupiahs
  6. NYX round lipstick in Tea Rose ( bought online ) = IDR. 30000 rupiahs.



belom termasuk ongkos jalan, ongkos bensin, parkir, ongkos kirim, ... << becanda -_-"


1. Sariayu Krem Alas Bedak Energizing Aromatic in Kuning Langsat. 

What it said : Krem alas bedak yang dapat menutup noda, lebih halus & tahan lama diperkaya dengan tabir surya dan minyak esensial cendana untuk membangkitkan semangat. 

Ingredients : Titanium Dioxide, Kaolin, Mineral Oil, Zinc Oxide, Isopropyl Myristale, Lanotin, Ozokerite, Lanolin Alcohol Paraffin, Bulyrospermum Parkli (Shea Butter), Cl 77492, Beeswax, Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol, Cetyl Acetate, Talc, Fragrance, Quatemium-18 Hectorite, BHT, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Oil

Color Selection, I believe Sariayu has 4 different shades for this. I couldn't remember the name of the shade, but what I remember >> kuning langsat, kuning pengantin, the brown one and the pink one. -_- Kuning pengantin has slightly darker color than kuning langsat. Even though kuning langsat itself is already look extremely yellow, but I gotta pick this one because it's the most "human" color as far as I can see. -_-

compare to my skin
( direct artificial lighting )
 yea. -___-"

compare to my jaw line
Okay, gotta be honest. So hard to pick a good concealer or any correction complexion makeup product ( especially local brand ) for this challenge. As you know I'm having a major break out lately, this is the most important thing for me. 
PS : If you keeping up with my post, one of the famous Japanese skincare line didn't suit me, to find out click the link --> Review : Hada Labo Indonesia :'( 

Texture wise, actually this is not bad. It's quite creamy and easy to blend. I believe it's meant to be a cream foundation, but I'm gonna use it as my concealer to my blemish spots. With a hope I can diffuse a little bit of the redness going on in my face.

The coverage is light to medium I'd say, as I always using it light handed because the overpowering yellow color could peak through. And believe me, you don't want it to be noticable, other wise you look like having a disease or something. -_-

As for applying it to my face, I'm using a pencil brush ( Sigma E05 - Eyeliner Brush ). Because I need something tapered and small enough as I'm only concealing the spots of acne scares on my face. After that, I blend them with my finger ( just dab it in, bouncing motion ).

ADDED NOTE : You can use this base as an under eye concealer or eyeshadow base.
For under the eyes, it could diffuse your dark circle and brighten up your tired face a bit. Then, set it with powder so it won't crease.
As an eyeshadow base, it will embed your eyeshadow pigments and intensify the color even more. It didn't crease on me as you use it light handed >> don't pile it on your lid, sweep it! And if you have an oily eyelid, before you sweep the base, set with powder first. :)

For illustration as an eyeshadow base :

swatches from Sunset eyeshadow duo Charm Cosmetic --> click here!

2. Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Pressed Powder in 01 Light.

This is what I use as my everyday pressed powder. It's cheap, easy to find at any drugstore here and works as.. pressed powder. Haha.. It kill the shine on my face and has SPF in it. I won't complain more as it function to what it said.
I chose this shade 01 Light because it has a pink undertone color. So it would neutralize the yellow color of my previous concealing product to -at least- match my skin tone even better. 

Look on how I used this thing up! 
I hit the pan already, the puff is full of my dirt ( I believe ) and I broke the compact joints :P 
Haha.. forgive me for showing my real sloppyness! *nyembah*

Maybe for any cons for this thing is the packaging. I know it's best used with the puff it given, but the storage is awful. It sit on top of the pressed powder, which will transfer our dirt, oil or outside bacteria into the product. :'(
Other cons, if you over use, it will cake you up and enhance the fine lines or giving crack lines ( especially under the eyes ).

Texture wise, actually it's so silky and smooth. And has a little coverage, that's why it's my second layer to any of my concealing product, as well as to set it, as I have an oil base face.

3. Charm Cosmetic Eyeshadow Duo in Ocean Deep 
 For this particular item, I have full Review & Swatches --> click here!

Nothing special on the eyes, as I only deepen up my crease and fill in the lid color & inner corner to make it look more awake. 

4. Morisse False eyelash.
 Actually I got this for free because attending a Makeup Class >>> full post about it click here! 

As I use no eyeliner and mascara, this thing helps a LOT! The ban of the lashes is the camouflage of having a thicker eye line ( as you're having an eyeliner ).
The curl up lashes is just using an eyelash curler. To hold up the curl of my lashes, I put eyelash glue on top of my original lashes and stick them with the false lashes. I think it would be fine, as long as in the end you take it off slowly with an oil base makeup remover and not just by pulling them harshly as it could took off your original lashes.
This kind of lashes is pretty natural looking lashes when you put it on. No dramatic result, just give a nice volume and length to the original lashes.

 5. Eye Putti Lem Bulu Mata / false lash glue. 
 I got this long time ago because my mom bought it to me.

As being cheap,  the package is pretty complete though. They gave us a helper and a guidance book -_-"

The applicator

 The glue leaves a clear glossy finish, and took quite a while to dry.

6.  NYX round lipstick in Tea Rose.

 I already depot this lipstick into a jar.

Here's a thing with NYX round lipstick. It's inexpensive, very pigmented, buttery, not drying your lips.. but it melt easily. :'(

I use this as my lip color and as a cream blush ( >> multifunction use :P ). As a cream blush, I need to set it with the pressed powder again, though. 
Tea Rose is a warm color that has a satin finish on the lips. It's a pretty rosey color. 
As for I'm using it on my cheeks as a cream blush ( no bronzer for this look ), I thought I might need a darker and warmer pink flush color as it will contouring my cheeks as well.

INGREDIENTS: Ceresin Wax, Polyethlene Wax, Candelilla wax, Microcrystalline Wax, Beeswax, Lanoline Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Mineral Oils, Octyl Palmitate, BHA, Propyl Paraben, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, D&C Red No.A1 Lake, Pearl Powder, Iron Oxide.


 And here is the final look!

Overall for this look, as you can see my acne is still seeing through ( especially in the forehead area ), my dark under eye circle is need to be more conceal, and I think I look so damn chubby without bronzer. oh well.. >,<"


Thanks for reading this post!
 Let me know what you think!
 Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.

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  1. wowww cakep cakep.gak keliatan murahan kalo dah dipake.kira2 produk mana yang masih mau dipake ?

    1. ehehe thank you. semuanya iseng2 masi aku pake dan bakal sampe abis, but i won't repurchase them :)

  2. gorgeous ;D

    #harus segera nyusul ni ;p

  3. cantik >.<
    wah itu base-nya kuning sekali. haha

    1. ahaha thx dit! iya, kalo aku pake ke satu muka bisa kaya spongebob >,<" lol.

  4. Replies
    1. ahaha i'm white as a ghost. kurang pigment malah kayanya ni :P

  5. ah.. aku bukan anggota ibb (eh belum ah). tp mau ikutan boleh gk ka?

  6. cantik banget fel~ suka deh sama warna lipsticknya~ cocok sama kulit putih kamu XD

  7. cantik :) warna lipsticknya pas banget ama warna kulit kamu yg putih heheheee

  8. wow, I don't know that I was featured here. Thank you!. I plan to do another Under IDR 100k Look soon...

    nice look!. :)

    1. ehehe yes, i want to include everyone who did this first. ow, okey let me know if you make the new one yaa :)

  9. Final look-nya cantiiik ^^ Seru yaaa!

    1. hahaha iyaa. seru! jadi nemu barang2 yg ga nyangka bakal dipake juga rynn :D

  10. kamu cantik bangeeet :D suka banget sm warna lipstiknya

    1. why thank youuu :))) iya, nyx has some gorgeous lipstick shades! :D

  11. fel kamu tanpa make up juga udah cantik,
    apalagi ditouch make up he he...*iri kulit putihnya
    sayang ya gara gara labo-gyokujyun jewawinya jadi banyak yaa..
    sama aku gtu ternyata pakai labogyoukjyun
    oyaaaa... di ingridients *nyx lipstick ada lanolin oil-nya ya?..
    bukannya itu acnegenic n commedogenic say?
    klo dipakai bt bibir mungkin ga papa? tapi buat kulit//pipi biasanya menimbulkan masalah???

    1. wah thx yanaa :) iya nih. kalo musim, ini lagi masa panen jerawatnya. haha..
      wah, aku kurang pinter masalah ingredients (masi harus banyak belajar & nanya2 lagi), karna challenge ini aja si aku pakenya dan so far masi belom ada masalah. tapi coba aku bakal check2 lagi. thx for the info :D

  12. ka, kulitku kan sawo mateng, kira-kira bagusnya pake Sariayu Alas Bedak Energizing Aromatic-nya yang kuning langsat atau sawo mateng ya?

    1. kalo kuning langsat buat yg lebi undertonenya kuning, sawo matang lebi ke kulit yag aga dark. hmm aku ga bisa mastiin buat km personally. biar lebi pasti ke counter sariayu aja, nanti mbanya kan bisa langsung cek shade ke kamu. ntar baru deh beli di mini market ato supermarket yg biasanya harganya lebi murah sedikit dr counter :)

  13. Waw, cantik sist. Jadi terkesan misterius gimana, gitu. Hihi.
    Salam kenal.
    I followed you.


    1. haha misterius? tapi moga2 ga mistis ya. LOL. thx dear :))


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