Tuesday, January 22, 2013

❧❦ Makeup Look : Peacock Inspired ❦❧

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So, I was again playing with colors this time.
Fascinated by the exoticism of peacock feather, I thought I'd give it a go to create this Makeup Look.

It was also such an easy way to realize all the color that comes from Sariayu Trend Warna 2013! Yes, one of the trio eyeshadow and the lipstick shade are the main factor for the look! for my full review + swatches of Sariayu Trend Warna 2013 -->  click here!

  Thinking about peacock feather, for the eyes I'm using gradient colors of greens, teal, gold, and some blues. Wrap them all together, on the crease, is an earthy brown color.

soft peachy coral color for the cheeks, and purple-y pinky lipstick as for the lip shade.


For the list of product use :

☆☆☆  Eyes  ☆☆☆
Primer : NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
Base : NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in milk
green Eyeshadow : Sariayu Karimunjawa Trio Eyeshadow
teal Eyeshadow : Milani Single Baked Eyeshadow in Teal The Truth
Gold Eyeshadow : Sariayu Karimunjawa Trio Eyeshadow
blue Eyeshadow : 88 Color Eyeshadow Shimmer Palette
Falsies : unbranded

☆☆☆  Eyebrow ☆☆☆
Eyebrow Pencil : Etude House Drawing Eyebrow in 05 Gray
Eyebrow Mascara : Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara in no 3 Cocoa

☆☆☆  Face ☆☆☆
  Primer : Benefit POREfessional
Foundation : Krayolan Supracolor in 3W

☆☆☆  Lips ☆☆☆
Lipstick : Sariayu L-02 Lasem


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Feli :)


  1. sist Feli emang jago klo soal make up mata... uwaa.. tambah hari, tambah keren makeupnya hehe

    1. aaaahh maaci ya zyy :D bangun2 baca komen kamu langsung segerr. lol XD

  2. Replies
    1. maaci ya vindy sayanggggg :D bumi gonjang ganjingnya ngga? haha..

  3. wawwww... baguuus banget.. bikin tutorialnya dong... =)

  4. Nice color dear...
    It fits your eyes....

    God Bless

  5. Such a very pretty eyes, Feli.. You always have stunning eye makeup :)


    1. yuriii, thx a lot dearr ^0^ thx for stopping by here. yeyy! ^0^

  6. i always love your eye makeup cii ^^ hehehe

    1. aa thank you veee. senangnyaa.. *\(^.^)/* oiya, congratz on your finalist for IBB Makeup Challenge yaa. best of luck for us ^^


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