Monday, January 7, 2013

❤ Event : ThatsHeart Meet & Greet at Grand Indonesia ❤

Hi bubblies!
How's your Sunday so far?
Hope it's fabulous!

So, I am so lucky to be able to meet Miss. Heart & Arnold today! *woohoo
And If you wondering who she is, I guess she is one from so many well known beauty guru on Youtube that has a really really sweet personality with great video quality as well. Love her fashion sense and always bright & girly theme for her beauty channel! Love love! :D

This is on her channel announcing the Meet & Greet Event :

Arnold's video :

It was held on the upper level in front of Forever 21 at Grand Indonesia.
Actually, I've seen Heart earlier at that time inside of the store along with Feegy that noticed her first.

Feegy, Me, Heart, Yevi

So, I had a little chat with both of them for a while.
Arnold said that they both were in Bali for New Year's Party before. *Actually he can still talk in Bahasa a little!* His last visited here was in 2006. So, he's quite surprise by the changes for Jakarta from that period of time. lol.

And tomorrow they will be on Singapore for another trip then go back to USA after that.

The Meet & Greet was at 12 until 1 pm but I believe Heart stay there longer because she is really approaching us and talk to us one by one. Sweet girl!

And I gave her a surprise for giving some local makeup items that would be up on my next post for my review! *psstt it's all the new range from Sariayu trend 2013 ^^

I just hope she likes them!
I said that she needs to do makeup tutorial using our local products that I gave. lol.
OMG. I will be so happy if she did *_*


That's it my quick Event Report today.
Love Heart & Arnold even more ^^
They are as sweet as can be!
I just have a blast today.

Have a great day all!
Smile :)


  1. I really wish I'm in Jakarta..
    I'm a big fan of her, waaant to meeet heeer T~T #sob #nangisdipojok

    1. aa don't get sad, sarah. :( i believe she mention that she wanted to go back here to indonesia for longer time. :)

      maybe next time you'll get lucky and get a chance to meet her. my pray for you! hug hug :D

  2. wah asik bgt bisa ketemu! hehe
    btw, I'm following ur blog now


  3. Ceeee... di situ keliatan seperti selena gomez <3 lol

    1. waduhh, selena gombez kalii. kaya ban kalo pecah. gombez. #halah. ahahaha.. maacih ya sabb ^^

    2. Hihiii... gomez kagak pake b ceee... Macama :*

  4. aku sebelumnya ga tau ttg thatsheart >.< sayang skali blm lama mengenalnya haha.. she's such a sweetheart!
    btw arnold itu sapa cie? :D td kukira franky, lol

    1. arnold is heart's boyfriend. (dia aslinya org jakarta, tp pindah ke US umur 7 tahun). makanya heart bisa berkunjung kesini.,soalnya sekalian ngunjungin keluarganya arnold. hehe.

      yes, shes's a sweet heart :)


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