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♚ Review + Swatches : Beauty Kit - Trend Warna Sariayu PESISIR SENTRAJAVA ♚

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Another Sariayu review coming right up, girlss! ^0^
Some of you may know that from the bottom of my heart, Sariayu is already been my faave as our local makeup brand! I always update with their items, make some reviews, and I will always support Indonesian product! And I think, we all should too 

SO.. still keeping the spirit from Sariayu latest collection of 2013, this is their Beauty Kit series 
"Trend Warna Sariayu PESISIR SENTRAJAVA"

If you're wondering, "Okeh.. What is this kit actually, fel?"
I would answer : this is like the sum or "depoted" items from all of their collection. By getting this instead of their each individuals items ( which I already make a full review of :D >> click here! ) This kit is more for a great value of money, perfect for a makeup artist on the go, more compact & save much more space.. and possibly.. other good things for you! :)

This kit consist of ( left to right ) :
1 shade of two way cake
2 shades of blushes
full collection for their 2013 eyeshadows trios ( Lasem & Karimunjawa )
4 shades of lipsticks
a small puff
lipstick, blush & eyeshadow applicator

   The Packaging
from the back of the packaging views

overall view

The material of the compact is a just a typical lightweight plastic packaging. As you can see, it's all being arrange nicely there. They also put an extra care like a protective transparent film. Plus, you'll be getting a bonus of generous size of mirror there! woohoo~~ :D

   The Shades & Some Swatches!
. all lighting in natural day light . 

 1shade of Two Way Cake & 2shades of blushes :

 . no primer .  no base . 2-3 swipes of pigmentation .

. lighting under sunlight .

all the *finishes are matte

 Eyeshadows Trios :

                                       ☟                     ☟

    Trio Lasem            Trio Karimunjawa

 . no primer .  no base . 2-3 swipes of pigmentation .

. lighting under sunlight .

 . no primer .  no base . 2-3 swipes of pigmentation .

 . lighting under sunlight .

all eyeshadows are satin finishes.

4 shades of lipsticks :

  . no primer .  no base . 2-3 swipes of pigmentation .

 . lighting under sunlight .


they all have sort of glossy finishes.

  My Review

To me, this kit has a great value for money ( approximately for only IDR. 105000 rupiahs or around $ 10 US Dollars! ) They all have a great pigmentation, represent all the collection of Sariayu 2013, & overall.. nice compact to have!

 But, there are some cons I would like to add as well. 

1. This kit has slightly different texture & finishes than their each individual singles. Examples : For the eyeshadows, the magenta color not as vibrant as what I found in their trio compact.. The lipsticks have different color than the collection in their single tubes...
Hmm.. Not much though. but I guess that's also because a different feel in how you would applying it. And the pressing system, or any of other factors to make this kit happen.
 You can always check out and compare shades to my previous post here!
2. Yes. This kit is such a space saver, but I don't know about the cream and the powder texture that got mixed in 1 palette. The lipsticks sometimes got so dusty by the eyeshadows fall out. which is kind of a pain in the ass sometimes :s

3. Because you'll getting a package all in one, I can't choose my two way cake shade. For this item that need a specific color choices, I really can't use what's I got from this kit. The color is way too dark on me. And I can't do anything about that. >,<"

4. Their singles and individuals have such a pretty detailing on the package, which I'm not getting from this kit. Yes. too bad, isn't?  #BanciPackaging  *lol.


All in All..

Overall.. To me, this kit is such a lovely thing to have for a professional makeup artist on a budget I would say. or just a girl who is wanna play with choices of makeup.. or kind of want to discovering a new makeup look with all this playful colors.. with such a great value of money. 

But, if you only in love with one specific eyeshadow color theme or a lipstick, better stick to purchase their individuals. Their individuals are slightly better ( in my opinion ) and you don't want to touch up with bringing the whole entire palette in your purse, right? haha..


 That's it my review.
Let me know what you think.
Good day all!
Smile :)

NOTE: all of the product were purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest thought. It's just my way to give you an opinion in buying product that you considered to purchase. Be a smart buyer! Hope you like my reviews.


  1. ah, Sariayu selalu jd merek favoritnya bunda aku kalau beli lipstik :D
    warnanya cetes membehenes! hahaha xD
    thanks for review ce

    1. ahaha high five to your bunda from meeeee ^0^

      you're very welcome dearr ^^

  2. Aku baru beli beauty kitnya sari ayu yan basic kak lengkap semua. Bagus kak,kebetulan aku mua pelajar jadi ya pake itu buat budget yang pas2an tp kualitas oke hihi


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