Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review + Swatches : Viva Cosmetics Lipsticks! Pstt.. Our Local $1 Lippies?!

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So, todaay I'm in the mood for reviewing and do some swatching to our local brand lipsticks that I got through a Christmas Swap with Lina on the other day.

It's our local Indonesian brand that famous for its real cheap price!
"Viva Cosmetics"

You can track down this items on their official website :

With total of 53 shades, I think you can't go wrong with all that color choices :D
The price tag? *Do I need to tell?*
IDR.10800 rupiahs ( approximately $1 US Dollars! ) each.


What it says :
Lipstick yang mengandung Squalane dan Shea Butter sehingga bibir tetap lembab dan lembut. Tersedia berbagai pilihan warna.

Cara Pemakaian :
Oleskan Viva Lipstick pada bibir sebelum atau sesudah menggunakan Viva Lip Gloss. Pilihlah sesuai dengan warna make-up dan busana yang dikenakan.

Tersedia kemasan : 4 g

I got mine in the color 50 & 51
 bottom view

 The packaging is just a typical lightweight plastic tube. I think it's decent quality, but the design could be more well thought. Don't you think? It's looking so plain and oldies, ya? >,<"

There is an ingredients list written at the packaging :

For comparison of the size, it's almost the same size like NYX round lipsticks. Decent, and not too small for this real dirt cheap price.

☆☆☆ Swatches ☆☆☆
natural day sun lighting

☆☆☆ Lip Swatches ☆☆☆
natural day sun lighting

2 swipes

2 swipes

☆☆☆ My Initial Thoughts ☆☆☆

Okey.. hehe.. gotta be honest, these type of color is not my cup of tea kind of shades. That's why I don't use these lippies to go out and stuff. The color make me look more mature & serious! lol. Buuut, I'm willing to try and wear it for this review :)

The color is really beautiful in my opinion. No 50 is sheer and No 51 is more opaque. They are all in rosey kind of shades. For a certain skintone, this might do a great job for you! 

The finishes are all glossy for these two shades that I got. It might be an advantage because glossy finish is safer to NOT accentuate the dryness of the lips.

The texture is buttery and nice, also glides on beautifully. But maybe the downfall, it moves from the lips ( to the rim of the lips ) easily, and transferred easily. That's why you need to reapply in every hour to keep that color vibrant or keep in place.

It has a strong smell. Like a sweet cheap perfume fragrance scents. You can smell it even if it's already on your lips. For a sensitive nose, maybe you want to consider in purchasing these.


All in all.. I quite liking it just to see how I look with different shades of lipsticks. It's cheap, does it's job as a lipstick, great variant of color choices! and has a good ingredients in it as far as I read ( Squalane and Shea Butter that works to moist your lips ).

And maybe next time I will try to explore some other shades besides these two that I got. XD


 That's it my review.
Hope you like it!

Let me know what you think.

Good day all!

Smile :) 


  1. I do have viva, kualitas lumayan utk harga segitu dear.. tp mmg baunya ga nahan

  2. 53 shades?? Wow. Baunya belum pernah nyium sih, cuman langsung kebayang, hihihihi. :D

    1. ahahaha yup. got the info while browsing their website. kaget jugaa ^0^


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